Monday, August 13, 2012

Romans stop sewer works

Wouldn't you just love to wake up to these headlines in Australia...
Roman remains unearthed by Yorkshire Water.

Well, obviously it wouldn't be Yorkshire Water unearthing anything in Oz, more like
"Peat Bog Bodies found by Melbourne Water in sewer blockage"
or maybe
"Bronze Age axe found shoved down AGL gas line"
"Round house find stops power lines from working"
instead of the usual "blame the rampant possums".

How about this radical idea for a headline
"Proposed development paused to accurately plot and protect archaeological finds of Aboriginal artefacts, alternative site sought"
 Oh, wait.
That last one is just make-believe.


  1. I find the last one hard to believe to.

  2. The last one is pure fantasy. It would be nice, but I will believe in Peter Pan long before that headline...

  3. I like your radical idea for a headline.
    Reminds me of volunteering days on Torrens island, we were supposed to be eradicating "weeds", (non-native plants like olive and artichoke), but mostly we sat around talking, because we were afraid of disturbing "sacred" sites. We had no idea what these sacred sites were, if we moved so much as a rock, were we destroying something we shouldn't?

  4. How much is a frog worth?
    The habitat of an endangered species of frog was considered at a cost of several million dollars when the construction of a water pipeline was diverted and completed recently in the NSW Central Coast.
    No one cared a hoot about the poor old Slugs Snails and leeches.

  5. Ah, fantasies, fantasies ... How about 'PM funds Indigenous Health Care from cuts to MP perks'?