Friday, August 24, 2012

Thank you, science trivia and Benedict Cumberbatch

The Feral Teen won some praise, bonus points and an award from his science teacher.
Cos he was able to correctly answer a bonus question on a science exam -
How were microwaves first discovered?
Answer - when Perry Spencer walked past a machine that produced previously unknown and undetected microwaves and melted the chocolate bar in his pocket.
Which he learned from general reading.

After congratulating him the science teacher asked an extra bonus question in front of the class...
What did microwaves have to do with the Big Bang?
The Big Bang was so big and powerful that the heat it generated is now only registering 3 degrees and is now dissapating as microwaves.
Which he learned from watching the Stephen Hawking bio-pic years ago and watched again recently cos Hawking is one of his big heroes.


  1. I feel old and ignorant. So it is the Big Bang that is causing global warming? I sure I have the right end of the stick.

  2. Some of the feral teen's praise and award also illustrate wonderful parenting.

  3. Nah, the Big Bang burned brightly in J'O K's career.

  4. Thank you, EC :)
    But it helps that the kid enjoys learning :)
    And likes the actor Benedict Cumberbatch!

  5. I actually knew about the microwave/chocolate bar connection, but didn't remember the name of the person. Learned it through general reading don'tcha know. I didn't know that bit about the Big Bang though. Congratulations Feral teen!

  6. Must confess I understood not one word of that technical stuff... which just makes me more impressed that FT has performed so well.

  7. I am now learning things through blog reading. ;)
    Onya, Feral Teen, for eddicating me!

  8. Need for global warming today, office temp 11, three days ago 23.
    Who T B H is this geezer Benedict Cumber batch, sounds like a Jesuit gardener who grows cucumbers.

  9. While yes, The "big Bang" happened some time ago, and is part of an eternal system of (philosophical)physics (and mysticism) - might be better to remind the feral teen that he is part of the "Here and now".

    i.e. Newton's Law. A motor vehicle travelling at 80Kph contacting another motor vehicle travelling in the opposite direction at 80Kph has a resultant force of 160Kph.

    Similar to a motor vehicle travelling at 160Kph hitting a stationary object ... wry heh.

  10. Whoa! I'll know which friend to phone should I ever appear on Miwyonair (which is really unlikely)!!!