Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dunolly Gilbert & Sullivan Festival post review

Can I just say what a superbly wonderful crew helped make such a fantastic festival all weekend?!

The nerves were on show everywhere but the performances were marvellous, the audiences couldn't stop congratulating cast and crew on the high quality of entertainment and the visitors loved the settings in and around Dunolly (Centre of The Universe).

Sadly, I have no photos to share as I was too busy wrestling the Feral Aspie Teen to get to places where he was supposed to be on time (he has noooooooo concept of time) and while the anxiety levels ramped up (and a bajillion panic attacks were had) he managed not too badly overall.

 As he had managed to slice through the tendon in his left index finger the week before the festival (as you do when you're him, it seems) he wasn't dextrous enough to play both pirate and policeman so he waved his sword with great zeal as his mother wrapped faux bloodied gauze bandage around his real bandaged arm to make it appear he was a very enthusiastic pirate (in reality he'd have been the sort of pirate with peg legs, hooks and the odd ear missing).
Actually, I decided against making him even a plastic or duct tape hook for his hand as, with his safety record, we really wanted the whole cast to retain their bits.

The costumes were gorgeous, the crowds were great, the whole community got right behind the weekends entertainments while much frivolity and jocularity were enjoyed by all bodies within the town limits!

I hope to snaffle pics from others, soonish, but I can heartily recommend that all who considered attending should really get in early with bookings and tickets for 2013.


  1. So delighted you had a fun weekend and love your adaptability to create costume from reality. xx

  2. A lot of work seemed to go into it, so it deserved to be successful. Well done you and all involved.

  3. I'm glad the weekend went so well. How did the teen manage to sever a tendon? Was he practising his pirate moves?
    I'd also like to see pictures if you can get some.