Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pink Parasols at Festival O'Clock

I have attacked a child's pink *gag* umbrella and (I think) I've managed to turn it into a passable parasol.

Imagine an amply proportioned Victorian female (one cannot use the words 'madame' or 'lady' as I am neither although I am very much the 'amply proportioned' bit) sallying forth along Broadway clad in maroon-coloured Victorian garb and waving a PINK parasol above her hatted head.

Yes, one may say the Victorians could favour outlandish hues...especially before Queen Vic fell off the twig, then after that it was all black, black and black being the "new" black.
Victorians here in Oz have never got over it and each Winter we drag out the black on black to revisit those fun fashion times.

Safe to say Dunolly's Queen Victoria hasn't fallen off any twig or perch; she plans on giving a right Royal speech before declaring the very first Dunolly Gilbert & Sullivan Festival open then heading the Grand Parade along Broadway.

So, if you happen to spy the PINK parasol, smile and nod at the crazy lady!


  1. One thinks a lady in Maroon and Pink should dye her hair red.

    Cos I like colours that clash!
    Hope you have ever So Much Fun! Because that is what makes life happy! :-)

  2. Awww, fanks, Mz Ezzie!
    Much Fun will be had by all :)

  3. "Amply proportioned" you must be a natural born woman with generous curves in all the right places if i'm not mistaken.

  4. Big smiles from another ample woman.

  5. I love your title! Pink Parasols at Festival O'clock. that put a huge smile on my face.
    But where is the photo of the pink parasol? Held by the lady in maroon?

  6. I will, because it sounds like you'll be bright enough to be visible from Geneva!

  7. I do hope there is a photo forth coming.

    Tickling our imaginations and leaving us hanging is not good Victorian etiquette.