Friday, October 19, 2012

Valuation Day at Dunolly Museum. Be There!

Roll up, roll up! 
Bring along your precious and seemingly not-so-precious antiques and collectables to be valued at the Dunolly Museum.
Being Market Day in beautiful downtown Dunolly you would have a ball while getting a good investment at $6 per item.
You may never know what your bits and bobs might be really worth unless you come along!


  1. A review is required. Plus photos. Please.

  2. I love small town market days, although I haven't been to one in a good long while. Let's see now, bus from Adelaide to Melbourne, one day, bus from Melbourne to Dunolly.....several hours, That's two days so far, overnight at Dunolly, back to Melbourne, then back to Adelaide, I'd need a week off work to get there.
    I'll settle for photos. Will they be on the main blog or the Dunolly blog?
    Dunolly seems to be quite a busy little place.

  3. I'll try to plaster them on both blogs lol.