Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10

As I sit and sip on my beloved Earl Grey cuppa, I'll leave you with the events of todays date.
Apparently every man and his/her dog was pupped on this date...with the odd person popping their clogs.

1909 saw us farewelling Aussie poet George Essex Evans.

1924 saw entertainer Bobby Limb enter this world.

1939 was the year for Allan Moffat to be birthed.

1971 Olympic winning rower Kate Slatter was hatched.

1974 and we were blessed with brilliant comedian Chris Lilley.

1979 bass guitarist from Silverchair Chris Joannou dropped into being.

1985 welcomed Kiwi-Aussie singer Ricki-Lee Coulter.

1987 finally actor Jessica Tovey was found in the cabbage patch.


  1. *cheeky grin*
    We might want to catch up for a cuppa and talk about "how babies are made". ;-)

  2. I vaguely remember Bobby Limb. And Alan Moffatt. Race car driver wasn't he?

  3. Boring shit how about some horny stories

  4. And many happy returns to those of them wot are still with us.

  5. Earl grey tea tastes like perfumed piss.