Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 17 In Oz History

Or something something in The Fair Isle of Oz...
Not quite.
Oh, good, me too!

1937 Toot toot and The Spirit of Progress, the first Sydney Limited express train, completed its first trial chug-a-lug between Melbourne and Geelong.

Thank goodness, is all I can say, that so much railway infrastructure got thrown about the countryside before Spring St since the 1950s were struck down with apathy.

1950 Jessie Street aka Red Jessie lead the Aussie delegation to the 2nd World Peace Congress in Warsaw, Poland.

Never fear, the romance of the Age of Steam is still alive and kicking on my railway station, oddly enough titled "Dunolly" on the FB game of Train Station.
I can honestly claim that while kids spin wooden tops on the platform steam trains are still delivering mail, goods, passengers and whatnot to Dunolly.
Ahhh, bliss.

1932 And the Bodyline Test Series continues...
MCC announce their XI and Jardine stands down to allow Bob Wyatt to captain the side. For the first time, the four-prong pace attack of Larwood, Voce, Bowes and Allen plays.
For those real cricket tragics you can jump ahead in the timeline to see what tomorrow brings!

Watched this little gem of a flick tonight on NITV, Island of Lies.
To say that hearing of the retribution against those who spoke up about the Aboriginal massacres did not surprise me is an understatement; sad to realise that in 21 years since the film was made these attitudes are still about albeit much fewer in number.
Could be a shocker for some when NITV goes Free To Air on December 12, 2012.
*insert laughter here*

1928 PM Stanley Bruce Melbourne...errr, Stanley Melbourne Bruce held a *yawn* referendum on *yaaaaawn**zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

I am up past the Pumpkin Hour where my shoes have turned into rats and the broomstick had made off with the mop.

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  1. NITV? that's not a regular TV channel is it? I can't find it in my program.