Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20

If you managed to decipher he prattle in yesterdays post then you deserve a cuppa tea.
Be a pet and go put the kettle on, there's a dear.

1976 Another channel began blathering away in lounge room corners when RTS-5A (Riverland Television South Oz) Loxton was launched in the Riverland district and started transmitting on the 26th.

1924 Seems the Croweaters in SA were keen on their broadcasts as this day saw their first radio station 5 CL begin transmitting.

1953 Another couple who were perhaps broadcasting a little more than they were expected to were the Petrovs: this day saw the Soviet Embassy in Canberra give Mrs. Petrov the heave-ho as embassy accountant.

1987 The Chairperson of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody urged both State and Federal Governments to act immediately to stop deaths in custody, and not to wait for the Commissioners’ findings to be released.


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  1. How about the Wedding of prince Phillip and Princess Elisabeth, Wednesday November @0 - 1947.
    Will post on Daily Gaggle later today re wedding and more.