Friday, November 9, 2012

November 9

Yes, I'm writing ahead of time and scheduling these posts so keep up!

1985 - The cricket tragics get another look in (and will be able to translate for those not au fait with flannel-fool lingo) with Kiwi Sir Richard Hadlee taking 9 for 52 against Oz at the Gabba.

1914 - On this day historian Russel Ward was pupped.
If you haven't read a copy of his book The Australian Legend yet then you know what you should be doing this weekend!

1895 - On this day one of the most iconic stores opened its doors for the first time in Wellington Street, Perth; Boans Department Store.
Source and further information: HERE.

1995 - Another icon, of the human variety known as fabulous author Colin Thiele, was memorialised in a statue which was unveiled on this day in the Eudunda Memorial Gardens.
If you haven't read Storm Boy yet, put it on your list.


  1. If you want a good laugh, read Thiele's 'Sun on the Stubble'.

  2. I remember both Stom Boy and Sun on the Stubble. I must try and track them down and reread them. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. I could just kick myself! I gave away my copy of Sun on the Stubble many years ago and have been trying to find a copy since last year. No luck yet. Storm Boy and Blue Fin I gave away when I moved here and had to severely cull my library. Hah! Since then, I've bought more books, so I'm still running out of shelf space. I should have just kept everything.

  4. Colin Thiele is (was) a dead set legend.