Thursday, November 8, 2012

On this day in Aussie History November 8

Yes, yes, I've pulled the proverbial finger out, stopped procrastinating and finally put myself to good use.
Mind you, I'm doing this while watching "Cookery School" so pardon moi if I toss in a stray toasted peacan or flambed apple slice with creme fraiche.

On this day in 1892 the Sobraon replaced the Vernon as the Industrial School for Boys training ship.  The Sobraon was three times the size of its predecessor and by 1893 it averaged 263 boys over the year.  By July 1911 the last of the Sobraon boys were rehoused at the Mittagong Farm Home for Boys and the Brush Farm Home for Boys and the Sobraon was abandoned.
Source: State Records NSW

For cricket tragics...
On this day in 1932 during the Bodyline War Cricket Series Verity took 4 for 19 off 13 overs and South Oz was beaten.
For the full catastrophe see the scorecard here: South Australia Vs Marylebone Cricket Club

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On this day in 1935 Charles Kingsford-Smith fell off the perch when he and his co-pilot Pethybridge disappeared in the Lady Southern Cross over the Bay of Bengal.
More info HERE.

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On this day in 1907 they weren't baking tarts but there may have been some small celebrations when the findings of the basic wage was determined at the end of The Harvester Case.
Source and further details:The Harvester Judgement

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  1. Mmmm, home made custard. I'd make some, but I'm almost out of milk.
    I'm intrigued by the industrial School for Boys training ship. Were industrial trades only taught or did they learn about ships and sailing too? Because that would be a well rounded education.

  2. You have no idea how much I have missed these posts.