Sunday, November 18, 2012

On this day in Oz History November 18

Getting organised for once...means I won't be up til sparrow fart trying to wring a chronology out of a piece of plastic.
I hope I won't be up til then...

1935 saw PM Joe Lyons crack the shits with Italy for invading Ethiopia thus the Sanctions Act 1935 saw to it that no Aussie could have commercial dealings with Italy.

1881 Robert Johnston might have cracked the shits, too, as he was nasty enough to get stretched by the neck til he gave up eating and drinking in Mount Gambier gaol.

1838 200 Germans rocked up in South Oz, the first naturalized Brit subjects in Crow Eater territory.

1992 Probably a great many people cracked the shits when a tv program showed widespread racism around our Fair Isle of Oz with embarrassing images of shopkeepers and estate agents openly discriminating against Aborigines in front of hidden cameras.

1876 Ye olde railway line between Bridgewater and Inglewood opened with a chug, a toot and awaaaaay we go!

Taking notes, Baillieu?
Or whoever is reading this from the Parliamentary Library.
There will be an exam later.

1890 Good lord, then they went and opened the railway line from Ararat to Avoca.

 Yay, only 10.30 at night and I can be in under the covers before the witching hour.
No scaring the wildlife for a change...they will be most pleased!


  1. 1838 200 Germans rocked up in South Oz, and then they just kept coming; settling in the Barossa Valley and Hahndorf, making their mettwurst, their schnitzel, their apple struedel. Yum.

  2. Indeed, River, don't forget the scrummy liverwurst!