Friday, November 16, 2012

On this day November 16

Hi-de-ho, Aussie history lovers!
Another serving of thrilling stuffs from the annuls of the Aussie Archives.
Or some such rot.

1949 Harold Blair, tenor singer of great talent, openly criticised the Aussie Nation from New York for its poor treatment of Aboriginals.

Am I keeping up ok?

1920 Up in Banana Bender country (Queensland) a little thing called QANTAS was registered in Winton.

Crocheting up a storm in amongst the gentle back exercises (yes, I've buggered my back again and that is a medical diagnosis).

1947 Don Bradman scored his 100th century up against India in Sin City (Sydney).

Have got The Spouse to drag the monster Frankenstein bike inside to use as an exercise bike - s'ok, we have the trainer stand thingie whatsit so dash the image of me zooming through the telly from your mind.
Or...perhaps not...

1911 Multiple murderer George David Silva attacked and killed 6 members of the Ching family.

Got email feedback about some historical research I did last year and forwarded onto Lisa at Time Spanner, felt very good to help another soul searching family history and stuffs *insert big cheesy grin here*

1993 The Native Title Act was tabled in Federal Parliament in response to the Mabo ruling.
After 111 hours of debate, the longest in 92 years of Senate history, the bill passed.
Full details HERE.

Mark February 16 2013 in your dance cards, boys and girls, as the delightful Dunolly will be hosting its inaugural Swap Meet and Ute Show.
More details to follow!

2009 Then-PM Kevin Rudd formally apologised to the Forgotten Australians.

And here is your early Chrissy pic to scare the bejebus outta your hip pocket...


  1. SO great that medical diagnoses now include user-friendly terminology!!!! Hope your back doesn't stop you from the wondrous delights of the Dunnolly Bakery and/or pub!

  2. Is the bike a good idea while your back is buggered? I know that my back would object violently.
    Like Red Nomad says, hope it doesn't keep you from the bakery too long.

  3. Nothing could keep me from the Dunolly Bakery, Red! LOL

  4. I need to keep working the muscles, River, and the bike is good for me...cos I'm parked on my bum lol.

  5. Big ears died on this day in 1960ed 59. heard the news while having a beer and munching on peanuts in a bar at Dar El Salaam, then Tanganyika.
    But then Big lugs didn't care a damn.

  6. Do you mean Clark Gable? Vest.