Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remember, remember the 11th of November

Another dollop of history for your palate; masticate carefully for history can be unslightly.

The South Oz town of Elizabeth was officially opened on this day.
Link : HERE.

Crap was hitting the fan all over the Fair Isle of Oz on this day in Federal Parliament.
Source & info: The Dismissal.

Bonfires were lit, frivolity and revelry abounded in a four day state-wide party when news reached Victoria that we'd become Separated from NSW.

Dame Millie Peacock became the first chickybabe elected into Victoria's Parliament.
Woot, Millie!

Elizabeth Scott went down in history for being the first chick hanged by the neck until dead in Victoria.
Not a happy remembrance.

The most celebrated murderer, bushranger Ned Kelly did not enjoy the long drop he encountered on this day.

Perhaps a cuppa peppermint tea will help you digest that mouthful...?


  1. Well that's a right dollop aint it. As always your posts make my day. You're posting up the good stuff - me I'm hunting dead elephants. One of them was the first one to visit Melbourne his name was Tommy that was in 1851. He ended his days apparently pulling a plow for some bloke outside of Adelaide. I have yet to locate that one.

  2. I thought the town of Elizabeth was opened in the 60s. Not that I ever cared enough to find out for sure. I was just a kid then and not living in Adelaide.
    I'll have licorice tea thanks, with honey please.

  3. Peppermint tea will do nicely. I hadn't realised how many negatives had happened on this day...

  4. Elizabeth has an interesting recent past, not reflected at all in the church piece.

  5. The "suburb" named Elizabeth. Mmm, from faltering memory, was set up as a 'model' satellite town. - but ended up housing 'immigrants' to South Australia (mostly 'British'). Has had it's ups and downs, apparently.

    Luv yer Historical reminders.

  6. (and BTW - a handful of tea leaves in a billy boiled on a campfire suits me ... heh).