Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 18

1831 - Australia’s oldest newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, was launched.

1834 - Hobart had it's knickers in a right Royal twist when Messrs. Attorney and Solicitor General Stephen and M'Dowall avowed that they have prepared an Act of Council limiting the number, and restricting the qualifications of juries here.

1843 - The Southern Australian newspaper was bemoaning the fact that "...The simplicity of their wants, and of their lives, is another great barrier : their whole attention seems devoted to the providing of food, and other animal enjoyments : their motto literally is, eat, drink, and be merry, for to-morrow we die ; and any principle beyond that, they, and their fathers, have not known or regarded...."
Fix this text qualifications of juries here.

1864 - Sharpen those fish knives and flush out the fish kettles, ladies, the HMAS Victoria parked its bow in Hobart, having on board 100,000 salmon and 3,000 trout googie eggs bound for Tassie's first fish hatchery.

1872 - Oh you great sodding bastards.
To think ... we've been deprived of the chance to catch a train from the oh-so-gorgeously titled Schoolhouse Lane train station, which happened to open on this day as the terminus of the North East Railway line from Essendon.
May your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny door down.

1875 - Fire destroyed the photographic studio of Townsend Duryea. His entire collection of 50,000 negatives was destroyed - a tragic loss for him and for South Australia.
1882 - Tenders for the construction of the Port Milang Railway lines (SA) were called on this day and Walke and Swann were successful in obtaining the joint contract for a price of £143,678.

1890 - The West Melbourne Cable Tram Line (VIC) began trundling about the streets via Spencer St and Flemington Rd, with the powerhouse located at the south-west corner of Queensberry Street and Abbotsford Street.

1902 - One-time hubby of the aforementioned Dame Daisy Bates, Breaker Harry Morant, had been court martialed in secret (against regulations) and shot in February, but despite the court transcripts conveniently going missing a summary of the trumped up nonsense appeared in the London Times today.

1925 - The Richmond Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Richmond to Nepean Sand and Gravel.

1934 - Recommendation for commutation of death sentence on Nemarluk.

1938 - The very first race held at the Mount Panorama Circuit was the 1938 Australian Grand Prix.

1939 - Pig Iron Bob Menzies was voted in as leader of the United Australia Party today and was sworn in (and undoubtedly sworn at) as Prime Minister 8 days later.

1941 - Tempe (or Pinios) Gorge, Greece ; The 2/2nd and 2/3rd Battalions, AIF, and New Zealand's 21st Battalion stemmed a German advance in a rearguard action that enabled the main Allied force in Greece to establish a new defensive line across the Thermopylae peninsula.

1942 - General Thomas Blamey appointed to command Allied land forces in the South-West Pacific Area.

1949 - The Newlyn Football Netball Club Recreation Reserve (VIC) was officially opened on this day.

1951 - Dame Daisy Bates, controversial Irish-born journo who spent time with the Aboriginal people and who may or may not have been entirely truthful about their lives, dropped off the perch today in a nursing home.

1964 - The keys to both Brough and Grossman Houses (NSW) were handed over to the Hunter Regional Trust to become Victorian Period House Museums where they now house 19th century costumes and textiles.

1970 - VFL Park opened in south eastern Melbourne.

1972 - Louise Pratt was found in the cabbage patch; Politician, and a Labor member of the Australian Senate for Western Australia. She was the second open lesbian to be elected to an Australian parliament, and the first to have a transsexual man as a partner.

1977 - W Class 357 Tram (VIC) was gracefully retired to the Tramway Museum after having run an eye-watering total of 2,160,827 Miles in Melbourne.

1978 - The Brisbane Council (QLD) introduced the first (bus) Rocket Service which ran between Garden City and the Brisbane CBD.

1979 - Bob Marley played his only Brisbane show at Festival Hall, and the excitement was such that even when the house lights went up, the capacity house refused to leave. A thunderous 10-minute ovation brought Marley and the Wailers back to the stage for a rare second encore after a set featuring classics such as I Shot the Sheriff and Jammin’.

1980 - Aboriginal people from all over the Kimberley gathered at Noonkanbah for a meeting of the Kimberley Land Council.

1981 - Steam Loco V1213 arrived at Pinjarra from Collie (WA) , the first HVR Extended ‘weekend’ Tour to Donnybrook Apple Festival.

1986 – The 22nd Annual TV Week Logie Awards are presented at the State Theatre in Sydney, with Daryl Somers winning the Gold Logie as the most popular Australian television personality.

1995 - Locomotive 1210 (ACT) is one of the oldest operational 'mainline' steam locomotives in the world being one of the "Australian eight wheeler" locomotives built by Beyer, Peacock & Co. in 1878. Restored and hauling heritage trains operated by the ARHS ACT Division. It was approved by the Minister for the Arts and Heritage for entry in the Heritage Objects Register on this day.
1998 - A 2.6 earthquake rocked it Old Skool near Darriman, 170km east of Melbourne....except no reports of it being felt were received.

2000 - Northbridge businesses counted the Subiaco offer with $60,000 in support of Pride, if the Parade were to stay in Northbridge (WA).An informal daytime protest march had evolved into a professional month-long Festival of events, ending in what had become Northbridge’s most colourful and popular night of the year.

2001 - The National Bank closed in Semaphore (SA).

2002 - Following the launch of the Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement (VAJA), the Victorian Government established a working party on this day, comprising representatives from a number of government agencies, to consider the development of an Indigenous court.

2004 - Connex took over the whole.entire.complete.absolute.total.suburban rail network in Victoria.

2004 - The rail locomotive G42 was returned to service after a massive effort of restoration by the Puffing Billy Preservation Society volunteers from 1986.

2005 - Australia and China agreed to start talks on a free trade pact. Visiting PM John Howard also announcing Canberra's recognition of China as free market economy.

2005 - Young Aborigines are being encouraged to join the medical work force to help address the serious health issues affecting Indigenous South Australians.

2006 - Australia said it will send up to 110 troops to the Solomon Islands to help restore calm after the election of a new prime minister sparked rioting.

2007 - A catamaran was discovered deserted off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef with the sails up, engine running and food on the table. Its crew of 3 was last seen April 15.

2010 - Queeriosity was a free, one-day cultural festival staged during National Youth Week in Brisbane (QLD).

2011 - The next wave of asbestos victims will be homeowners doing their own renovations, a support group say.

2013 - JULIA Gillard says she's not about to change her mind to support gay marriage just because New Zealand has legalised it.

2016 - The Army’s inaugural Indigenous Elder, Uncle Roy Mundine, a Bundjalung man who had a distinguished 36-year Army career, enlisting in 1958, was appointed by CA Lt-Gen David Morrison at a ceremony in Canberra on this day.

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  1. What an amazing coincidence that Dame Daisy died on the anniversary of the day her former husband's death was revealed. More peacefully one hopes.