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April 22

1770- Cook made his first recorded direct observation of Aboriginal Australians, writing in his journal that they "were so near the Shore as to distinguish several people upon the Sea beach they appear'd to be of a very dark or black Colour but whether this was the real colour of their skins or the clothes they might have on I know not."
Should have gone to Specsavers.

1788 - Governor Arthur Phillip set out to explore Sydney Harbour.

1803 - Two vessels, HMS Calcutta and the chartered transport Ocean, sailed from England under David Collins. On board the vessels were fifty marines, civil and military establishments, about 300 convicts, some of their wives and children, and 48 free settlers - one of whom was Rev. Robert Knopwood. Two of the children aboard the Calcutta are John Pascoe Fawkner, aged 11 years, and his sister, Elizabeth. Their mother accompanied her husband who was one of the convicts. They arrived at Sullivan Bay, on Port Phillip near present day Sorrento, on 7th October 1803.

1804 - Soldiers from Sullivan Cove refused to perform guard duties at Risdon Cove, as they fear a convict uprising.
Sooky la-las.

1806 - The Colonial schooner "Governor King" (the ship not Him What Ruled The Colony) was wrecked on Oyster Bank, Newcastle.

1813 - The Hawkesbury Packet sailed from Shoalhaven with 5000 ft of cedar.

1815 - It was reported that one of a party searching for lost cedar-getters was at a place called "Bolye", thirty-five miles south of Port Jackson.

1846 - News from Port Phillip was full of woe - the land was too dry (imagine that!), drapers' assistants had shortened their working hours, butchers refused to sell meat on Sundays (the nerve!), pubs and licences were on the rise (some things never change!), Melbourne rents were skyrocketing (again, nothing new!) and those down Western Port way were being loud and rowdy about their post offices....

1857 - Responsible Government in South Australia was officially launched when the first session of Parliament was opened on this day.

1860 - John McDouall Stuart reached the centre of the continent where he threw about the monikers and nom de plumes like wedding confetti and named Central Mt. Sturt, later called Central Mount Stuart.

1862 - An encounter between Stuart and local Aboriginal people was reported in the press when,
".....April 22nd a black fellow came tot he station at Mt Margaret stating that he was sent by old man Jamie , the king of the tribe, to tell Mr Jarvis that :
' the wild blacks had taken flour, that the white fella with all about nanto (horse) had been loose 'im, and no flour set down now.'

A Good Plain COOK (a single man) who would also be willing to make himself generally useful for a time.
He must produce good testimonials as to SOBRIETY and TRUSTWORTHINESS.
N.B.—A bushman preferred.
Apply to " William,"Hon. Superintendent, at the Clubhouse,
Whitmore-square, between 10 and-12 a.m.
Adelaide, April 22, 1870.

1872 - The Main Western Railway Line (NSW) was thrown open for business from Rydal to Locksley.

1874 - There was a general election held in Victoria....because someone, somewhere wanted to be important!
Dunno.....and don't care.
Teapot is hot, might have another cuppa....

1882 - The railway line from Cope Cope to Donald (VIC) opened, a mere 8 and 9 glorious railway station stops along the line from Dunolly.Cope Cope train station was on the Mildura railway line, just a bit before the Donald Freezing Company Siding (which was just a smidgeon before Donald itself) but after the Swanwater station which came just after Sutherland train station ...which was just a tad after St Arnaud (which is still where it was put...I think).
When trains shunted people along the rails and actually stopped at railway stations, that is.

1887 - A cyclone hit near Broome, Western Australia, killing 140.

1902 - The branch railway line to Crookwell (NSW) opened from Goulburn North Junction to Crookwell.

1915 - The Australian ship Success, billed as a convict museum, docked in SF, Ca., for the Panama–Pacific International Exposition. While there a short film made by the Keystone Film Company called “Mabel and Fatty Viewing the World's Fair at San Francisco."

1941 - Evacuation of Greece began.

1951 - The Government of Robert Gordon Menzies was thrown back into the Thunderdome in a General Election, but with a reduced majority.

1960 - Severe flooding of the Derwent River damaged parts of Hobart.

1965 - The 2SM Sound Spectacular was held at the Sydney Stadium. The first prize in this "battle of the bands" comprised £100 pounds cash, a support spot on the upcoming Dave Clark Five tour, a record contract and a (possible) deal with Brian Epstein's NEMS organisation. Almost 60 local bands competed in the show, attended by 9000 fans. The Missing Links performed as special guests during the judging, and the eventual winners were The Showmen.

1966 - Bob Dylan & The Band performed at the Palais Royal, Adelaide.

1968 - Construction was started on Melbourne's infamous West Gate Bridge.

1970 - The Prime Minister announced that 8 RAR will not be replaced at the end of the year, that some support elements will be withdrawn from South Vietnam and that the AATTV will be increased by about 120 soldiers.

1972 - Sylvia Cook and John Fairfax obviously enjoyed water sports as they rowed across the Pacific Ocean and parked their boat on Aussie soil.

1977 - "Synthetics" - A Gay Lib Party. Paddo Town Hall. Featuring Saddington Diamonds. $3

1983 – Diplomat Valery Ivanov, the head of the Soviet embassy in Canberra, is expelled from Australia after allegedly trying to involve Australian Labor Party official David Combe in espionage.

1987 - Simon Townsend's popular TV show Wonder World, that launched the careers of Jono Coleman and Catriona Rowntree, to name just 2, filmed its final episode today. Woodrow the bloodhound had nothing to say on the subject.

1995 - Today is an unknowingly significant day in NBL history.
Glen Saville left rural Victoria to become one of the all-time greats, with 563 NBL games played over 19 seasons.
Simon Dwight began his career as the League’s only player to block over 1,000 shots.
Steve Woodberry started his career on the Gold Coast and was crowned NBL MVP with the Bullets four years later.
And, 26-year old named Joey Wright made his debut with the Geelong Supercats.

An "extreme crisis" in allied health services has been blamed for "preventable" foot and lower limb amputations in the Alice Springs hospital, as well as "deformity and suffering" by disabled children in the town.In a scathing report by two Queensland consultants, the running of these functions by Territory Health Services (THS) is described as "unmanaged or undermanaged", "organisationally dysfunctional", afflicted by massive and expensive staff turn-over and offering grossly inadequate professional development opportunities.The Alice News has obtained a copy of the confidential 39-page interim report into "allied health therapy services and associated social works services in Central Australia" by Dr Rosalie Boyce, of the University of Queensland, and Michael Bishop, of the Toowoomba Health Services.The report was commissioned by the NT Government's THS.

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