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April 24

1802 - Nicholas Baudin's expedition's survey vessel, Le Naturaliste (Emmanuel Hamelin), rocked up to Port Jackson.

1804 - The first cemetery, St. David's, was established in Tassie...obviously they had a need for one, for some reason...

1815 - Michael Howe was a bit more than a naughty lad, as he and his gang of bushrangers raided the town of New Norfolk in Tassie, leaving 2 settlers past breathing.

1826 - Mr. Dawson states that he derived great assistance from Natives in the First Settlement (formation of) at Port Stephens.

1831 - Setting a tradition Aussies hold dear to their hearts, Rev. John McKaeg held the first Baptist church service in Sydney in..... a pub, The Rose and Crown Inn.
Gives new meaning to "wetting the baby's head" !

1840 - John Clark, Innkeeper at the Goulburn River, on the line of the Sydney Road; said his was the only inn for 70 miles in one direction and 90 in the other. This would make his inn the first out of Melbourne (70 miles).

1843 - George Wilson was hanged at Newcastle for the malicious wounding of Francis Bigge at the Peel River.

1843 - Thomas Forrester ("Long Tom") was hanged at Newcastle for aiding and abetting the malicious wounding of Francis Bigge at the Peel River.

1844 - Alexander Reid was hanged at Oatlands for shooting and wounding Constable Murray.

1844 - Thomas Marshall was hanged At Oatlands for the murder of Ben Smith.

1846 - The Maranoa River in QLD discovered explorer Major Mitchell.
Maranoa River is named after an Aboriginal word meaning "human hand".

1851 - Rev. John Dunmore Lang was sent to The Big House (gaol) and fined £100 for the libel of Thomas Icely in Lang's Press in February.

1855 - Bendigo ,then known as the Sandhurst Municipality, was incorporated.

1858 - The first newspaper in Kiama (NSW) district, the Kiama Examiner was published.

1860 - HMCS Victoria (the ship not the state) sailed from Hobart (that's in Tassie) to NZ (that's over the ditch) with Brit troops (from overseas or some say outer space) to fight in the war at Taranaki (that's on the North Island) between the Maoris and the colonists.

1869 - Northern Territory expedition ship Moonia, with SA Surveyor-General George Woodroffe Goyder on board, landed in Port Darwin, ready to commence surveying the town site...maybe or maybe not for the Olympic Trampoline Centre and Barista College.

1871 - The Municipality of Broughton Vale and the Municipality of Gerringong were declared, breaking up the original Council 11 years after it was created. Kiama and Jamberoo wards remaining as Kiama Municipality. Mr M. E. Robson was the first Mayor of Gerringong and Mr G. E Chittick was the last mayor of Gerringong. Mr Chittick became the Mayor of the amalgamated Kiama Council in 1954.

1873 - Baptists of Brisbane and Ipswich adopted resolutions in favour of a purely national system of education.

1877 - Larks a lordy!
The madness of those pollies, ey Abbott?
There they were opening yet another railway line; this time from Ararat to Dunkeld.
Imagine! The hoi polloi could actually travel and get places and rely on the transport...

1884 - Following an investigation to the Chinese camps in Southern New South Wales which revealed widespread opium addiction, Quong Tart presented a petition to the colonial secretary requesting the ban of opium imports.

1888 - Carlton's first tram fatality occurred on this day when a nine year old boy was caught underneath a dummy car in Lygon Street. The boy, who lived with his parents in Union Place, Carlton, died soon after arrival at Melbourne Hospital.
1899 - The Victorian Royal Commission looking into refrigerated stores and a wine depot began....'cause every politician knows you can't start a new century without properly chilled wine, now can you?

1899 - The Scottish barque Loch Sloy was wrecked offshore of Kangaroo Island, South Australia, killing 31 people.

1911 - The public in Sydney were given a proper treat when Vaucluse House and gardens were declared to be a public park.

1912 - Even more generosity probably knocked Joe Blow over with a feather when it was announced the NSW Govt granted 43 acres for the construction of a zoological gardens that was later dubbed Taronga Park Zoo.

1914 - The Country Party was formed with a light dabble of paint, a spritz of lavender water, a knot or 3 of macrame and a little air plant fridge magnet to make all the politics palatable.

1914 - The extension of the High Street tram line from Tooronga Road to Glen Iris (VIC) was officially opened.

1918 - On the Western Front the second battle of Villers-Bretonneux took place .found the Aussies and Brits had driven the Germans out but with a high cost in casualties to the tune of 1,469. Lt Sadlier, from Camberwell, was awarded the VC for his efforts in this day's events.

1919 - Percival Budd was hanged at Adelaide Gaol for the murder of Harold Jacques at Crystal Brook.

1922 - NZ held the first Poppy Day.

1922 - Colin Campbell Ross was oops! wrongly hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the Gun Alley Murder.
The evidence was re-examined using modern forensic techniques, strongly indicating that Ross was innocent. An appeal for mercy was made to Victoria's Chief Justice in 2006, and on 27 May 2008 the Governor of Victoria pardoned Ross, in what is believed to be an Australian legal first.

1930 - A mass meeting of unemployed was cobbled together in Melbourne for the Anti-Starvation Crusade.
Cos they sorta had a thing against starvation.

1933 – The Second Collier Ministry was sworn in after the Labor Party won the 1933 Western Australian state election, with Philip Collier becoming Premier of Western Australia for a second time.

1937 - Axedale & District Golf Club was formed at Drakes Hall on April 5 1937. Weekly working bees commenced for the twenty two men and fourteen lady members on this day.

1937 - The West Australian reported the following on this day: To urge his [a male ‘half-caste’s] marriage with a white woman will raise a storm of opposition that would be most undesirable and do much to defeat the end sought; and in the individual case it would head straight for tragedy owing to the attitude of their white neighbours. There is only one hope for him, and that is to marry him off to a quadroon (that is a quarter-caste) or to an octoroon (that is a one-eighth caste). In that way we are eliminating colour as surely, though not quite so quickly, as if the mating were to a full white. (Medical Correspondent, 1937)

1949 - Wirth's Olympia (over Prince's Bridge, Melbourne) Presents
For the First Time in Melbourne 
The Australian Aborigines’ League Presents 
an All Aboriginal Pageant Featuring the Famous
Excitement rises to a frenzied climax, as bending, stamping, leaping, tramping , twisting , turning, swaying in rhythmical vigorous movement, the dancers act and play their story. The tribal warriors dance and act the Corroboree—the women beat time with boomerangs and slapping their sides. Boys play the didjeridoo or bamboo trumpet, and all join in the chanting and wild laughter. 

Something quite Novel Unique and Fascinating 

In addition to the Corroboree, an All Aboriginal Programme will include: 


1950 - A month long tram drivers' strike in Melbourne ended.
And the connies rejoiced with shaking their change bags like castanets.

1956 - Trying to out-do tram services Trans Australian Airlines commences helicopter services. Australian National Airways introduces a similar service 6 weeks later.

1960 - The Victorian Football Association played the first senior Sunday match at Brunswick when Coburg defeated the VFA Magpies.

1964 - Melbourne woman Judy Hanrahan became the first female teller appointed by the Bank of NSW since WWII.

1971 - Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you....yes folks, Johnny Young's Young Talent Time made its debut on the idiot box.

1972 - WA appointed Australia's first ombudsman.

1975 - Victoria abolished capital punishment by hanging.

1976 - The ABC's FM stations go farnarkling along the in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

1980 - The town of Palmerston was gazetted; it was being called Darwin East.

1986 - Paul Hogan, Budgie Smuggler extraordinaire, hit the big time when his flick, Crocodile Dundee, was let loose in Aussie cinemas, raking in $1 million per month until Christmas of that year.

1990 - The Liberal Party and the National Party formed a coalition in Victoria, led by Liberal Leader Alan Brown and National Party Leader Pat McNamara.

1998 - The Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum was opened.

1998 - The NSW Police responded to claims after receiving a letter of enquiry from the Anti-Discrimination Board, about anti-gay discrimination suffered by two former NSW Police Service employees.

2007 - : The AMA president, Dr Chris Cain, says the image of HIV detainee Stuart McDonald should be released in the interests of the public. The call comes as the South Australian Liberal Opposition calls for the wives, girlfriends and partners involved in the HIV scandal to be financially compensated if they have contracted the virus.

2007 - A University of Sydney survey finds that many Australian men who are involved in heterosexual relationships and having sex with other men say they would commit suicide before admitting their secret. Researcher Jeff Hudson suggested that instead of hurting their wives, damaging their marriage or ending up with nothing, they would rather kill themselves and possibly put their partners at risk of HIV/STIs.

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