Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 27

1804 – Explorer Matthew Flinders clambered up Arthurs Seat, on the Mornington Peninsula in present-day Victoria.

1805 - Gov King parceled up some troops and posted them off to the Hawkesbury region to deal with the European settlers who'd been done a (fatally) nasty mischief by the Aboriginals.

1867 - John and Thomas Clarke were not "poor, misunderstood lads who didn't bond with their mother/father/teacher, were toilet trained too early/late, never had a pony/bicycle/scooter/spray can/flick knife of their very own" they really were very naughty boys.
They were so naughty in fact they were arrested, on this day, for bushranging and poking 4 Special Constables with pistols and lead bullets.

1886 - Twas the year the Otago Witness solemnly announced that the steam ship Cl!trus was launched at Yarrow for the Australian-Indian trade.
*ahem* Keep it clean!

1888 - Proving that the number 8 was not such a lucky digit the SS Ellengowan sank in Darwin Harbour.

1895 - Gossip from the Richmond Guardian -
The Swan Street train station and bridge were a damn eye-sore way back then.
Phew, it's not just me, then!

1896 - The Father of Federation, Sir Henry Parkes, popped his clogs and therefore failed to party like it was 1899 nor did he actually see us Federated in 1901.

1898 - The Sanitarium Health Food Agency was registered in Oz on this date.
But 2 teaspoons of sugar and just enough milk to cover makes it seems as fresh as a daisy...

1904 - Chris Watson didn't have much of a hobby to keep him occupied so he agreed to become the first Labour PM, and also the 3rd, of Oz.

1912 - The first issue of The Football Record (Aussie Rules Football magazine) was released today.

1912 - VFL players first wore guernsey numbers in all matches.
Before this they were told apart by the different carnations footballers wore behind their left ears.

1927 - Melbourne saw the official opening of the Emily McPherson College of Domestic Economy by HRH Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon aka Duchess of York aka The Queen Mum.
And, yea, Melbournians were moved to thankfulness upon their knees for now their girlfriends could finally learn how to burn water.

1941 - Members of the 2/1st Machine Gun Battalion were among 2500 Allied soldiers in the ship Costa Rica that was sunk by German aircraft off Greece. They were all rescued by the British navy.

1942 - Darwin was bombed by Japanese aircraft.

1962 - After this day brains in Ballarat began turning to sludge with the advent of Ballarat's television station BTV6 .

1965 - Police raided The Austral Bookshop in Melbourne and snaffled up all the copies of The Trial of Lady Chatterley, an account of the British legal proceedings that exonerated author of Lady Chatterley's Lover, D.H. Lawrence, of charges of obscenity.

1966 - The Potts Hill Branch Railway Line (NSW) was kicked to the kerb and closed.

1968 - The first Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet opened in Australia in Guildford, in Sydney's western suburbs.

1971 - Relics were dragged up from the 1629 wreck of the Batavia off the coast of Westralia.
Yes, yes, it's not actually archaeology but treasure hunting.

1971 - Justice Blackburn of the Northern Territory Supreme Court rejected a legal challenge by the Yirrikala people of the Gove Peninsula. The landmark two-year case was an attempt to block a massive bauxite mining project on land appropriated from tribal reserves by the Commonwealth government on behalf of the giant Nabalco company.

1973 - ABC female script assistants sashayed out on strike over wages and conditions. The stoppage was the first strike action by ABC staff in the Commission's 40-year history.

1977 - Robyn Davidson packed up her troubles in her old kit bag and set off from Alice Springs with 4 camels to trek to the West Coast.

1978 - At the National Press Club performer Barry Humphries uttered a few little gems regarding the political driven Melbourne architecture ;
"Australian cities are always doing ludicrous things to themselves in order to make themselves internationally interesting. Melbourne as you know wrecked itself in the 1950s preparing itself for Olympic visitors. All the cast-iron verandas were torn down because it was felt that Latvian shot-putters might think it was a country town."

1990 - ACT UP Sydney held a “Die-In” demonstration outside the Australian Drug Evaluation Committee’s Sydney office in Kent Street, to protest at the lack of treatment access.

1997 - The Gwabegar Railway Line (NSW) was shut for business between Kandos and Rylstone.

2001 - Poor old Aussie Post had to beat back the rabid hoards who were gullible enough to believe legislation was about to be passed like a breakfast prune to allow Aussie Post to charge 5 cents for every email sent.

2014 – Three former Country Liberal MPs joined the Palmer United Party, becoming the party's first representatives in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly.

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