Friday, April 28, 2017

April 28

1795 Charles Sturt was hatched, an Aussie explorer who did something important like proving all the westward flowing creeks all ended up in the Murray River. Or something.

1816 - In retaliation to attacks upon farms, Macquarie sends out three detachments of the 46th Regiment to 'chasten these hostile tribes, and to inflict terrible and exemplary punishments on them...'.
Captain Wallis’s detachment marched 12 miles along the Wingecarribee River; Colebee, acting as guide, reports that the hostile Aborigines were two days ahead.

1919 The interestingly titled Nayook to Noojee section of the Warragul train line was opened (no, Nanook of the North was not involved in the naming process , nor was Mork from Ork).

1923 Tired of using their broomsticks to cross the harbour Them Wot Was In Power got the first shovel work officially started on the Great Coathanger of know....two words, 3 syllables....
Thank you Skippy, it was indeed the Giant Earthworm (yes, I know that's 4 syllables but the 'roo needs encouragement after escaping the baking dish for Sunday roast).
You may visit the Giant Earthworm down Gippsland way near Poowong....

1928 Melbourne's Comedy Theatre opened it's doors just for laughs, on the corner of Lonsdale and Exhibition Streets, the site of the former Olympic Theatre from 1855.

1949 – At the 43rd session of the International Olympic Committee, held in Rome, Italy, Melbourne was announced as the host of the 1956 Summer Olympics, defeating bids from Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, and Detroit.

1963 The wreck of the Dutch ship Vergulde Draeck, lost in 1656, was found by divers approx. 95 km north of Perth. So you can stop looking now.

1976 On this day the first asylum seekers arrived by boat in Darwin Harbour; a 17 metre long fishing boat with a WHOLE 5 Vietnamese on board sought refuge from communist rule.
Not "illegal" boat people, not "illegal" asylum seekers.
Because it's far from "illegal" to request refuge or asylum status.

1976 - Auntie Mollie Dyer was a proud Yorta Yorta woman who was a fierce fighter for Aboriginal rights; on this day she spoke at the First National Adoption Conference, one of the first platforms offered to Aboriginal people to speak about their concerns over the high rates of adoptions of Aboriginal children, about issues around cultural identity, confusion and genealogical bewilderment of the Stolen Generations and the need to show caution when placing Aboriginal children in white foster families.

1985 – Thirty-three members, including Senator Jo Vallentine , resigned from the Nuclear Disarmament Party at the national conference held in Melbourne, claiming the party had been taken over by members of the Socialist Workers Party.

1987 Dick Smith became the first human to get himself to the North Pole in a solo helicopter flight.
Cause we all know Santa uses reindeer.
And Red Bull.

1989 - The Northern Territory University, formed on 1 January by the amalgamation of the Darwin Institute of Technology and the University College of the Northern Territory, was officially opened.

1994 An event that had exciting repercussions all over the world(no, not really but I'm dragging the Poms along for a misery ride with me anyway) was back in the day when the then State Premier Jeff Kennett Jeffed the whole State of Victoria but gave us the free City Circle Tram Service.

1996 - In an horrific event 35 people were killed and 23 wounded at Port Arthur, Tasmania.

2006 - A VLocity railcar collided with truck at the Ercildoune level crossing near Trawalla while running an Ararat to Melbourne service resulting in 2 passengers deaths and 40 injured.

2007 - In a partial victory for the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community the British Natural History Museum agreed to hand back 4 of the 17 Aboriginal remains it held.

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