Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30

1831 - Captain Collet Barker, original discoverer of the site for Adelaide, was killed by indigenous Australians. Barker arrived at the sandspit where the Murray River enters the Southern Ocean. He elected to swim the channel, strapping his compass to his head. Somewhere, in the sandhills on the eastern side, Barker disappeared.
It was determined later, on the information of an aboriginal woman, that Barker had been speared to death by Aborigines and his body thrown into the sea. His remains were never discovered.

1846 Sir John Eardley-Wilmot was kicked to the kerb as Lt-Gov of Tassie for allegedly not suppressing homosexual behaviour amongst the convicts. Of course it had nothing to do with his on-going dispute with Bishop Nixon on the separation of the powers between church and state or govt funding for church schools....oh, no, nothing at all...

1850 Bangalore was the last convict ship to park it's prow in Moreton Bay with 392 "exiles" as cargo.

1894 Doc Evatt, Aussie statesman and President of the United Nations General Assembly, was pupped.

1905 Police, investigating shadowy figures in a Collingwood pub one night, arrested Bill Edwards who later turned out to be Marion Edwards.

1930 Finally! At last we can keep up with East Enders! A radio telephone service began chattering between Oz and the UK.

1930 A massive meeting of unemployed workers in Melbourne - and wasn't there a fair few number of them! - created the Anti-Starvation Crusade.
Presumably by the hordes of unemployed who just happened to be starving.
*sigh* Great Depression...ring a bell?

1941 Max Merritt, NZ-born Aussie singer (don't we always adopt the decent Kiwi's?) was hatched.

1952 The passengers were no longer allowed to hop on and off the train between Birregurra and Forrest as The Horrid Powers That Be slaughtered the wonderful train service and Made People Use Their Broomsticks instead.

1981 The Federal Govt's razor gang began slashing spending even a mere penny on public services....and here we are on familiar ground again, today.

1986 Mayor of L.A, Tom Bradley, was acting the raw prawn when he declared April 30 "Paul Hogan Day" due to those cringe-worthy popular ads on American TV promising to "throw another shrimp on the barbie".

1988 World Expo in Brisvegas flung open it's blingy doors for the masses.

2006 - Two Tasmanian miners were found alive after being trapped underground for five days.

2008 Taxi drivers blocked the intersection of Flinders and Swanston Streets in a protest for more safety measures after a driver was stabbed the day before.
Yes.... the image of semi-nekkid taxi drivers is branded into my grey matter and I shall be forced to live with it until the day I die.....or until someone flashes a Stephen Fry before my very eyes....

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