Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 2

1788 - John Bennett had a very foreshortened future as a 20-year-old convict when he was publicly hanged at Sydney Cove for theft.

1829 - Today saw Charlie Fremantle kicking his heels, complaining of being bored so his parents told him to go outside to play; he trotted off and ran a flag up the flagpole at the head of the Swan River.
Which was only slightly better than running his mother's bloomers up the mast in place of the sails.

1838 - Michael Magee was having a pretty crap day when he earned the distinction of being the first bloke to be hanged in South Oz.

1843 - Matthew Whittle had the pleasure of the company of the hangman whilst he was hanged at Bathurst for the attempted murder of Patrick Grady.

1864 - The Morpeth Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1891 - A man hunt lasting almost three years followed the spearing by Aboriginal people of S Murskiewicz at Dora Dora Creek, 68km from Albury. The two Aboriginal people responsible were finally caught in Queensland.

1896 - Goulam Mahomet was stretched by the neck at Fremantle Prison for murder of Tagh Mahomet in the Mosque at Coolgardie.

1904 - The Adelaide Fruit and Produce Exchange on East Terrace opened for business.

1941 Saw it announced that cars, trucks, motorbikes and broomsticks were being conscripted for the war effort.

1944 - Prime Minister Curtin had a bite to eat and a chinwag with them what live in Buck Palace .Oh, and he nattered with other leaders on some little dispute going on around the world.

1953 - Victorian Liberal minister and lawyer, Trevor Donald Oldham, 53, and his wife, Kathleen, were killed in an air crash in India near Calcutta while on their way to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in London.

1965 - The North Fitzroy to Rushall Railway line (Vic) was rudely closed.

1983 - 61 year old farmer Cliff Young wins 875 km Sydney-Melbourne footrace in five days, 14 hours.

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