Saturday, May 6, 2017

May 6

1839 - A mere four years after he'd ambled along the Yarra and thought "Crikey, this would be a great spot for a pub to brew beer,throw a fishing line in or a big blokey shed, probably best to go with a village" John Batman popped his clogs from Syphilis.
Ahhh, syphilis...the gift that just keeps on giving while turning your brain into Swiss cheese.

1862 - The first recorded brew of Thomas Cooper's now famous Sparkling Ale was made on this day.
Bottoms up !

1872 - Adelaide was awash with champers, streamers and giggles - no, the navy was not in town for the day - the GPO in King William Street was officially opened.

1875 - Ernest Giles buggered off on his final expedition, crossing the western deserts twice.

1886 - The St James to Yarrawonga branch line (VIC) greased its rails and started work.

1887 - A meeting at the Melbourne Town Hall launched the Working Men's College in Melbourne, the dream of Francis Ormond to enable working men to receive a good technical education. The 'Argus' noted the large number of working men present encouraged to support the new institution.

1917 – Irish-born Daniel Mannix was all frocked up with somewhere to go when he became the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, succeeding the deceased Thomas Carr.

1925 - The Hopetoun to Patchewollock railway line (VIC) opened.

1968 - The Portland North to Portland railway line VIC) closed.

1969 - What later became a frequent and notorious address call-out for police the Kurringal flats complex opened in Fannie Bay, Darwin.

1982 - The Minister for Defence announced the inclusion of girls in the AIRTC aka Australian Air Force Cadets.

2001 - Celebrations for the centenary of Federation opened in Melbourne with a street procession, 'Our Nation on Parade', down Swanston Street.

2005 - The world - or at least Oz - first came to hear of a woman called Vivian Solon who was illegally deported from Oz.
Yes, desperate asylum seekers are forbidden into the country....yet the lawful residents get shipped out, too.....
Hey, Turnbull...? Chuck us a pair of floaties for the trip, mate?


  1. 1982 - The Minister for Defence announced the inclusion of girls in the AIRTC aka Australian Air Force Cadets.

    Erk, that long ago?

  2. Um, an aside ... suffer from Sisyphus .. not syphilis ... meh.