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December 13 On This Day in Australian History

First Day of Hanukkah in Australia 2017
Many Jewish Australians start observing Hanukkah on the evening before on the first day of Hanukkah, as many Jewish observances begin at sunset on the day before.Also known as Chanukah or Festival of Lights. Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish observance that remembers the Jewish people's struggle for religious freedom.

1802 - Charles Robbins successfully dissuaded the French from making a claim on Van Diemen's land (now Tasmania). 
He told them about the Drop Bears.
Although hoisting the British flag near Nicholas Baudin's tents on King Island and firing a volley over the heads of the French expedition members couldn't have hurt...

1805 - The first land grants were made in Van Diemen's Land. They included 10 acres to Rev. Robert Knopwood.

1808 - Anthony Fenn Kemp resiged as Judge-Advocate of NSW; Foveaux reinstated Atkins.

1819 - Henry Rice lead an expedition from the Coal River settlement (Richmond, Tas) to St Patrick's Head and thence to Port Dalrymple.

1834 - The final issue of the People’s Horn Boy newspaper (Hobart, Tas) was published.

1848 - The first 240 Government assisted immigrants rocked up at Moreton Bay, Qld, on the Artemisia.

1849 - The Adelaide was the second last ship to bring "exiles" to Australia. It arrived at Port Phillipwith 281 exiles on board, but was refused entry by the door bitch and sailed on to Port Jackson.

1850 - Cleveland in southeast Queensland was proclaimed a township.

1858 - The first balloon flight in Sydney, Australia, took to the skies with Capt William Dean at the helm.

1858 Mark this down in your diaries as a Red Letter Day!
The Carlton Brewery was birthed in Melbourne.

1870 - The Murray River ran a bit of a banker in South Oz...
After an extremely wet winter the river continued to rise until all the flat country along its banks was flooded drowning thousands of sheep and cattle. The Moorundie Police Station was destroyed and in Mannum rowboats could be taken in and out of the windows of the Bogan Hotel (now Mannum) and it was possible to step from the deck of the steamer Ariel on to the balcony of the hotel. The peak marked on a door at Walker’s Mill showed the waters to be roughly fifteen feet above normal and barges could sail up the main street to load flour at the mill. The river gradually fell in 1871 until by June it was apparently back to normal. Of course in 1870 there were no locks on the river and it was before the irrigation settlements of Renmark and Berri. 

1873 - Adelaide Oval opens.

1888 - The NSW wheat crop failed, the yield being the lowest in 30 years, as the nation remained in the grip of a crippling drought.

1909 - The Commonwealth Defence Act became law. It provided for the compulsory military training scheme that began on 1 January 1911, and for the establishment of the Royal Military College at Duntroon, Canberra, on 27 June 1911.

1909 - The Act establishing a High Commission in London became law. A month later GH Reid became Australia’s first High Commissioner. During his term the building of Australia House commenced. Reid was also closely involved in ordering the vessels for Australia's first naval fleet.

1913 - The Manly Lifesaving Club launched its first successful purpose-designed surf boat.
The new MLSC certainly caught the eye, at twenty feet long, double ended and an exaggerated spring in the keel, banana-boat, fitted it perfectly. Boat Captain Fred Notting, as a youngster in his canoe, had used a quarter-bar to gain leverage to keep it straight on a wave. He included this development in his banana-boat, and worked on techniques to manage the boat in surf.

1915 - Light Horse fight at Um Rakham ; The Light Horse was deployed against pro-Turkish Arabs of an Islamic sect known as the Senussi, in Egypt's western desert.

1919 - Silly as a wheel (Sir) Billy Hughes was reelected as Prime Minister.

1929 - Nago, a Japanese diver sustained injuries to his chest and arm from a shark whilst pearl diving at Thursday Island.

1930 - Frank Kenny died after he fell overboard at Sailor Bay, Middle Harbour, Sydney and was taken by a shark.

1940 Always stating the bleeding obvious, it was officially announced that most of the Island of Oz was in the furnace grip of drought.

1946 - The United Nations granted Australia trusteeship of New Guinea and Papua. The two regions were administered jointly, with the capital at Port Moresby.

1947 – Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad ran out Bill Brown when in the act of delivering the ball. After this incident, if a batsman was given out this way, he was said to have been Mankaded.

1947 - Elections were held in the Northern Territory for its Legislative Council.

1948 - The greatest batsman the cricket world has ever seen - Don Bradman - retired from the sport on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of his entering first class cricket.

1953 - Unionism becomes compulsory in New South Wales.

1953 - Neil Tapp, cadet lifesaver, sustained a bruised chest, shoulder and foot from a non-fatal shark attack after he'd waded out to warn bathers a shark had been seen.
1955 - Frocking up was supersized when Australian housewife "superstar", Dame Edna Everage, made her stage debut.

1955 - Colin and Jack Chambers and three stockmen were tried before Justice Kriewaldt without a jury from 12 to 15 December 1955 after they were charged with 10 counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm to their Aboriginal workers at Eva Downs Station, NT.George Booth was fined £25 for several counts of aiding and abetting their employers’ assaults and his licence to employ Aboriginal people was revoked. Justice  Kriewaldt found Colin and Jack Chambers guilty on most counts, fined each a sum of £400, and jailed both for six months with hard labour. He had never before convicted let alone jailed a white person for assaulting an Aborigine.

1956 - The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act made ASIO a statutory authority. ASIO had been established by government directive in 1949.

1958 - The RAAF's first Lockheed C-130A Hercules transports arrive in Australia.

1960 - Amendments to the Crimes Act introduced tougher definitions and penalties for espionage, sabotage and treason, and identified a new crime of treachery

1961 - George “Jimmy” Stevens, an Aborgine from the lugger Rebecca, had his right thigh and leg lacerated from a 6 foot shark whilst swimming with the ships crew at the wharf at Horn Island (near Thursday Island) Torres Strait.

1962 – The last telegram transmitted within New South Wales using morse code was sent from Sydney to Bombala.

1963 - University student and Aboriginal activist Charles Perkins leads a 'Freedom Ride' through rural Aboriginal communities.

1964 - The Lilydale to Warburton (Vic) rail passenger service was kicked to the kerb.

1966 - John Fairfax acquired an interest in David Syme & Co Ltd, publisher of the Age.

1969 - The first official body was formed as the "Australian National Sportfishing Association". The original A.N.S.A. badge design was selected from a competition published in "AUSTRALIAN SPORTFISHING", Summer edition 1969. The winning design was submitted by John Renolds, Liverpool, NSW.

1972 - The Victorian Fertiliser Services Association held its Inaugural meeting on this day. There were forty two contractors in attendance and all supported the formation of a State Branch of a National Association. It was also agreed to assist in organising the 1973 National Conference in Swan Hill.

1973 - The first National Aboriginal Consultative Committee meeting was held at the National Library of Australia in Canberra.

1973 - Australia ratifies its international treaties on nuclear arms control, originally signed in 1970-71.

1975 - Malcolm Fraser romped it home in the Federal elections to put on the frilly frock of Prime Minister.

1981 - Zola Dale had her stomach lacerated by a shark whilst swimming at Green Island.

1983 - Proving that pollies do actually work...occassionally...the 10000th Act of the Victorian Parliament was passed. The Industrial Relations (Further Amendment Act) 1983 was assented to on 13 December 1983.

2001 - The late Kevin Wong Hoy, the late Nancy Kwong, Edna Cooper, Robyn Ansell, Julia Lau, Hamilton Chan, and Neelima/Chris Lee formed the Chinese Australian Family Historians of Victoria with Kevin as foundation President. Kevin continued to provide astute guidance as President until February 2009. The Chinese Museum offered to host the monthly meetings which it continues to do today.

2002 - The Beattie Government announced it would invest $2.66 million directly into 19 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to implement initiatives outlined in Meeting Challenges, Making Choices, the government’s response to the Cape York Justice Study.

2005 – Bradley John Murdoch was convicted of murdering Peter Falconio in the Australian outback whilst travelling with girlfriend Joanne Lees.

2005 - In Australia a jury convicted Bradley John Murdoch (47), a mechanic, in the July 14, 2001, Outback death of British backpacker Peter Falconio (28). He also was convicted of assaulting and abducting Falconio's girlfriend, Joanne Lees. Murdoch was given a mandatory life sentence by Northern Territory Supreme Court Justice Brian Martin.

2005 Spencer Street Station - that great ugly lump of unimaginative concrete that greeted rail travellers to Marvellous Melbourne in the arse end of town - had been titivated in a right expensive balls up, the way only known to politicians. Probably hoping to distract the sensible public, then-Premier Bracks officially announced today that Spencer Street Station was to be henceforth known as (the ugliest pile of wasted public money known to mankind) Southern Cross Station.
Sadly, it's now a great ugly lump of unimaginative concrete with a wind tunnel effect all of its own but it shall always remain Spencer Street Station as no rude bugger asked me if they could change its name.

2009 - The Age (newspaper) upped sticks and shifted house from Spencer Street to its custom-built building, Media House, at the corner of Collins and Spencer Streets, near Southern Cross (SPENCER STREET) Station.

2009 - Nigel Hughes had his big toe lacerated by a shark whilst surfing at Coffee Head, NSW.

2016 - The inaugural Mullagh-Wills Oration, took place at the MCG, which is focused on the links between cricket and Indigenous Australians.The oration is named in honour of Johnny Mullagh, the Aboriginal XI's star allrounder and captain for the 1868 tour, and Tom Wills, who captained-coached the Aboriginal XI in the 1866 match.
The inaugural oration was co-delivered by 2009 Australian of the Year Professor Mick Dodson AM, and Dr Greg De Moore, the author of Tom Wills and A National Game.

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