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December 14 On This Day in Australian History

1800 - A rebellion at Norfolk Island was suppressed. Lieut-Gov Joseph Foveaux hanged two Irish prisoners who led the insurgence.

1801 - Matthew Flinders and his crew first met some Noongar people; the people they met were “shy but not afraid”, Flinders wrote.

1807 - The master and crew of the Parramatta went ashore and were promptly arrested and charged with violating regulations. Judge-Advocate Richard Bowyer Atkins summoned Macarthur to come to Sydney to 'show cause' for his conduct in the Parramatta affair.

1827 Bold Jack Donohoe and his gang began lightening the load of carts travelling on the Sydney - Windsor Road.
The gang was caught shortly afterwards and all hanged - except for Bold Jack who, being the clever clogs of the whole outfit, took to the countryside.

1830 - Captain Thomas Barrister commenced an overland trek from Fremantle to King George Sound (Albany).

1832 - The Presbyterian Church was officially formed in Sydney.

1835 - The Bank of Australasia opened in Sydney.

1840 - Governor Gipps appointed the first Government Printer.

1854 - First sitting of the Gold Fields Commission (Vic).

1854 - An act for providing separate municipal boroughs throughout Port Phillip had been drafted and became law on this day.

1869 - Copper was discovered at Cobar, NSW, by C. Campbell, T. Hartman and and G. Gibb, surveyoring for water bores.

1880 - Today saw the grand Opening of Hallett to Terowie Railway line (South Oz).

1890 Oh, be still my beating heart; the Trades Hall opened in Geelong.

1893 - Eucalyptus oil was first manufactured in Australia by F.H. Faulding & Co.

1918 - The first Victorian Farmers Union member was elected to parliament as a result of the introduction of preferential voting.

1927 Needing to state the bleeding obvious - again - it was announced that throughout mainland Oz drought reigned supreme.

1929 Electric trams and buses did away with the poor old choo choo between Adelaide and Glenelg.

1939 - Frank Gurran was fatally attacked by a 2.6 m [8.5'] shark (landed 2 hours later) whilst swimming at Rubbish Dump Creek, Mackay,  his left foot & right leg bitten, later surgically amputated.

1940 - New military conscription call ups for training in the Citizen's Forces. The call up was in line with Australia's policy of having a 25,000 strong wartime defence force.

1944 - Liberal Party of Australia The new party was formed at a conference in Canberra. It emerged from an agreement to merge the United Australia Party and other non-Labor organisations, including the extensive Australian League of Women Voters.

1956 - The J.S. Battye Library of West Australian History came into being on this day (as the J.S. Battye Library of West Australian History and State Archives), after a reorganisation of the State Library into subject areas by State Librarian, Francis Aubie (Ali) Sharr. It was named after James Sykes Battye, 1871-1954, who came from Ballarat, Victoria in 1894 to be the chief librarian of the Victoria Public Library (the State Library of Western Australia was first known as the Victoria Public Library as it was originally founded to honour the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria's ascension to the British throne). It was renamed the Public Library of Western Australia in 1904 to avoid confusion with the Public Library of Victoria. Dr Battye died in 1954, having served in office for nearly 60 years.

1960 - In cricket, the First Test Match between Australia and the West Indies ends in a tie.

1963 - Opening of the Mackay War Memorial Swimming Pool in Milton Street. Built at a cost of 90,000 pounds. Opened by Postmaster-General COW.. Davidson.

1967 - South Australia's Simpson Desert Conservation Park and Queensland's Simpson Desert National Park were proclaimed

1968 - A referendum in Tasmania gives the go-ahead to build Australia's first casino at Wrest Pointnear Hobart.

1971 Stop giggling girls, the new late night shopping in NSW was serious window shopping and planning the next outfit business.

1972 - The end of conscription for the Vietnam War is introduced on Labor's first day in office. From January 1965 to December 1972, some 63,740 were conscripted. Of these, 15,542 saw active service in Vietnam.

1974 On this day it was announced there would be a national bilingual education campaign for Aboriginal children.
Except for those in NT in 2010.
Cos the Indigenous kids might be cleverer than the twits in charge.

1979 Barmen were left gasping when NSW hotels were given the green light to trade on Sundays - legally this time!

1982 The Wilderness Society blockaded the proposed site for the Franklin Dam.
Determined little buggers, they kept the blockade in place till 1983...and they'd won.

1993 - The Australian Football League announced that the Fremantle Football Club will enter the league in 1995.

1995 -  Jervis Bay National Park and botanic gardens were handed back to the Aboriginal community in an official ceremony.

1995 - 15 years after the disappearance of baby Azaria Chamberlain from a campsite near Ayers Rock, NT, a third coronial inquiry into the case returned an open finding which supported the child's parents' claim that they had nothing to do with her death, and that there was considerable support for the view that a dingo may have taken the child, but there was no conclusive evidence to prove this.

1995 - The Australian movie 'Babe', about an orphaned pig who dreams of being a sheepdog, was released to critical acclaim in Australia and the US.

2001 - A High Court decision in Melbourne approved the Yorta Yorta people’s application to appeal an earlier Federal Court decision on their native title claim. The application required the High Court to determine whether the Federal Court had erred in legal principle in not giving enough weight to oral evidence and, as a result, concluding that the traditional law and custom of the Yorta Yorta had been abandoned at or about 1881.

2006 - Australian flag carrier and national icon Qantas accepted an increased 11.1-billion-dollar (8.7 billion US) offer from a private equity group, a day after rejecting a lower bid.

2006 - Australia and France signed an agreement on military cooperation designed to enhance their ability to work together.

2011 - The High Court of Australia ruled that it was not a requirement for the grant of a Special Humanitarian Program (SHP) visa for the sponsor to be under 18 both at the time of application and the time of decision. The ruling removed the barrier to family reunion faced by unaccompanied minors who applied to sponsor their parents for resettlement but turned 18 before a decision was made on the application.

2012 - UNHCR released a report on the conditions in the offshore processing facility in Nauru. It concluded that “the transfer of asylum-seekers to what are currently harsh and unsatisfactory temporary facilities, with in a closed detention setting, and in the absence of a fully functional legal framework and adequately capacitated system to assess refugee claims, do not currently meet the required protection standards.”

2013 - In response to the disallowance of TPVs, the Australian Government issued a regulation which renders refugees who arrive by boat ineligible for a permanent Protection Visa.

2015 - The Five Islands creation story painted by respected Koori artists Lorraine Brown and Narelle Thomas was unveiled today at a celebration hosted by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).
NPWS commissioned the painting, hung at the NSW Government Offices in Wollongong, to celebrate the success of the Seabird Breeding and Nesting Habitat Rehabilitation Project. The project is a joint initiative of NPWS, the Friends of Five Islands volunteers and Berrim Nuru Environmental Services.

2016 A male was non-fatally attacked by a shark with punctures to his left foot and ankle whilst freediving at Trigg Beach, WA.

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