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December 17 On This Day in Australian History

1794 – Acting Governor of New South Wales Francis Grose flounced away from New South Wales for England.

1803 - On his way to England on the Cumberland, Matthew Flinders was forced to stop at Mauritius after his ship sprung a leak. He arrived just three months after Nicholas Baudin arrived and died there, also on his way home after exploring the Australian coastline. Flinders refused an invitation by Governor Captain-General De Caen to dine with him. Insulted by the rejection, De Caen accused Flinders of violating neutrality by entering Mauritius without authority and placed him under house arrest. Flinders remained there until June 1810 when the British blockaded the island, and De Caen released him.

1825 - Gov Ralph Darling arrived at Port Jackson in the Catherine Stewart and took over the reins from Sir Thomas Brisbane as Governor (19th December).

1833 - First professional theatrical performance held in Hobart at the Freemasons Tavern. The performance was of the farce, The Married Bachelor.

1845 - After a gruelling journey of 4827km, Leichhardt reached Port Essington in Australia's north.

1858 - Being drowned out by the loud snores from the public gallery the Victorian Parliament passed "An Act To Shorten The Duration of The Legislative Assembly" inflicting members of the Legislative Assembly on the public for only 3 years instead of the original 5.
And we all partied...

1859 - James Boor, a shepherd, is credited with the discovery of copper minerals at Wallaroo, South Oz on this day.

1872 - The Education Act was passed by the Victorian Government setting up an Education Department and guaranteeing children 'free, secular and compulsory education'.

1875 - A new ironworks blast furnace at Lithgow, NSW, fired up for the first time.

1878 - The railway line from Stawell to Murtoa (Vic) was flung open.

1883 - The Everton to Myrtleford (Vic) line opened.

1884 - The Australian Geographical Society held its first meeting in Melbourne.

1889 - The Hastings to Stony Point (Vic) railway line opened.

1891 - The railway line from Korumburra to Leongatha (Vic) opened.

1901 - The Federal Pacific Islanders Act became law.

1917 - Even during a war they managed to fling open the Toolondo to Kanagulk Railway line (Vic).

1918 - The Darwin Rebellion took place, with 1000 demonstrators demanding the resignation of the Administrator of the Northern Territory, John A. Gilruth.

1922 - Electric train services commenced from Flinders St to Box Hill, from Hawthorn to Kew, from Burnley to Darling, Victoria.

1923 - The Kunama Beach Railway line (NSW) was opened.

1924 - The "any tougher and they'd rust" King Gee Clothing Company was founded in Sydney.

1927 – Batsman Bill Ponsford scores 437 for Victoria against Queensland at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

1930 - NSW Government attempted to rescue its crumbling hospital system by introducing Government-run lotteries.

1935 - Royal Commission on the payment of moneys by way of royalties in respect of the compilation, preparation, publication, or sale of text books prescribed, approved, suggested or recommended by the Education Department for use in schools in Victoria established.
The way they chop n change the text books I reckon they need another eyeballing!

1943 - A Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion was formed in 1941, primarily to protect Torres Strait. In late 1943 some of its men were sent to Dutch New Guinea; on 17 December 1943, a river patrol encountered two enemy barges and in the exchange of fire Lance-Corporal A. Barbouttis was killed and six others wounded.

1948 - The Federal Government began to assist the states in the care of the mentally ill.

1954 - RED LETTER DAY, fellow gunzels!!
Today Victoria Railways last steam loco, J 559, in its eye-catching livery of black with red began trundling up and down the rails of a grateful state.

1963 - The Cobar Railway Branch line (NSW) was opened.

1965 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples had the right to vote in some states before 1901, but it was taken away or limited when the constitution was enacted.
In 1962, Indigenous people gain the right to vote in federal elections. Indigenous people around the country gain the same voting rights as other Australians when Queensland followed the other states and extended voting rights to all Indigenous people to vote in state elections on this day.

1967 - Harold Holt, Prime Minister and Leader of The People in The Island of Oz got distracted by a passing Chinese submarine holding a spa bath with several nekkid dugongs jellyfish and forgot to return to Cheviot Beach.

1971 - The cost of Australia's 24 F-111 fighter aircraft for the RAAF  increased by $10 million to $310 million on the price quoted eight years previously when the jets were first ordered. As yet, no aircraft had been delivered.

1975 - The High Court ruled in favour of the Federal Government's claim of ownership of the offshore waters around Australia and their wealth. The ruling settled a six state challenge that had been in dispute for five years.

1976 - The Rail Motor service from Ballart to Skipton (Vic) passenger service was kicked to the kerb.

1977 - The final issue of Central Coast Express, Gosford, NSW, as a daily.

1980 – Two gunmen kill Turkish Consul-General Mehmet Baydar in Sydney, the killers were never apprehended.

1982 - Random breath testing of motorists was introduced in New South Wales.

1983 - Federal Sex Discrimination Bill passed by the Senate.

1984 - Over 76,000 square kilometres of traditional MaralingaTjarutja Lands in western South Australia were returned to its Traditional Owners.. Concerns over radiological hazards prevented the handback of Section 400.

1987 - Federal Minister for Tourism, John Brown, resigns after admitting he misled Parliament over Expo 88 tenders.

1996 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Minister, Senator John Herron, today announced an overhaul of the Heritage Protection Act, designed to prevent another Hindmarsh Island saga. Under the changes, the Commonwealth Heritage Protection Act would be retained as an ‘Act of last resort’, to apply where State and Territory schemes do not meet national minimum standards, or where national interest considerations exist.

 1996 - Queensland Health Minister, Mike Horan, announced on this day that the State Government would advertise across Queensland immediately to fill the membership of Queensland’s new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Council.

2008 - Australian Aborigines won a court fight against Anglo-Swiss mining giant Xstrata's plans to divert a river and expand one of the world's biggest zinc mines.

2008 - Tasmanin -  melythina tiakana warana (Heart of Country) Aboriginal Corporation (mtwAC) first meeting of was held on this day. The inaugural Board of Directors elected at this meeting were:
Auntie Patsy Cameron
Auntie Vicki Matson-Green
Uncle Ronnie Summers
Auntie Dyan Summers
Jo Cameron
Tarni Matson

2008 - Two Australian women were killed when their light aircraft slammed into a suburban house in Sydney after a mid-air collision between two flying school planes.

2011 - An overcrowded ship of asylum seekers sank off the island of Java. Indonesian rescuers battled high waves as they searched for survivors. Nearly 250 people fleeing economic and political hardship in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Turkey were trying to reach Australia in search of a better life when their fiberglass ship broke apart. Only 47 people survived.

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