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December 18 On This Day in Australian History

1791 - A number of Marines including Maj. Robert Ross (Officer of the Marines, and Lieut-Gov),Capt Watkin Tench and Lt. William Dawes left the colony and returned to England aboard HMS Gorgon. On 11th March, the ship arrived at the Cape of Good Hope where Mary Bryant and her group of escaped convicts, along with a number of Bounty mutineers were taken on board for the return journey to England.

1805 - The powers that be started giving away the plots of dirt in Tassie, including 10 acres to that tipsy Rev. Knopwood.

1816 - Gov. Macquarie called a Public meeting for subscribers to open a bank.

1838 - The seven stockmen found guilty of the murder of an Aboriginal child during the horrific Myall Creek Massacre were hanged. For only the second time in Australian history white men were punished for murder of Aboriginal people.

1850 - The first Australian branch of the YMCA formed in Adelaide, SA.

1865 - The Chinese bushranger known as Sam Poo was stretched by the neck by a noose in Sydney.

1872 - Opals discovered at Listonel Downs, Qld.

1875 - The Paddle Steamer Wendouree was launched on the lake of the same name in Ballarat.

1880 - Stanthorpe O’Connor, a retired sub-inspector of police, recounted a story in The Queenslander narrated to him by a ‘mob’ residing on the Laura (Kennedy) river, of how ‘a white man had sneaked upon a blackfellow and his gin, had shot the blackfellow and taken his gin with him to where he camped, he and his four companions ill-using the gin before she was let free’.

1892 - The Main Western Railway line (NSW) was opened from Lapstone Bottom Points - Glenbrook.

1893 - The Broken Hill Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Molong - Parkes

1893 - Stockinbingal - Parkes Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Forbes - Jct (Parkes)

1894 – South Australia was the first colony to give women equal franchise with other words they gave us ladies the right to vote AND shoot guns.

1899 - J. Richardson suffered shark bites to his legs when he fell into the water at Tingalpa Creek, QLD.

1900 - The Narrow Gauge Upper Ferntree Gully to Belgrave Railway line (Vic) opened.

1900 - Belgrave to Gembrook Narrow Gauge Railway line (Vic) opened.

1902 - The la-de-dah title of Lord Muck Mayor was conferred on those garden variety Mayors in Sydney and Melbourne.

1903 – The first train ran its pretty little way from Rockhampton to Brisvegas (QLD).

1909 - Well known and respected local Doctor George Tyndale Lloyd died after being thrown from a horse in Brisbane Street, Mackay. The Lloyd memorial in Queens Park was erected in honour of him.

1912 - A small arms manufacturing plant opens at Lithgow, NSW.

1915 - In a single night, about 20,000 Australian and New Zealand troops slipped away from Gallipoli, undetected by the Turks defending the peninsula.

1924 - Longest Sitting Day of the Victorian Parliament commenced at 11.17am. It concluded 48 hours and 59 minutes later at 12.16pm, Saturday, 20 December 1924

1930 - Perth was finally able to get on the blower to the rest of Oz when it was hooked up to Adelaide....which was already gossiping with the rest of Oz.

1943 - The Army prepared instructions for personnel to be based at each of the Army-controlled Aboriginal settlements. These personnel would maintain a roll of all labourers showing their ‘European’ and Aboriginal names, clan, the names of their dependants, the number of their blood slide (used to monitor malarial infection) and any general remarks.

1954 - The Colac (Alvie Junction) to Alvie Railway line (Vic) closed.

1961 - A 3 metre white shark took the life of a surfer at Noosa Heads, QLD; injuries were the right wrist and hand bitten, left leg severed above knee.

1964 - Australian Government, responding to requests from the US President and South Vietnam Prime Minister for 200 additional advisers, offers to send ground troops to South Vietnam.

1965 - The Missing Links performed on the roof of the newly-opened Roselands Shopping Centre in Sydney, followed by their second performance on the Channel 10 Sydney variety show Ten On The Town.

1967 - In the wake of Holt's disappearance, three senior members of the governing Liberal Party -- Government Whip Dudley Irwin, Minister for the Army Malcolm Fraser, and Senate Whip Malcolm Scott -- met in Parliament House, Canberra and decided to support Victorian senator and Education Minister John Grey Gorton for the leadership of the Party, and therefore the next Prime Minister.

1980 - Replica historical ornamental lamps were erected outside the Ballarat Town Hall.

1984 - Justice Lionel Murphy refuses to resign as a result of criminal proceedings being brought against him.

1994 - A replica of Captain James Cook’s ship ‘Endeavour’ arrived in Sydney to celebrate the ‘discovery’ in 1770 of the land in which Aboriginal people had lived for more than 60,000 years. Aboriginal protesters attached a banner to the fence of the Botanical Gardens reading ‘Don’t Forget White Australia has a Black History’.

1997 - The Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Senator John Herron, released the names of the 25 members of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation for the Council’s final three-year term, which ended on 31st December 2000. Senator Herron confirmed the appointment of Ms Evelyn Scott as Chairperson and Sir Gus Nossal as Deputy Chairperson of the Council.

1998 - The duplication of the Ron Camm Bridge was officially opened easing traffic congestion from South Mackay and North Mackay over the Pioneer River.

2003 - The Productivity Commission's draft report on housing affordability for first homebuyers is released and puts forward measures including the scrapping of stamp duties, as well as the means testing of the $7,000 First Home Owners Grant. The Productivity Commission concedes there's no quick fix for the big jump in house prices over the last few years.

2006 - An Australian court ruled that providing Web links to copyright-protected music is enough to make a site legally liable. The case created legal uncertainty for search engines around the world. The full bench of the Federal Court upheld a lower court ruling that Stephen Cooper, the operator of the Web site in question, as well as Comcen, the Internet service provider that hosted it, were guilty under Australian copyright law.

2006 - Peter Galvin received a shark bite to his left leg whilst he was surfing at Winki Pop, Bells Beach, Vic.

2007 - A male surfer suffered superficial lacerations from a shark bite whilst in the water at Jimmys Beach, NSW.

2007 - An official said Australian copper thieves have turned tomb raiders, pilfering plaques and vases from cemeteries to sell the metal for scrap.

2013 - The Federal Government unveils its $100 million assistance package to help Holden and the manufacturing industry.

2014 - In a deal with Senator Ricky Muir, the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison agreed to process the applications of babies born to asylum seeker mothers and their families on mainland Australia and not to return them to Nauru. This applies to all babies born before 4 December 2014, totalling 31 babies and their families.

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