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December 21 On This Day in Australian History

1817 - Macquarie had an ear for names and thought the title Oz-stray-lia was simply spiffing and would suit this new pile of dirt down to its little cotton socks.
Aren't we all relieved he didn't settle on Large Island of Flies?!

1835 - Protector of Aborigines George Augustus Robinson noted in his journal of the conditions for the Tasmanian Aborigines at Flinders Island: “it is cruel not to provide abundantly for this remnant of the aboriginal race… having placed them on an isolated spot. The least we ought to do is to abundantly supply their wants”.

1836 - George Stevenson, on board the ship Buffalo en route to South Australia, wrote in his journal;
"We lay to atabout seven leagues from the shore instead of standing in for a start in the morning so that there is no chance of doing any thing unless the breeze should freshen. A far more magnificent & glorious sky
to-night than ever we saw or conceived. A double rainbow with the full moon rising in the centre; clouds of violet & silver: on the opposite side the sun setting in majesty mid clouds of every hue, from darkest
masses to the scarcely perceptible shade. “These are thy works Parent of Good”."

1837 - Eyre attempted the first overlanding venture from Sydney to South Australia.

1838 - ‘You cannot overrate the solicitude of H.M. Government on the subject of the Aborigines of New Holland. It is impossible to contemplate the condition or the prospects of that unfortunate race without the deepest commiseration. Still it is impossible that H.M. Government should forget that the original aggression was ours’. Lord John Russell to Sir George Gipps.

1840 - Four Aboriginal people were shot by J.F. Francis in the Pyrenes, according to George Robertson’s listing of ‘Aborigines – Outrages Against’ in the 1879 Australian Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Time.

1853 - Freeman Cobb had a spare hour or two so he began a coaching service in Melbourne called Cobb & Co.

1853 - Gladstone in Qld was gazetted as a town site, which was handy for those already living there!

1855 - Victoria's Haines Government resigned over a secret ballot motion moved and carried by William Nicholson, however Nicholson was unable to form a government, so William Haines was reinstated.

1861 - The North Brighton to Brighton Beach Railway Line (Vic) opened.

1870 - Victorian MP's, the greedy devils, voted to give themselves 300 pounds per year for sitting on their dates and boring the pants off the public.

1881 - Measures were being taken to stop the spread of the Phylloxera bug which was decimating vineyards across Victoria.

1885 - The Broken Hill Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1887 - Horse-drawn trams commenced trundling on the  Ballarat Gardens route in (where else?) Ballarat!

1889 – The poem "Clancy of the Overflow", by Banjo Paterson, was first published in The Bulletin magazine.

1889 - World champion rower Henry Searle was buried in Melbourne after dying of typhoid a week earlier.

1889 - Economists feared that the collapse of Melbourne's Premier Permanent Building Land and Investment Association could herald the end of a decade of colonial prosperity.

1890 - Western Australia's first ministry was sworn in under that state's first Premier, Sir John Forrest.

1903 - The North Geelong Railway loop opened (Vic).

1905 - Motor buses were brought into service in Sydney.

1909 - British Field-Marshall Horatio Herbert Kitchener rocked up in Australia to (tell Grandma how to suck eggs)  advise on the make-up of Australia's new military forces.

1910 - Opening of branch railway line from Kingsthorpe to Haden (QLD.

1916 - The Australian Light Horse captured El Arish.

1916 - A statue of Captain Charles Sturt was unveiled in Victoria Square, Adelaide on  this day, forty-seven years after his death in England..

1918 - The deadly influenza pandemic reached Oz.

1921 – The Gun Alley Murder: 12-year-old Alma Tirtschke was raped and murdered in Gun Alley, Melbourne. 28-year-old Colin Ross was hanged for the crime, but in 1992 was proved innocent (unsolved).

1926 - The first loop in Sydney's underground City Circle railway, between Central and St James Stations, opened.

1931 - The East Hills Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Kingsgrove - East Hills.

1934 - At the Darwin Police Court a man was sentenced to three months hard labour for supplying beer to Aboriginal people.

1938 – A direct radio-telephone link was established between Canberra and Washington, D.C..

1940 - The first wartime land action by Australian troops occurred outside Bardia in Italian Libya.

1941 - First United States troops arrived in Australia; Australia soon became a major base for US forces in the war against Japan. They were warmly welcomed as representing a defence for Australia.

1942 - The ban on the Communist Party of Australia was lifted.

1962 - Australia won 38 gold, 36 silver and 31 bronze medals at the 12th British Empire and Commonwealth Games, held in Perth, WA.

1969 - The last Steam train passenger Service in Queensland  tootled from Mackay Railway Station in Boddington Street to the Mackay Outer Harbour signalling the end of the steam era of the Queensland Railways.

1972 - A joint communiqué was signed in the Australian Embassy in Paris, which formalised the exchange of diplomatic recognition between the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) and Australia. The communiqué explained the Australian Government’s position, that the communist government was the sole legitimate government of China and that diplomatic recognition would be withdrawn from Taiwan.

1973 - The Faraday School kidnapper Robert Bolan was jailed for sixteen years.

1974 - An adult male skeleton believed to be some 30,000 years old was discovered at Lake Mungo in NSW. The skeleton was named Mungo Man.

1977 - Kerry Packer gave the world.... World Series Cricket.
And we partied....

1979 - The Botany Goods Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1984 - Darwin Community College was renamed the Darwin Institute of Technology.

1987 - The East Hills Railway Line (NSW) was opened from East Hills - Glenfield Junction.

1988 - The Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody produced an Interim Report, which was presented on this day.

1990 - A Royal Commission report into the Chelmsford Private Hospital deep sleep therapy programme condemns doctors and senior health administrators over their activities.

1993 - The Mabo Bill passes through Federal Parliament, thereby acknowledging that Australia was occupied prior to European settlement, and allowing Aborigines the right to claim native title over land under continuous occupation.

2001 - The Melbourne Herald-Sun printed its last afternoon edition, eleven years after the merger of the Herald with the Sun News Pictorial. Now commuters may read either the free MX newspaper or the garish graffiti as they travel home each evening...

2004 - Following a closure of 6 years and a $1.5 million refurbishment Newcastle's Playhouse Theatre was officially reopened on this day.

2006 - It was announced in The Age that Betty Wilson, terrifically talented all-rounder cricketer became the first chickybabe to be granted an Honorary Membership of the Melbourne Cricket Club.
In one test match against England in 1958 she took a record number of wickets in an innings (7 for 7 runs). Also in that test match she became the first person in international cricket, male or female, to achieve the double of 100 runs and ten wickets (including a hat trick) in a match.

2007 - New Australian PM Kevin Rudd met with al-Maliki during a surprise visit to Baghdad. Rudd said that after the troops withdraw in June, Australia will continue to help train the Iraqi police force and army.

2010 - The Australian Defence Force said steroids and unidentified substances had been seized in recent raids after a tip-off. A report claimed Australian sailors have been stashing large amounts of cocaine and heroin on navy ships and selling them in Sydney's red light district and that this has been going on "for years."

2014 - As part of the Government’s deal with backbenchers to support the passing of the Legacy Caseload Bill, 94 children, plus another 100 people, were moved from Christmas Island to Bladin Point detention facility in Darwin.

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