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December 22 On This Day in Australian History

1790 - Phillip ordered a second raid against the Bidjigal peoples of Botany Bay with the same orders "catch, kill and behead".
Watkin Tench wrote;
"Our first expedition having so totally failed, the governor resolved to try the fate of a second; and the ‘painful pre-eminence’ again devolved on me. The orders under which I was commanded to act differing in no respect from the last. A little before sun-set on the evening of the 22d we marched’. "
The second raid; ‘Lieutenant Abbot, and ensign Prentice of the New South Wales Corps, were two [2] officers under my [Tench] command with three [3] serjeants, three [3] corporals, and thirty [30] privates, completed the detachment’.
‘ A little before sun-set on the evening of the 22nd we marched...knapsacks burdened by…ropes to bind our prisoners, hatchets [to] cut off heads bags to contain heads’.

1808 - Arrival of the convict ship Admiral Gambier, under the command Captain Edward Harrison.
The Admiral Gambier and the Speke were the only two convict ships to arrive in New South Wales in 1808. The Admiral Gambier arrived in Port Jackson on 22 December 1808 with 197 male prisoners, including a future Early Bushranger of the Hunter Region, Isaac Walker.

1817 - Phillip Parker King, John Septimus Roe and Allan Cunningham, botanist, leave to explore the north-west coast of the continent. They are joined by Broke Bay Aboriginal Bungaree who acts as interpreter.

1823 - The Sydney Gazette reported on a meeting of Aboriginal tribes in Sydney.

1826 - Death of poet laureate/ convict Michael Massey Robinson aged 82

1832 - William Westbrooke Burton appointed Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Australia.

1836 - Robert Gouger (in South Oz) wrote in his journal ;
"Out shooting again with similar success. The 2 natives who were brought into the settlement on Decr 1st by Mr Williams remained with him about a week performing a variety of work & conducting themselves in a satisfactory manner, but suddenly left without assigning any reason. They however returned last Sunday bringing with them 4 others. They visited the different huts, receiving from each presents of sugar, biscuits etc. At night they had a “corrobboree” or native dance, but I was not so fortunate to witness this. The custom of these natives appear to differ from those of N. S. Wales, for instance the ceremony of knocking out a front tooth on the attainment of manhood is not enforced here, not one of the natives who have visited us having undergone the operation. Presents of clothes were given them, which they much valued & wore all day, but removed dust & dirt from them at night & (though lying in the open air) folded them up for a pillow!"

1836 - Six days before the proclamation of the colony, the barque Tam O’Shanter sailed up between the mangroves to anchor in what is now Port Adelaide. Tam O’Shanter Place off Grenfell Street was named after this ship.

1837 - Arrival of convict ship Henry Wellesley bringing female prisoners
"The ship arrived within the heads of Port Jackson on the 22nd December 1837 in a gale of wind which prevented us from proceeding up the harbour, and it was not until the 25th that we anchored at Sydney Cove, being a period of one hundred and fifty-eight days since our departure from Woolwich."

1845 - Land for the first gold mine in Australia was purchased.

1852 - The clipper Ticonderoga arrived at Port Phillip with 646 migrants, 96 having died on the way with typhus. The rest were quarantined, and a further 83 die while at the new Point Nepean quarantine station.

1857 - Hobart, Tas, was incorporated as a city.

1866 - Henry Parkes's Public Schools Act of NSW assents to: dual system abolished and Council of Education established to maintain state schools; government aid to Church schools greatly reduced.

1873 - Laws were passed to allow steam postal service between Sydney and San Francisco.

1886 - The railway line from Gordons (Gordon) to Ballan (Vic) opened.

1888 - The 1000th Act of the Victorian Parliament, the Discipline Acts Amendment Act 1888 operative 22 December 1888

1888 -  The North Rockhampton to Emu Park Railway line (QLD) opened.

1904 - The Register newspaper printed an extensive article by Charles White titled "The Story of The Blacks ; Native Art ; Cave Paintings" detailing the cave paintings discovered in South Oz by Captain George Grey in 1838.

1906 - The Middle Brighton to Brighton Beach Victoria Railways tram line opened.

1911 – The Commonwealth Bank of Australia was established.

1913 - Victoria's first Labour Government, under Premier George Elmslie, lasted only 13 days as Elmslie's Government was defeated in a censure motion 36 to 3.

1915 - The Main South Railway line (NSW) was closed.

1919 – Susan Grace Benny became the first Australian woman elected to a local government.

1931 - United Australia Party won federal election. Joseph Lyons became Prime Minister

1938 - 882 acres of land in the Parish of Jeebropilly were gazetted for Defence purpose at Amberley and RAAF Base Amberley commenced operations on 17th June 1940.

1941 - 3rd chemical field laboratory company docked at Brisbane.

1941 - The US ship convoy named Task Force South Pacific included the escort ship USS Pensacola and USS Chaumont, USS Republic and USS Meigs; they had been diverted from the Philippines. The convoy disembarked a total of 4600 personnel at Hamilton Wharf in Brisbane. The first camp (Camp Ascot) was established at Brisbane’s Eagle Farm racecourse. American service personnel were also located in and around the northern cities of Rockhampton and Townsville.

1943 - Hobart's floating road bridge across the Derwent River opened.

1955 - John Fairfax and Sons moved (from Hunter Street) into new buildings at Broadway, Sydney.

1964 - Victoria became the first state to introduce Consumer Protection laws.

1966 - Australia's military commitment to the Vietnam conflict was increased to 6300 troops, plus an additional 12 tanks, two minesweepers and eight bombers.

1967 - A memorial service was held at St Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne for PM Harold Holt, who went missing, presumed drowned at Portsea on December 17. Prince Charles and US President Lyndon Johnson are among many world dignitaries who attend. The televised service is also Australia's first multi-country international satellite broadcast.

1970 - The Victorian Government passed the Motor Cars (Safety) Act 1970 enforcing motorists and their passengers to wear seat belts in their cars. Victoria was the first place in the world to make the use of lap-sash belts compulsory in both front and rear seats - all other Australian states and territories followed by the end of 1971.

1975 - The Fraser Government transferred control of ASIO back to the Attorney-General's Department.

1989 – Two tourist coaches collided on the Pacific Highway north of Kempsey, New South Wales, 35 killed and 39 injured.

1992 - A $100 million Optus Telecommunications Satellite launched from Southern China was lost in space.

1993 - Native Title legislation was passed in Federal Parliament and came into effect on 1st December 1994.

1993 - APN took over Peter Isaacson Publications, Melbourne, publisher of more than 40 titles including the Daily Commercial News.

2010 - Kok Loong Wong of Malaysia appeared in a Sydney court charged with possessing 200 pounds (90 kg) of crystal meth in his home, the seventh-largest "ice" haul in Australian history.

2011 - Indonesian police arrested eight people in connection with an overloaded boat carrying 250 asylum seekers that capsized on Dec 17 en route to Australia, as the confirmed death toll reached 90.

2012 - Australian Geographic announced that the CSIRO were beginning to map Indigenous landscape knowledge into different seasonal calendars as part of the Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge research program. They depict a wealth of indigenous ecological knowledge based on the culture’s continued observation of the landscape over thousands of years.

2013 - Australia announced an aerial Customs and Border Protection mission to the Southern Ocean as a showdown looms between Japan's whaling fleet and Sea Shepherd activists, saying it would send a message to both sides that the world was watching.

2015 - Auswide Bank announced a merger with the Brisbane based Queensland Professional Credit Union.

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