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December 28 On This Day in Australian History

1790 - Watkin Tench wrote in his journal;28 December, Sydney: ‘But if we could not retaliate on the murderer of M’Entire, we found no difficulty in punishing offences committed within our own observation.
Two natives robbing the potatoe [sic] garden…a party of soldiers dispatched…the[ir] ardour transported them so far, that, instead of capturing the offenders, they fired in among them…[one] Ba-g-ai…was dead’.

1799 - Oops!
The gaol at Parramatta was burnt down to the ground for some unfathomable reason....

1809 - Lachlan Macquarie arrived at Sydney Cove to take up his post as Governor on New Years' Day. HMS Dromedary and HMS Hindostan brought Governor-Elect Colonel Macquarie and four hundred Highlanders but gale-force winds forced the warships to shelter in Watsons Bay.

1809 - Boyd, a vessel chartered by Simeon Lord, was attacked and burnt by Maoris at Whangaroa, New Zealand, and about 60 persons on board were massacred. Only a woman and three children survived.

1811 - Sir James Youl, grazier, business agent and the bloke who introduced trout and salmon to Australia, was hatched ( although not in a salmon hatchery).

1814 - After the gaol incident Macquarie had a hard time calling a meeting of the local Aborigines to ask them to settle down in Parramatta, although the meeting was really to find potential students for his new school for aboriginal children.

1816 - Ten Aboriginal people were blacklisted from actions arising from the killing of five settlers on the Nepean River area earlier in 1816.

1816 - Governor Macquarie announced that there would be a ‘congress of friendly natives’ every year on this day. The first of these took place at the Parramatta market place on this day and the 170 Aboriginal people who attended enjoyed a feast of roast beef, potatoes and bread.

1824 - After witnessing the massacre of his Wiradjuri people, warrior Windradyne lead his family and surviving members of the tribe to Parramatta, where they paid their respects to Governor Brisbane.

1824 - Colonial Secretary’s Office issued a general order stating the Governor would hold his ‘Annual Conference with the Chiefs and Tribes of Natives’, on the 28 December, at 11.00 am at the market place in Parramatta.
Approximately four hundred Aborigines attended but the numbers began dwindling after this date.

1834 - After a miserable journey through the snowy plateaus and passes of western Van Diemen’s Land, George Augustus Robinson located what was thought to be the ‘last party’ of Aborigines. They were to join the remaining members of the Van Diemen’s Land tribes on Flinders Island.

1836 - Gov Captain John Hindmarsh had a few spare moments so he proclaimed the colony of South Oz was open for business!
Although he quickly became unpopular when he also proclaimed that cow tipping contests were now outlawed.

1847 – Augustus Short, the first Anglican bishop of Adelaide, South Australia arrived from England.

1850 - Henry Parkes, the 'Father of federation" began the Empire newspaper. Ahh, yet more yesterday's fish wrappings...

1860 - Adelaide was dancing with glee as they could finally quench their thirst with a drop of H2o as the Thorndon Park reservoir water supply was connected at long's amazing what you can do with a bit of Nylex hose, electrical tape, a paperclip and a hole in the ground!

1867 - Qld's Consitution Act was assented to.

1868 - Mrs. Maria Ann Smith of Ryde NSW discovered a new specimen of apple in her orchard. It grew from a number of gin cases of Tasmanian apples tipped out near a creek that ran through her property. The apple became known as the Granny Smith, named in her honour.

1938 – The Sydney Mail ceased publication.

1957 - Country singer Slim Dusty was awarded a gold record for his single 'A Pub With No Beer', when it became the biggest selling record by an Australian artist.

1963 - The final ever whistle blew on one of the largest gold mines in the Fair Isle of Oz, Sons of Gwalia; it had operated from 1897, and even boasted Herbert Hoover (who later became 31st President of USA) as the first manager but when the closure came the town dropped from a population of 1200 to 40 in less than 3 weeks.

1968 - The branch railway line from Wonthaggi to Kirrak (Vic) was closed.

1969 - Adelaide received its first supply of natural gas from the Cooper Basin.Finally, no more baked beans...yay.

1974 - Angie Baby, the song about the magically insane chick who stuffed her boyfriends inside a radio ( doesn't everyone?!) dragged Aussie singer Helen Reddy to number 1 on the US singles charts.

1989 - A 5.6 earthquake hit Newcastle leaving 13 dead, many others injured, 50,000 buildings damaged with 300 having to be demolished.

1989 - The old Reds under the beds would be turning in their graves!
The Communist Party of Oz decided to call it a day and disband the party.

1995 - Australia joined countries protesting against France’s renewed nuclear weapons testing. The French exploded nuclear devices at Mururoa Atoll in the south Pacific one month after a United Nations vote for an immediate ban on nuclear testing.

1998 - At least 6 sailors were feared dead from a gale that struck off Australia during the Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison skippered the Sayonara to victory.
2000 - An Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA 1), a voluntary agreement about land use and management, was signed by the Arakwal and the NSW Government on this day.
2001 - Bush fires reached within 12 miles of Sydney. Some 150 home were already destroyed by over 100 fires across New South Wales. 80% of the Royal National Park had burned. A number of blazes were due to arson, and 3 teenagers and 2 men had been arrested.

2001 - WA Premier Geoff Gallop announced the terms of reference of a State Government Inquiry into domestic violence in Aboriginal communities. The Premier said the physical and sexual abuse of children in Aboriginal communities needed to be tackled head on.

2010 - Drenching rains pounded communities across the northeast, flooding major highways and prompting hundreds of evacuations.

2013 - Jacqueline Zwambila, Zimbabwe's ambassador to Australia, has asked for political asylum just days before her term ends saying she fears for her safety at home.

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