Sunday, December 3, 2017

December 3 On This Day in Australian History

1791 - Arthur Phillip recorded his hope to take Bennelong to Britain as early as 1791, writing to his long-time friend, Sir Joseph Banks, that if he does make the voyage ‘much information [will then] be obtained for he is very intelligent'.

1797 Bass sailed gaily off from Sydney to determine whether Van Diemen's Land was an island or part of the Australian continent.

1800 + 1900 - Yep, you read correctly, two dates in one cos Lieutenant Governor, Sir Samuel Way Chief Justice of South Oz, laid the foundation stone of the Centenary Tower in Mount Gambier to commemorate the naming of the mount by Lieutenant Grant, RN commander of HMS Lady Nelson on 3 December 1800.
Gotta love the Crow Eaters economy of historical dates for us further down the track!

1824 - Gai-Mariagal man from NSW, tracker of bushrangers and resistance fighter Musquito, together with a Tasmanian Aboriginal known as Black Jack were tried and unjustly convicted for the aiding and abetting in the murder of a settler named Hollyoak.
Their hanging was intended to strike fear into the Tasmanian Aboriginal People but instead it caused more bloodshed in the following decades.

1824 Hume and Hovell discover the Goulburn River, naming it the "Hovell River"

1825 Gov Darling (sweetie,sweetie, darling) was sworn in as theHigh and Mighty Governor of Van Diemen's Land, then promptly declared Van Diemen's Land indepenent from Them Up North (NSW) banged together the Legislative Council and handed the whole kit and kaboodle back to Lt-Gov Arthur

1854 At the impolite hour of 3am police and troops attacked the Eureka Stockade...and a battle ensued...and let's not forget the WOMEN who were shot, one dying immediately, another dying of her wound 3 weeks later and yet another lucky to survive a bullet grazing her scalp as she ran hunched over with her baby.

1856 First electric telegraph from Melbourne to Ballarat 

1889 - The Heathcote - Toobarac rail line opened, a whole 11 miles of trackway bliss!

1906 The Pokataroo Branch line (NSW) was flung open with gay abandon.

1914 Both Aussies and Kiwis disembarked at Alexandria to undergo training where the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) was born.

1923 The North Coast Line (NSW) sprung into action.

1929 Patrick Lynch a prisoner who was being taken from Pentridge to the Geelong Gaol on the 3rd of December 1929, jumped from the window of a fast moving express train near Manor. He suffered a compound fracture of both legs, and injuries to the face and hands.

1942 Aussie sheilas aged between 18 - 30 were called up, not for a good time, but for the war.

1958 - The dropkicks in power closed the Bendigo - Heathcote and the Heathcote - Ranglea rail lines on this day.

1968 Fifty-two workers were forced to jump into the sea to escape a wildcat gas fire which that erupted at the Esso-BHP Marlin oil rig in Bass Strait.

1972 Calder Raceway in Victoria was born.
It's a raceway.
And it's near the Calder Freeway.
Brrrroom, brrrroom.

1973 - Beaut social rebel of legendary status , Bea Miles gave up her mortal shell and most probably continues to annoy taxi drivers in her ethereal form to this day.

1976 - The Castlemaine to Maldon rail line was closed *cue incessant swearing*

1988 Pioneer Walk and Bicentennial Park were opened along The Esplanade, in Darwin.

1991: The Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 passed through its final reading in the Queensland Parliament on 3 December 1991 and received assent on 9 December, giving Queensland specific, state-based, anti-discrimination legislation.

1999 A Commonwealth appeal against the Croker Island Native Title Claim was dismissed by the full Federal Court.

2004 150 year commemoration of the Eureka Stockade uprising.

2007 : ABC screened a documentary “Rampant: How A City Stopped A Plague” about the early days of the HIV epidemic in Sydney. During that year in Australia, 1,051 people tested positive for HIV, 161 were first diagnosed with AIDS and 20 died.

2007 The new Labour government, headed by the Hon. Kevin Rudd MP, was sworn in.

2010 The first of heavy rainfalls lashed down in central QLD causing crop and infrastructure damage in Emerald.

2010 saw the second driest winter on record for WA. To help with our ongoing relief funding for our farmers, CWA combined with Woolworths, holding a state-wide Drought Action Day on Friday, December 3.

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