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December 30 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - Governor Phillip ordered; ‘seize and carry off some of the natives’.
Two (2) of Supply’s dinghies rowed across to Manly where;‘courteous [kidnappers]…enticed…entered into conversation’with a group of Aborigines digging pippie for lunch.
‘At a proper opportunity…our people rushed in among them and seized two [2] men: the rest fled but the cries of the captives soon brought them back, with many others, to their rescue; and so desperate their struggles.
Only one [1] of them was secured, the other effected his escape…stones. spears, firebrands…[thrown]…nor did they retreat…until many musquets were fired over them’.
The kidnapped warrior, aged about thirty (30), was wrestled into a dinghy; ‘fastened by ropes to the thwarts of the boat’ and taken to Sydney.
Watkin Tench stood on shore reporting as the boat came to rest;‘his agitation was excessive, and the clamourous crowds who flocked around him did not contribute to lessen it’.
‘Many unsuccessful attempts were made to learn his name; the governor therefore called him Manly, from the cove in which he was captured; this cove has received its name from the manly undaunted behaviour of a party of natives seen there, on our taking possession of the country’.

Captain Arthur Phillip secured the capture of an Aboriginal person named Arabanoo to train as an interpreter.

1811 - The ship Speedwell arrived at Sydney with the first cargo of cedar from the Shoalhaven.

1821 - The NSW Government first permitted private distillation of grapes, sugar & grain...yippie, home brewed grog for New Years Eve!

1824 - A meeting between Wiradjuri resistance warrior Windradyne and Governor Brisbane took place at Parramatta; a great feast was held with 8 tribes comprising of approx. 400 Aboriginal People from far and wide (some travelling up to 200 miles) with Windradyne seeking an end to hostilities between settlers and Aboriginal people.

The Sydney Gazette reported in 1824 that...
"A SPORTING CENTENARIAN. - Margaret Evans died at the age 105. This extraordinary female was the greatest hunter, shooter, and fisher, of her time ; fiddled excellently, rowed stoutly, was a good joiner, was a blacksmith, shoemaker, boat builder, and maker of harps, and at 70 was the best wrestler in the country."

1828 - The Cascades female convict factory opens at Hobart.

1828 Whatshisname Stirling was told to spot his bot, park his arse and generally make himself at home by lounging about the Swan River to occupy it for the Brits.
Oh, and they pipped him up to Lt for the privilege.

1834 - Reverend Lancelot Threlkeld published ‘An Australian Grammar of the Language Spoken by the Aborigines of the Hunter River’. Threlkeldhad lived among with Aboriginal people since 1826, and had mastered theirdialect with the help of the tribal leader, Biraban.

1835 - HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin aboard, arrived in Sydney...they said Charlie had a nose like a bloodhound for parties...

1836 - Robert Gouger, Colonial Secretary of South Oz,wrote in his journal ;"Decr 30th Wife & child both going on well. — A meeting of the legislature was held in my tent, at which two acts were passed – one establishing Courts of general & petty sessions, & another fixing the qualification of Jurors. Some Magistrates were also appointed at the meeting."

1837 - An overland mail service began between Melbourne and Sydney, using coach and packhorse.

1840 - Explorer Edward John Eyre and his party sallied forth from Fowlers Bay, SA, for their epic Sunday walk to Albany, WA.

1848 - The Atlas, Sydney Weekly, Journal of Politics, Commerce and Literature packed it in after a mere 4 years of publication.

1851 - Town of Bega, NSW, was gazetted.

1857 - Bet there were a few bending the elbow that day....The Sydney Stock Exchange opened for public business.

1865 - See?! Determined to keep everyone out of mischief and away from their new Playstation Chrissy toys - and trying to keep the party season going - the Victorian Govt had another general election.

1873 - Elizabeth Woolcock became the first and only woman to be hanged in South Australia; she had been 'tempted by Satan' to do her hubby a nasty mischief and got the glory of swinging from the gallows for her effort.

1900 - Edmund Barton aka Toby Tosspot, first PM of Oz announced his ministers for the first federal government.Now there was a chap who valued his drinking time!

1905 - First prohibition of a recreational drug made, by proclamation under the Customs Act 1901, when importing opium was prohibited except for medicinal purposes.

1921 - Ultimo College and East Sydney technical School (occupying the former Darlinghurst Gaol) opened in Sydney, providing training for up to 16,000 technical students.

1922 - Five Sydney businessmen, each calling themselves 'Mr Smith', treat children in a home for underprivileged children to a Christmas party. The charity they form, by which they intend to continue their anonymous work, is called the Smith Family.

1925 - Under the guidance of Nevill Westwood the Citroen 5CV became the first ever car to dance a lap of The Fair Isle of Oz, a mere 17,220km, which wasn't a bad effort considering the motor car was a second hand 1922 model with 48,000kms already on the clock !

1934 - The QANTAS hangar in Parap, NT, was built.

1935 - Now,pop those corks...At Wyong, New South Wales, jockey Laurie Sharpe rode in seven races for seven wins.

1939 - In Perth Daisy Bates' infamous book The Passing of The Aborigines was published.

1944 - Australians of the 25th Battalion occupied Pearl Ridge, Bougainville

1961 - Townsville gained a new resident when the College of the Uni of Qld opened...and then changed its hairstyle to become known as James Cook Uni of Nth Qld in 1970.

1970 - Evonne Goolagong led the way at Kings Park Tennis Club in Perth by thrashing Britain’s Virginia Wade in the opening match as the team went on to win the second Australian Federation Cup in 12 months.

1971 - Aunty Jack's Travelling Show made us howl with laughter on the ABC.

1974 - The Darwin Reconstruction Commission was established to over-see the rebuilding of the city on this day.

1975 - The Telford International Hotel, now called the Darwin Frontier Hotel, was opened.

1976 - The Everton - Beethworth rail line (Vic) was kicked to the kerb.
1985 - The Burswood Casino, Perth, opened.

1987 - A group of protesters greeted the arrival of the ‘Tall Ships’ in Brisbane.

1998 - One of a set of stegosaurus prints, stolen from a sacred Aboriginal site near Broome in Oct 1996, was recovered. The footprints were regarded by Aborigines near Broome, northwestern Australia, to belong to a mythical creature from their "Dream Time". The theft shocked and outraged Aborigines, as it violated an Aboriginal sacred site on the isolated coastline near Broome.
Police investigations found that the thieves had attempted to sell the prints on the Asian market, but had been unsuccessful, possibly because of the size and weight of the fossils. Each of the three toes of the large print measured 15cm. The 30kg block of rock in which the print was embedded measured 60cm by 40cm and was 13cm deep. Police did not elaborate on how they had recovered the missing fossil.

2004 - The Bakhtiari family was deported to Pakistan after four years of detention, appeals and legal battles. Their children were detained for over two and a half years and the family became a key rallying point against children in detention.
2005 - Across southeast Australia firefighters battled to contain scores of wildfires in scorching, tinder-dry conditions and were bracing for more blazes in the days ahead.

2007 - Bush fires killed three truckers on a highway near Coolgardie in WA.

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