Monday, December 4, 2017

December 4 On This Day in Australian History

1803 Due to widespread paranoia of imminent attack by the French, owing to hostilities between the British and the French, this article appeared in The Sydney Gazette,
"His Excellency the Commander in Chief deeming it necessary to cause proper persons to be trained to the exercise of the Cannon, Field Pieces etc. the free inhabitants of Sydney (on any case of eventual emergency from the enemy attack), willing to contribute their aid to the defence of this colony will give their names in to his honor the Lieutenant Governor during the present week."

1806 Governor Bligh, being a tad peckish, proclaimed to the colony that every able bodied being would get off their bum to help bring in the harvest. Bligh, being the good organiser that he was, also worked out various wages and conditions for the different tasks.

1835 Mannalargenna, of Tebrikunna, now known as Cape Portland (Tasmania) , in the far northeast of Trouwunna and  the leader of the Pairrebeenne clan,  died at Wybalenna  at the age of about 60, 26 days after first becoming ill with a severe cough, a fixed pain in his right side and difficulties with breathing. The surgeon, J. Allen, conducted the post mortem and concluded Mannalargenna had died of empyema pneumonia. Robinson attributed Mannalargenna death to him cutting off his long ochred and greased hair and claimed that this sudden change had led to catching cold and catarrh. As a final act of insensitivity Robinson buried Mannalargenna's body on the burial ground in a coffin and allowed his enemies to participate in the service.

1851 Charles La Trobe forwarded a Victorian Legislative Council motion opposing further transportation; it was passed unanimously.

1854 Governor Hotham, being a tad stupid, proclaimed martial law in Ballarat after the Eureka Stockade rebellion.

1872 Adelaide's first golf club - The site chosen was just north of where Victoria Park is now and a greenkeeper from Scotland was put in charge of making the course. The nine hole course with its narrow fairways and small greens could only be used in winter as the clubs, imported from Scotland, did not stand up to the Australian summer, the glue joints often cracking open. Young boys delighted stealing the balls too, as at first crowds of ordinary people gathered to watch the ‘swells’ of Adelaide playing games. But the greatest problem facing the club was the cows that grazed the parklands and although the greenkeeper cut the grass close, with a scythe, the inquisitive cows still walked over it and did what cows did. This pioneer club battled on until 1875 but in the end the cows won and the course was abandoned. There were makeshift courses also at Gawler, Mitcham and Dulwich but it was not until 1890 that the North Adelaide Golf Club was formed and the links set out there which still remain in good use.

1875 Retired Governor La Trobe popped his clogs in England at the age of 74.

1886 Steam locomotive 'Sandfly' arrived in the NT aboard the vessel Armistice.

1889 Ringwood to Upper Ferntree Gully Railway line (Vic) opened.

1889 Bacchus Marsh to Ballan railway line (Vic) opened.

1912 Bathurst and Melville Islands were proclaimed an Aboriginal Reserve.

1942 The Air Board approved the "suitability" of the Picton Tunnel for the storage of chemical weapons munitions.

1953 Oil was discovered in Exmouth Gulf off the coast of Western Australia.

1958 The Thorpdale Junction to Thorpdale section of the Moe railway line (Vic) closed.

1968 World-famous Texan oil trouble-shooter Paul "Red" Adair arrived at the Bass Strait oil fields. Adair was called in to tackle the Marlin gas fire.

1976 The Royal Australian Navy's fleet of Grumman Tracker aircraft was destroyed by arson at Nowra, New South Wales.

1977 The last Nyora to Wonthaggi (Vic) railmotor service operated.

1981 West Lane Car Park , Darwin, was opened by the Chief Minister Paul Everingham MLA.

1990 Royal Australian Navy involvement in the Persian Gulf approved; ultimately eight Australian ships served in the Gulf.

1995 A gas explosion at Kogarah railway station, Sydney killed two people.

1996 Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett ditched a plan to spend a little taxpayer funding, merely $80 million, on renovating Parliament House.
Yep, slap a coat of paint on and let the buggers throw on an extra jumper if they're feeling a wee bit chilly.

2000 Acts of Passion Campaign, which aims to improve the GLBTQ Community’s understanding of new laws governing same-sex relationships, is launched by the Attorney-General’s Department.

2000 Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Final Report.

2002 A total solar eclipse took place; during the sunset after the eclipse many observers in Australia saw numerous and unusual forms of a green flash.

2003 Australia's official population was estimated to reach 20 million on this day.
Wonder if they've figured out what's causing that...?

2003 The Australian government said it will join a U.S. program to build a missile defense system, calling the threat of ballistic missiles too grave to ignore.

2011 Australia’s Labor party passed PM Julia Gillard's proposal with 206 votes to 185, reversing a decades-old policy excluding New Delhi from Australia's uranium trade because it is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

2014 Australia for the first time exercised sweeping new security powers allowing it to block citizens from traveling to overseas conflict zones such as those in Iraq and Syria, where dozens of Australians have joined Islamist militant groups.

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