Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December 6 On This Day in Australian History

1784 The British Govt, being over-run with so many naughty people, authorised the transportation of convicts to the far-flung climes of Australia.
Coz transporting them illegally would be such a bad thing...?

1797 George Bass discovered the Kiama blowhole, on the New South Wales coast.

1810 Today was the big day for the Hawkesbury Valley and its future. In the morning, the Governor crossed the river and examined the Phillip District Common for an eligible spot for the intended town and township for the accommodation of the settlers of the Philllp District. In the afternoon the Governor "walked out to survey the grounds belonging to the Crown in and near the present village on the Green Hills and also the adjoining public common—a convenient part of which it is now my intention to appropriate for a large town and township—and to connect the present village on the Green Hills with the intended new town and township."

1813 George Evans discovered and named the fertile Macquarie Plains and the Macquarie River (Wiradjuri name Wambool).

1827 The great and wonderful William Arnott was pupped on this day.
Without William there would be no Arnott's Biscuits and, ergo, no magical, fantabulous Tim Tams...for which we will be truly thankful.

1827 Reverend Thomas Kendall selected 1280 acres at Ulladulla.

1849 The old Government Windmill in Wickham Terrace, Brisvegas, was put up for auction but the public weren't backward in coming forward with their opinion on losing this notable landmark, so the Govt retained it.
Ahhh, for the days when a govt would actually listen to its employers, the voting public!

1854 Martial law was declared at Ballarat in the wake of the battle at the Eureka Stockade.

1861 Letter from Dalrymple advised that Mr Humphreys, who was with a party exploring the Upper Burdekin, was missing and believed to have fallen "prey to the aborigines".

1882 A rare Transit of Venus across the disc of the Sun is visible from Australia, and many scientific parties arrive from around the world to observe and record the event.

1922 Sewerage construction commenced in Ballarat.

1927 The Prime Minister, Stanley Bruce announced a government inquiry into the conditions of ‘half-castes’ and Aborigines in North and Central Australia. Constitutional restrictions confined the inquiry, to be undertaken by Queensland’s Chief Protector, J. W. Bleakley, to the Northern Territory. However Bruce promised Parliament that the interests of all Aborigines would benefit from the inquiry.

1938 Aboriginal man William Cooper, in his 70s, leads a delegation of the Australian Aboriginal League to the German Consulate
in Melbourne to deliver a petition which condemns the ‘cruel persecution of the Jewish people by the Nazi government of Germany’

1945 The Royal visit, of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, to Ballarat took place.

1951 HMAS Sydney began its second patrol off Korea.

1956 The infamous Blood In The Water water polo match spilt a drop or 3 of blood between the USSR team and opposing Hungary at the Melbourne Olympic Games.

1986 The Maritime Museum at Port Adelaide was opened by the Prime Minister, Robert (Bob) Hawke on this day.

1989 The Hay Branch Railway line (NSW) was closed.

1993 In Melbourne, the first person was charged for deliberately donating blood whilst being aware they were HIV-positive and making a false statement on their blood donation declaration. He was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.

1996 Policy on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Human Remains approved by Council.

2002 The Australian Government announces a hand gun buy-back following the Monash University shooting.

2006 Parliament lifted a four-year ban on cloning human embryos for stem cell research despite opposition from the prime minister and other party leaders.

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  1. You did not include the 1901 bit.
    A miscellany of independent Colonies in this island/continent which was never 'recognised' by any geographer ... until Matthew Flinders -actually, really, circumnavigated, mapped the entire coastline of this island - "proved to the British "Colonisers" ... that this Island Continent was MORE than the British Colony of 'NEW South Wales" ...meh.