Thursday, December 7, 2017

December 7 On This Day in Australian History

1800 Lt James Grant eyeballed and named Cape Otway, in Victoria, to honour a captain in the Royal Navy.
And they say sailors aren't romantic...!

1812 The ship Windsor from Shoalhaven arrived at Illawarra with 27 logs of cedar

1817 The great navigator and rum stirrer this side of the Black Stump aka Gov William Bligh, passed away.

1839 Due to misfortune and mismanagement the Rosetta Cove whaling station at Encounter Bay was advertised as for sale in the South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register.

1839 Rev. James Gunther, Wesleyan Missionary at Mudgee wrote in his diary on this day of how Aborigines undertook a variety of jobs, including ploughing and harvesting crops, growing vegetables, chopping wood, fetching water, clearing land, hutkeeping, fencing, driving bullock trains, looking after livestock, doing laundry, domestic service, cooking, and building huts.
"They Natives were principally, engaged in the harvest this week; about 8 of them did reap well. The harvest is a very poor one, by far the greater part having been destroyed by the Caterpillars; and hot & dry weather, immediately, following."

1840 Rev. James Gunther wrote;
" I was informed this evening that Harry, one of the Aboriginal youths that has frequently been at the Mission but long suffered from consumption was scarcely expected to live over the night, I hastened to see him at the Camp near Nannima, 2 miles from here & on the road received a letter from Dr Curtis desiring me to visit the poor Sufferer, who he supposed had some desire for spiritual comfort. "

1842 The first sale of Crown Lands in St Kilda (Vic) was held.

1846 Leichhardt waltzed off from Jimbour Station on his second but unsuccessful expedition.

1887 The Bombola Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1914 The Mungindi Railway line (NSW) was opened.

1915 The careful evacuation of the ANZAC Forces from Gallipoli was begun.

1916 The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1941 The 3rd chemical field laboratory company, aboard a Pacific convoy carrying units to the Philippines, was ordered by the War Department to divert to Australia.

1941 Australian bombers landed on Timor and Ambon.

1943 George Lamb, the Victorian sitting Member of Parliament for Lowan, died whilst a PoW working on the Burma Railroad.

1963 Cricket umpire Colin Egar no-balls Ian Meckiff four times in Meckiff's first over for throwing and effectively ends Meckiff's Test career.

1971 As part of its The Comedy Game series ABC-TV in Sydney aired Aunty Jack's Travelling Show, the pilot episode for the famous Aunty Jack series.

1971 Det. Sgt Philip Arantz was suspended from the NSW Police Force for allegedly leaking crime statistics to the media, and was later dismissed. After almost 15 years' struggle for compensation, he was finally awarded $250,000 in 1985 and his dismissal revoked in 1989.

1972 Jenny Brown wrote in the early seventies magazine William and John of Melbourne's camp dances:
"By 1970 you could feel it. A surging, glistening, electric underground current. It sang a high tension hum behind the droning conversation in the hetero bars and discoteques [sic] ... an estimatable frustrated energy-force was bubbling toward a surface. Not all of us realised; it was the city's latent homosexuality on the rise."

1989 Western Australia decriminalised male homosexuality when the Law Reform (Decriminalisation of Sodomy) Bill was passed by Western Australia Parliament.

1991 The Warwick Farm Racecourse Branch Railway line (NSW) was closed.

2002 Wildfires raging across Sydney's northern fringe blackened 250,000 acres.

2006 Unfinished Business , the Report of the Senate Legal and Constitutional References Committee Inquiry into Stolen Wages, was published on this day, recommending that Indigenous people be compensated where there is evidence of stolen wages.

2009 ITV, the British TV channel behind hit show "I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!", apologized for the death of a rat during filming in Australia, as the stars who killed it faced police charges.

2010 The Salvation Army apologised to survivors of Salvation Army Girls and Boys Homes of Australia, the “forgotten children”. They lived in orphanages and homes until the early 1990s, and many were abused. 40% of them were Aboriginal.

2013 Australia's first gay marriages were celebrated in the national capital Canberra, despite the prospect of a High Court decision ruling against the unions later this week.

2015 The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition appointed a Referendum Council to consult widely throughout Australia and move towards achieving constitutional recognition of First Australians.

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