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December 9 On This Day in Australian History

1790, a shooting party left for Botany Bay, including a sergeant of marines and three convicts, including Governor Phillip's gamekeeper John McIntyre. According to Watkin Tench:
"About one o’clock, the sergeant was awakened by a rustling noise in the bushes near him, and supposing it to proceed from a kangaroo, called to his comrades, who instantly jumped up. On looking about more narrowly, they saw two natives with spears in their hands, creeping towards them, and three others a little farther behind. As this naturally created alarm, McIntyre said, “don’t be afraid, I know them,” and immediately laying down his gun, stepped forward, and spoke to them in their own language. The Indians, finding they were discovered, kept slowly retreating, and McIntyre accompanied them about a hundred yards, talking familiarly all the while. One of them now jumped on a fallen tree and, without giving the least warning of his intention, launched his spear at McIntyre and lodged it in his left side. The person who committed this wanton act was described as a young man with a speck or blemish on his left eye. That he had been lately among us was evident from his being newly shaved."

1815 Joseph Wild, assistant to Charles Throsby, was appointed constable for the Five Islands district.

1858 Royal Commission on the defences of the colony presented its final report to Parliament (Vic).

1862 The Sydney Morning Herald published a short observation from their Lower Murrumbidgee Correspondant regarding "THE MARRIAGE OF ABORIGINES.
-I have latelyheard of a case where a black man and a white woman wished to get married. They applied to several registrars and to some ministers, none of whom, however, could be prevailed on to perform the ceremony, being apparently under the impression that such unions are not permitted by law."

1867 First Royal visit to Ballarat, by Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh.

1878 Ned Kelly and his gang locked 22 people in a storehouse on a sheep station near Euroa, Victoria.

1882 One of the earliest sightings of Australia's mythical 'yowie' was recorded in a letter from naturalist H J McCooey in "The Australian Town and Country Journal". McCooey claimed to have seen the yowie in 1880, in an area of bushland between Ulladulla and Bateman's Bay on the New South Wales southern coast. He described the yowie as being about 5 feet high, and it stood on its hind legs as it watched the birds up in trees. It had long black hair which was reddish about its throat. Its eyes seemed small and were hidden by dirty, matted fur around its forhead. Its forearms seemed grotesquely long, though the rest of its body seemed to be in relative proportions. Repulsed by the appearance of the creature, McCooey threw a stone at it, whereupon it disappeared into a nearby ravine.
As you do.

1895 Darling to Waverley Road Railway line (Vic) was closed.

1895 Camberwell to Ashburton Railway line (Vic) was closed.

1903 The Walgett Railway Branch line (NSW) opened.

1906 Pastor "Doug" Nicholls, of the Yorta Yorta people, and Governor of South Australia, was born.

1908 The Whitburn Colliery Railway Branch line (NSW) opened.

1911 The Oaklands Railway Branch line (NSW) opened.

1913 George Alexander Elmslie, Victoria's first Labor Premier, assumed office, lasting just 14 days in office.

1930 Royal Commission on migrant land settlement established (Vic).

1942 Australians occupy Gona, New Guinea.

1952 The Main North Railway line (NSW) was closed from Hunter River - Nundah Junction.

1954 The Ferguson to Crowes passenger service (Vic) ended.

1958 Nick Seymour – Crowded House – Born Nicholas More Seymour in Benalla, Victoria.

1960 The cricket match which became known as the Tied Test commenced at the Brisbane Cricket Ground.

1966 Australia negotiated an agreement for an American spy satellite base to be established at Pine Gap in the Northern Territory.

1970 The Melbourne hump rail yard was commissioned.

1977 AC/DC were on a US tour, spending last 2 weeks supporting Kiss, Aerosmith, Styx & Blue Oyster Cult, & Cheap Trick.

1983 The Australian dollar was floated.
Then, lacking water wings, it sunk.

1991 The Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 passed through its final reading in the Queensland Parliament on 3 December 1991 and received assent on 9 December, giving Queensland specific, state-based, anti-discrimination legislation.

1996 The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Newdell Junction - Ravensworth Coal Washery.

1997 Death of Mr Ted Matthews, the last survivor of those who landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915.

2008  Les Kaczmerek, founding member and original bass player in Cold Chisel died on this day in Adelaide of liver failure. He was 53 years old.

2009 Australia’s government said 5 North Korean artists have been banned from entering Australia for an exhibition of their work, drawing accusations of censorship from the arts community. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the artists and a translator have been refused visas because it is contrary to foreign policy interests and because they are from a studio linked to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.

2010 In Japan the 3rd International Pole Dancing Championships concluded. The competition was held in a large arena near the Tokyo Dome, the Japanese capital's main sports stadium, with competitors from countries ranging from Malaysia to Moldova. Japan's Mai Sato defended her title as the women's champion, and Duncan West of Australia won in men's. This year also had a disabled division, which was won by hearing-impaired Eri Kamimoto of Japan.
Yay, go Duncan!

2011 Australia's highest court dismissed rival Apple's appeal in its global patent battle against South Korea’s Samsung Electronics. Samsung is now free to sell its Galaxy tablet computers in Australia.

2011 A senior Queensland Health executive, Hohepa Morehu-Barlow (36), also known as Joel Barlow, was being hunted after Aus$16 million (US$16 million) went missing from the government department. He was arrested at his own apartment Dec 12 after three days on the run from police following the discovery of his alleged theft.

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