Saturday, December 30, 2017

Victoria Parliamentary Library You-whooooo!

Those peeps reading my blog from the Victoria Parliamentary Library - yes, I saw your little footprints - could you PLEASE update the On This Day stuff, PLEASE!
The Victoria Parliament has been around for a bit more than 5 mins and, for goodness sake, you haven't added much or updated it for about a decade now.
I should know cos I've been prattling about on this blog for just as long and eyeballing your website in the hopes of titillating events to thrill my reader with - only to find the same old, same old...even down to some of the incorrect dates about the Infamous Missing Mace.
And where are the multitudes of mentions of the Aboriginal people you cast laws for, shifted all over the shop, denied human rights to, forced onto reserves, forced into institutions, stole from families, forbade them from meeting their families....?
Pull your digital digit out of the aether and start using your Finger Power for the good of History.