Thursday, January 25, 2018

Brain farts

A certain Indigenous lady has advised that the Indigenous communities should "forgive" the invasion of Europeans into this country.
I don't think it's forgiveness that is at issue ; it is more the rampant racism, degradation, disrespect and all-out hatred shown towards Aboriginal people that is the problem.
The NT "intervention" still continues, along with the damn cashless welfare card.
By the way, those cashless welfare cards cost the taxpayer $10,000 EACH to maintain each year, so don't think it doesn't effect non-Indigenous Joe Blow down the street.

I was in Chaddy with the hubster the other day when I spied a Muslim lady wearing the most cheery hijab, all white with thin black geometric lines and bold primary colours in some triangles, it looked light, airy and comfy.
I asked her where she bought it - apparently I must go to India or Pakistan.
A little later I spied an Indian lady wearing a lovely choli of deep blue edged with purples and gold. Again I asked where I might get one - Indian or Pakistan was the answer.
You know, sometimes tshirts and shorts are bloody boring and uncomfortable.
I may pilot the broomstick to India or Pakistan sometime....
*waves hello to ASIO monitoring any mention of another country*

The hubster and I darkened the doorway of our local hostelry after the Chaddy outing - one needed a $6 pint of the amber fluid to refresh and recover - when we got chatting with another local and proceeded to fix all the ails of the world with our opinions, one of which was improve the mental health system to prevent people self-medicating with street drugs & alcohol.
Popping out to the balcony for a ciggie (one has started, again, and one is not at all upset) we all  witnessed a lady being scooped up from the ground by a couple of policemen while a girl tried to mop up the blood on the lady's face. A few other locals joined us on the balcony and filled us in - apparently the lady is a regular who is on medication but occasionally drinks to excess to cope with life. An ambulance was called and she was taken away to recover.
We ambled home and I have since been attempting to paint up singlets for us to wear to Balit Narrun (Share The Spirit) Festival on Rum Rebellion Day in the Treasury Gardens.

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