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January 10 On This Day in Australian History

1696 - The Swan River had Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh splashing around in it today...hope he brought his floaties!
He also eyeballed and described the land region that is now Perth.
Nyoongar - Birak (birok), the summer period between December and January – hot and dry.

1820 - John Oxley emailed his report to Macquarie re his digital survey at Illawarra.
Ok, ok, he really used a fax.

1823 - Commissioner Bigge's report was presented to House of Commons; so impressed was the fellow with the area that he included a description of Illawarra.

1828 - Governor Arthur, in Tasmania,  complained in a letter about the daily injuries inflicted on the Aborigines by stockmen and sealers who attempted to 'deprive them of their women whenever the opportunity offered'.

1831 - William Bubb, John Cook and  James Murphy were Hanged at Sydney for the murder of Adam Oliver at Norfolk Island.

1834 - John Lhotsky did a bunk from Sydney to explore the Monaro District, NSW, and the Australian Alps.

1845 - The Mackenzie River discovered Explorer Ludwig Leichhardt.

1852 - The Cape Willoughby lighthouse, at the eastern extremity of Kangaroo Island, lights the 11km wide Backstairs Passage between the island and the South Oz mainland. It was the first lighthouse erected in South Australia, and originally known as the Sturt Light after Captain Charles Sturt, beginning to light up the night on this day.

1855 - The Gold Fields Commission recommended a general amnesty for those involved in the Eureka Stockade...commonsense prevailing in parliament ?! Impossible!

1861 - Charles Cowper became Premier of NSW for the third time.

1863 - At "Bellynahinch" on the Manning River, NSW, a young male was taken by a shark whilst swimming.

1868 - George Woodroffe Goyder, Surveyor General of SA, was sent to the Northern Territory to found a new settlement.

1870 - The Victorian Academy of Arts was founded.

1870 - At Bow-street Police Court, Islington, England, George Dyer, forty-seven, was brought up on his own confession as having murdered George Wilson at the gold diggings at the Loddon, Victoria, Australia. The judge  fully committed the prisoner under the Extradition Act to stand trial in Australia. He was sentenced to 4 years in Pentridge Gaol in Melbourne.

1871 - Robert Campbell (alias Palmer)  was Hanged at Wagga Wagga for the murder of John and Louis Pohlman at Yanco.

1882 - A cyclone caused major damage to the town of Palmerston (Darwin), NT.

1887 - Timothy Walker , aged  76,  was  Hanged at Campbell Street Gaol for the murder of Benjamin Hamilton of Deloraine.

1887 - The "Adelaide Express" commenced running via Geelong - Ballarat (Vic).

1896 - Goulam Mahomet shot Tagh Mohamet in the Mosque at Coolgardie during morning Prayer.
Faiz and Tagh Mahomet came to Western Australia in 1892, and brought 300 camels to provide transport to the goldfields. Trading as "Faiz and Tagh Mahomet", they set up camel stations and businesses that sold supplies and water, which helped to provide the developing goldfields region with much needed goods.
On 10 January 1896, his brother, Tagh, was shot in the back while praying in the Coolgardie Mosque. The man accused of the crime, Goulah Mahomet, claimed that Tagh had threatened him. Goulah, however, recieved no sympathy, and was hanged for the murder of Tagh at Fremantle Prison.
Following this, Faiz bought out his brother's estate, but the business soon failed.

1896 - Tasmania passed legislation along with the breakfast prunes that opened the way for Federation.

1903 - At Lane Cove River, an estuary of Sydney Harbor, a young male was fatally attacked by a Bull shark while swimming.

1903 - The land at Yarrabah Mission near Cairns was gazetted as an Aboriginal reserve.

1918 - Prime ministerial promise
Prime Minister WM Hughes was again sworn in as Prime Minister. He had vowed to resign if the conscription referendum failed. It did, so he had resigned on 8 January. The Nationalists held a two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives, and Hughes was not replaced as party leader. The Governor-General thus swore Hughes in again.

1924 - Wireless radio station 2FC, operated by retailer Farmer's, began experimental broadcasting.

1927 - Radiovision was here!
Well, a rather early version of television was demonstrated by young clever clogs Gilbert Miles and Donald McDonald (love those parents!) when they used a scanning system to transmit cartoons from radio stations 3UZ and 3DB in Melbourne.
We then played like an ostrich and never had the idiot box again until 1956.

1928 - George Hood and John Moncrieff were daring young men in their flying machine; perhaps too daring for their own good when they took off from Oz in the attempt to swoop from Oz to NZ in a plane named Aotearoa but after 12 hours their radio signals stopped and they were never seen again.

1936 - Burnum Burnum, Aboriginal activist, cricketer, rugby league player, actor and surf lifesaver was born on this day; he is possibly best remembered for planting an Aussie flag in the White Cliffs of Dover on Bi Centennial Day, January 26th 1988 as his tongue-in-cheek way of claiming England the same way as Phillip had claimed Oz.

1940 - Second AIF sailed for the Middle East.

1944 - Arrival of chemical weapons stocks on ship “Empire Glade”.

1958 - The first Opera House Lottery was drawn in NSW; tickets were £10 each with a prize of £100,000.

1965 - Rising tennis star Evonne Goolagong won the NSW Junior Hard-Court title.

1965 - East of Station Pier, Port Melbourne a young male received non-fatal lacerations to his leg from a shark while swimming.

1966 - At Woodman Point, WA, a male received non-fatal cuts to his leg from a 2.5 metre carpet shark.

1968 - Only because his manicure appointment had been cancelled, John Gorton became the 19th PM of Australia.

1970 - The Broken Hill Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Broken Hill to the SA border.
1970 - The Port Pirie - Broken Hill Railway Line (NSW) was closed from Cockburn to Sulphide Street.

1977 – The Easey Street murders occurred , a still unsolved crime in which two women were brutally stabbed to death in their home in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Collingwood.

1989 – Assistant Australian Federal Police commissioner Colin Winchester was shot dead in the driveway of his Canberra home.

1991 - The Tocumwal Railway Branch line (NSW) was closed from Narrandera - Jerilderie.

2003 - An Australian euthanasia campaigner complained that customs officials seized a machine he designed to help people kill themselves as he prepared to board a flight to the United States.

2006 - Australia said it will send an extra 110 troops to Afghanistan to bolster the fight against Islamist militants, increasing its presence in the country to about 300.

2008 - In response to a high number of HIV reports in Victoria, the Victorian AIDS Council ran a new ad campaign to catch gay men’s attention. Four full-page advertisements appeared in two gay newspapers in Melbourne showing men having sex, with a genitalia covering dialogue box discussing safe sex issues.

2009 - Australian police said a Canadian man has been charged with trying to smuggle more than two million dollars (1.4 million US) worth of cocaine inside forklift battery cells into Australia from Mexico.

2011 - Toowoomba, at the top of the Great Dividing Range, experienced unprecedented flash flooding. This sent a 7 metre high wall of water down the range, flooding the Lockyer Valley and raising water levels in Wivenhoe Dam to 190% and higher. Fourteen people were killed in this one flash flood alone. With all the floodgates open, the Brisbane River was filled to capacity and, by early afternoon on 11 January 2011, began to break its banks.
Australia experienced its worst flooding on record affecting Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. The floods claimed the life of at least one Aboriginal person, delayed land claim hearings and put further pressure on people on housing waiting lists. Many didn’t accept help or played down their loss. Aboriginal musician Troy Cassar-Daley lost his farm near Brisbane.

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