Thursday, January 11, 2018

January 11 On This Day in Australian History

1800 - Convict transport Minerva arrived at Port Jackson with 188 convicts. Also on board were Catholic Priest, Father James Harold, 'General' Joseph Holt and Lieut William Cox. 
On the same day, Thynne, under charter to officers of the NSW Corps, arrives from Bengal with a large quantity of spirits for sale in the colony.

1830 - Thomas Finley was Hanged at Sydney for the murder of overseer Edward Walsh at Bathurst.

1830 - John Mayo was Hanged at Hobart Gaol for the murder of James Bailey at Port Macquarie.

1837 - Colonel Light stood upon the hill and surveyed Adelaide...or rather, what was about to become Adelaide, once he'd surveyed her credentials rather closely and laid her out, so to speak.

1840 - Murderous bastard Angus McMillan and his party set out from Tambo River, Vic, to explore previously unknown areas of what is now known as Gippsland. They discovered the Gippsland lake system including its major tributary rivers when not busy killing GunaiKurnai people.

1841 - Opera glasses to the fore, ladies ! The Queen's Theatre opened in Gilles Arcade in Adelaide.

1857 - Land goes on sale in Nowra, NSW.

1858 - Lasting a mere 5 months today witnessed the first issue of the Melbourne Evening Mail.

1865 - In Ballarat afire on  Main Road  destroyed 60 premises.

1865 - Charleville, Qld, was gazetted as a town.

1866 - SS London, en route to Melbourne from Britain, sank in the Bay of Biscay; 244 passengers and crew drowned, including actor GV Brooke.

1867 - Northern Territory's Escape Cliffs settlement was abandoned; its inhabitants returned to Adelaide.

1867 - Sir Stuart Alexander Donaldson, first Premier of NSW, died, age 54.

1874 - Colonel Peter Warburton completed his gruelling nine-month crossing of the Great Sandy Desert.

1887 - Unemployment reached its highest ever level in the midst of an economic depression.

1896 - Today saw the end of the horrific 13 day heatwave that had swept over NSW, averaging temps of 47 degrees Celsius, 47 people had died in Bourke alone, and by the end of January 437 people across the southern states had died.

1896 - At Johnstone's Bay, Sydney, a young male was fatally attacked by a shark while swimming.

1902 - Wash those grotty digits lads ! Fingerprinting of criminals was begun in Sydney.

1904 - Ah Hook was hanged at Fremantle Prison for the murder of Yanoo, a Japanese laundryman, at Carnarvon.

1908 - An Aboriginal reserve on the Boggy Creek run at Butcher’s Hill, south east of Laura was gazetted by the Queensland Government in 1894, however the reserve status of the land was rescinded on this day.

1911 - Tropical cyclone passed from the Gulf of Carpentaria inland and caused severe destruction at Marburg in south west Queensland. Areas suffered gale force winds.

1918 -The South Australian Government Gazette published today in 1918 the 69 place names that had been changed from German origin names to Anglo names.

1922 - The  Railway line from Hernes Oak to Yallourn  (Vic) opened.

1933 - Man didn't sprout wings, so Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith flew the first paying passenger to NZ.

1943 - Start of 25 pounder trials at Singleton (NSW) where 138 rounds B4 (tear gas) and 342 Y4 (mustard) were fired.

1965 – The Wanda Beach Murders occurred in Sydney and remain unsolved.

1971 - Demolition of historic house Birksgate at Glen Osmond, (South Oz)  to make way for a housing estate due to rezoning of land forcing the sale of the house.

1973 - Gov-Gen Sir Paul Hasluck announced Australia had ceased hostilities in Vietnam, ending 11 years of Australia's involvement in the war.

1973 - The Commonwealth Government prohibited the export of kangaroo skins.

1974 - The Mungindi Railway line (NSW) was closed from Weemelah - Mungindi.

1979 - Today saw the last Echuca to Deniliquin railmotor service.

 1979 - Cyclone Greta crossed Princess Charlotte Bay.

1980 - Australia imposed sanctions against the Soviet Union after it invades Afghanistan.

1986 - Don't you worry about that...The Gateway Bridge, linking north and south Brisbane, was officially opened by Premier Bjelke-Peterson.

1988 - Not to be outdone by his northern counterpart, Premier John Cain opened The National Tennis Centre in Melbourne.

1991 - An attempt was made to kill 1,000 cane toads in Brisbane's Botanic Gardens.

1991 - Cyclone Joy caused $250 million damage in northern Queensland.

1995 -  The then-Premier of South Oz Dean Brown pulled a distressed and listless moorhen water bird from the mud and muck during an inspection of the River Torrens.

1998 - Cyclone Sid moved from the Gulf across Cape York and intensified into a monsoon low near Townsville resulting in severe flooding and landslides. Peak wave height recorded at 5.41 metres. Total damage cost over $100 million (at 1998 value).

2005 – Nine people were killed in bushfires in South Australia, making them the worst fires seen in Australia since Ash Wednesday.

2008 - The brand spankers Wilkins Runway at the Australian Antarctic Territory hosted the arrival of Airbus A319 which was the first passenger flight from Oz.

2009 - At Fingal Beach (NSW) a young male surfer received severe but non-fatal injuries to his leg from a 3.5 metre shark whilst surfing.

2009 - At Binalong Bay, (Tas) a young female surfer received severe but non-fatal injuries to her leg by a 5 metre white shark whilst surfing.

2011 - In Australia thousands of people fled central Brisbane as the panicked city braced for its worst flooding in 120 years. Terrifying flash floods already left 10 dead and 78 missing nearby.

2016 - At Happy Valley Beach, Caloundra, (QLD) a young male surfer received lacerations to his foot from a Wobbegong shark whilst surfing.

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