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January 12 On This Day in Australian History

1807 - At Cockle Bay, Sydney Harbour, a chap managed to survive a shark attack.

1808 - The ship City of Edinburgh arrived at Port Jackson with a cargo of 100,000 litres of whiskey. Part owner Alexander Berry is on board.

1809 - Gnung-a Gnung-a Mur-re-mur-gan, the first Australian Aboriginal to visit America ( in 1793), was found dead in present day Sirius Park, Sydney ; his death was thought to be related to old injuries inflicted by warrior Pemulwuy.

1810 - Governor Lachlan Macquarie appointed emancipist Andrew Thompson a Justice of the Peace and Chief Magistrate at the Hawkesbury. He was the first emancipist magistrate appointed.

1814 - Nurragingy (Creek Jemmy), chief of South Creek, and Mary-Mary, chief of the Mulgoa clan, with their families, totalling 51 men, women and children, visited Governor Macquarie at Parramatta. They were given breakfast and dinner (midday meal) in the Government Domain (Parramatta Park). Narrang Jack, a previously hostile Aborigine, came to give himself up.

1823 - In an effort to shape up those shocking convicts who sat around knitting all day, Rev Archibald MacArthur held the first Presbyterian service in Hobart.

1824 - Governor George Arthur, hearing about the fine woollen garments those convicts were spinning with their yarns in Tassie, dropped by for a look-see.

1826 - The Hobart Town Gazette reported the visit to Launceston by 200 Aborigines;
 ‘When crossing Paterson’s Plains they were wantonly fired on by the whites, and in their return some of their women were treated with indescribable brutality. When they reached the Lake River, two sawyers, who had never before suffered molestation, were wounded with their spears.’

1830 - The first large grant of the year was allotted on this day to Mr. Thomas Peel, who selected 250,000 acres, described as in Cockburn Sound.

1835 - Rev. Henry Carmichael established the Normal Institution to train teachers for system of national schools in NSW,  situated near Hyde Park it opened for the admission of boarders and pupils on this day.

1835 - A collision occurred between the first paddle steamer to operate in NSW coastal waters, Sophia Jane, and  the steam tug Tamar.

1836 - Charlie Darwin popped his head in at Sydney to make our acquaintance while he was parked on board HMS Beagle.

1837 - The ship Coromandel anchored in Holdfast Bay, South Oz, where ten of the crew deserted and could not sail without more crew. Governor Hindmarsh offered a reward of £5 per head, or £50 for the ringleader, for information leading to their apprehension.
The deserters headed for the hills, then came to a lovely valley which they named after their ship, Coromandel., where some of them settled.

1838 - Mudgee, NSW, was gazetted as a village.

1843 - Heron Island was eyeballed and named by Joseph Bette Jukes, a geologist cruising about the Great Barrier Reef aboard the ship HMS Fly, after the numerous herons he spied.

1853 - Following an Aboriginal attack on a station along the Culgoa River, QLD, Native Police Commander Frederick Walker’s second in command, George Fulford suggested the use of severe force to prevent future attacks on this day, saying:
'I am inclined to think ... that if these blacks can be caught at the time they are committing depredations and severe measures used with them once or twice they will give very little trouble afterwards.'

1867 -  Official opening of the Melbourne Rowing Club - originally titled the Civil Service Rowing Club.
"Notwithstanding the intense heat of Saturday last, the opening ceremony of the Civil Service Rowing Club must be considered as highly successful." The temperature was over the 100 mark in the shade, with a stiff north wind).

1870 - An alligator was sighted in the Hawkesbury River near Windsor, NSW.

1877 - A plague of grasshoppers hits the Yass district, NSW.

1881 - It was reported today that 13.6 litres of honey was taken from a bee tree in the Victoria Plains district of Westralia.

1883 - A person is almost burnt to death in Newcastle, NSW, in an alleged case of spontaneous human combustion.

1888 - A steam tramway is opened at Broken Hill, NSW, by the visiting Duke of Manchester.

1903 - Patrick Kenniff had the dubious honour of being the last bushranger to die in Qld...although, unsurprisingly, it wasn't by natural causes.

1903 - The body of a wealthy swagman was found lying on the road near Dandenong, Victoria; despite having almost £3,000 among his clothes he had apparently starved to death.
*He remained unidentified.

1905 - Federal Government constituted the Australian Naval Board.

1908 - South Sydney Rugby Team was formed and won the 1st Premiership later that year. Squirrel gripping...?

1921 - A large fire destroys many buildings in central Perth, WA.

1925 - Shirley Thoms, the Aussie Yodelling Sweetheart, was found in the cabbage patch in Toowoomba. Shirley was the first solo female recording artist in Australia.

1929 - A young man was body surfing at Bondi Beach when he was fatally attacked by a shark.

1931 - Mackay's first radio station "4MK" commenced broadcasting from the Nelson Street family home of Johnny Williams.

1934 - Frankie Davidson, Aussie singer, was hatched. Frankie gave us such memorable songs like "I hope your chooks turn into emus", "50,0000 flies can't be wrong" and "The Aussie BBQ Song".

1939 - Adelaide recorded its highest maximum temperature ever when the mercury reached 117.7° Fahrenheit or 47.6° Celsius, surpassing the old record of 116.3°F in 1858. For 14 days, from New Year's Eve until 13 January, the city sweltered, with nine days over the century.The hottest spot in the State was Kyancutta where a top temperature of 120.7°F or 49.2°C was recorded.

1939 - A young man was scooping prawns in the Clarence River, NSW, when he was bumped by a shark; he sustained no injuries.

1950 - A young man was swimming at South Werribee Beach when he sustained 3 lacerations to his heel during an encounter with a shark.

1955 - Cockburn Sound Harbour, to the south of Fremantle, opened.

1957 - The decision was made for Australia's second base in the Antarctic Territory, Davis Base, to be on a small rocky plateau located above a black sandy beach. It was officially opened the following day.
1974 - Yumba, meaning town camp, was the first hostel of the Aboriginal Hostels Limited to be opened today in Brisbane ; it provided accommodation for women entering the workforce and continues to operate in West Brisbane.

1976 – Eight-year-old Eloise Worledge was abducted from her home in Beaumaris, Victoria. No trace of her has ever been found.

1976 - A young lady was swimming at Harvey Bay QLD when she experienced an unprovoked encounter with a shark; she received no injuries.

1978 - I can see a pattern happening here ...Perth cooked up a scorcher with 44.7┬║ Celsius on this day.

1979 - Luna Park in Sydney played host to the ukulele-toting singer Tiny Tim as he made the world professional non-stop singing record in a time of 2 hours, 15 mins and 7 seconds. How many tulips could you tiptoe through in that time...?

1985 - : A public meeting to discuss how the Sydney gay community might mobilise and coordinate its response to the growing HIV/AIDS crisis leads to the AIDS Action Committee being incorporated and renamed the AIDS Council of NSW (ACON).

2003 – Maurice Gibb of the band the Bee Gees passed away.

2004 - While diving at Bushrangers Pass at Bass Point, NSW, a male lost his swim-fin during a mild shark attack that resulted in no injuries.

2005 – Australia's first Twenty20 cricket game was played at the WACA ground between the Western Warriors and the Victorian Bushrangers. It drew a sellout crowd of 20,700.

2006 - Australia and East Timor agreed to equally share revenue from the Greater Sunrise natural gas project in the Timor Sea.

2009 - Whilst snorkeling at Windang, Lake Illawara, NSW, a male received non-fatal puncture wounds to his leg during an encounter with a shark.
2011 - In Australia floodwaters poured into the empty downtown of Australia's third-largest city after tearing a deadly path across the northeast, swamping neighborhoods in what could be Brisbane's most devastating floods in a century.

2011 - Tugboat skippers Doug Hislop and Peter Fenton heroically prevented Brisbane’s twin Gateway Bridges from being damaged by floating debris.

2012 - The Australian military was rocked by more sex scandals, including allegations of assault, child porn, rape and drug-dealing within its ranks.

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