Monday, January 15, 2018

January 15 On This Day in Australian History

1790 - The Bounty mutineers saw a light on and thought they pop in to Pitcairn Island. Somehow I think they've overstayed their welcome of late...

1809 - Bennelong’s brother-in-law, Gnung-a Gnung-a Murremurgan, was found dead behind the Dry Store (present Sirius Park, off Bridge Street). His children and his brother Old Phillip face a spear ordeal.

1820 - Joseph Hainey, Richard Simonds, Charles Graham, Joseph Ashmore, William Aubray, James Lunt and Wright Morris absented themselves from their respective employments at Newcastle. Constables and other required to use their utmost exertion in apprehending and lodging them in custody.

1822 -  One hundred Aborigines, some from Jervis Bay to the south, greeted Governor Macquarie at David Allan’s Farm at Red Point, near Port Kembla. Many of them called him by name.

1824 - Robert Grant was Hanged at Sydney for returning from Port Macquarie in defiance of his commuted sentence. Originally condemned to death in 1822 for horse theft.

1831 - Edward Bowen, Hugh Duffy and Patrick Feeney were Hanged at Sydney for burglary and putting in fear in the house of John Town, Upper Hunter (Goulburn River).

1834 - Nine convicts were shot dead in an insurrection on Norfolk Island in unsuccessful attempt by convicts to overpower guards. Those who took part in the mutiny included: Robert Douglas, Henry Drummond, James Bell, John Butler, James Brady, Patrick Glenny, Michael Anderson, Lawrence Duggan, William Groves, Henry Knowles, John Geeson, William McCullough, William Murphy, Christopher Quin, Joseph Snell, William Reilly, Charles Doran, Philip Eaton, John Hall, Thomas Freshwater, John Pritchard, Robert Ryan, John Toms, Buchanan Wilson.

1838 - The Hobart Town Police Report of this day stated that a convict, Caroline Sye "complained of her husband, a Chinaman, for ill-usage, which she failed to prove; and as she insisted she would not live with him, she was allowed to retire to the factory on probation, and on receiving a good report to be favored with a country residence."

1839 - The first US Consul in Sydney, J.H. Williams, took up office.

1845 - The first issue of the Portland Bay Examiner was up for grabs.

1848 - Correspondence to Constable Ledgerwood- Complaints having been made by Mr. Child of Hexham to the effect that great irregularities and gross breaches of the licensing act are practised at the Half Way Public House kept by James  Hannell and the same are allowed to pass unchecked and unobserved. You are required to exercise a more strict superintendence over the House in question and to use your best exertions to put a stop to the nuisance chiefly complained of -ie allowing servants to be idle and drunk on the premises and Sunday trading with liquor.

1861 - Thomas Clancy was Hanged at Perth Gaol for the rape of 7 yo Ellen Jane White at Bunbury.

1861 - Joseph McDonald was Hanged at Perth Gaol for rape at Toodyay.

1872 - In St Kilda the last surviving member of the Burke and Wills expedition, John King, stopped surviving from TB aged 33.

1879 - The Aboriginal Reserve was cancelled in November 1878 with the announcement that 1700 acres (378 hectares) would be opened for selection from today at the price of seven shillings and sixpence per acre, and 8250 areas (1833 hectares) would be surveyed for auction. About 526 hectares (or what is now mostly the Noosa National Park) was reserved for a township at Noosa Heads.

1881 - The Sandgate Cemetery Branch Railway line (NSW) was flung open to the punters.

1891 - The Redesdale Junction to Redesdale Railway line (Vic) opened.

1894 - Bury the chainsaw and take up smelting Uncle Percy... Eskbank Ironworks, Australia's first steel mill, was opened at Lithgow.

1894 - Frances Knorr – "The Brunswick Baby Farmer" was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of two infants.

1900 - Adelaide played host to several cases of Bubonic Plague, a shocking little guest which kept popping up, uninvited, in all the mainland states for the next 10 years.

1903 - The Aussie Govt started paying up bonuses to sugar growers to employ white labour...because all the victims of Blackbirding aren't as sweet?

1903 - The railway line from Woomelang to Hattah (Vic) opened.

1905 - The cable trams in Sydney came to halt, although unlike Victoria's trams, not a crashing one.

1906 - Get your knitting needles out ladies ! Australia recorded a wool clip of 11,000,000 bales.

1915 - Telling Grandma how to suck eggs the art of surf board riding was demonstrated at Freshwater Beach, Sydney, by Hawaiian Olympian, Duke Kahanamoku, on a board made of sugar pine.
Interesting as Aussie's had been surfing, with boards, for a number of years before this.

1924 -The Singleton Boys’ Home was established by the Board for the Protection of Aborigines in 1918 but  it was decided the premises were no longer suitable and the ground were closed on this day.
And the poor lads were then sent to the infamously cruel Kinchela Boys Home.

1950 - Cyclone neared Cooktown with gales and floods in several areas.

1951 - The Dunolly to Inglewood (Vic)  rail passenger service ended.

1964 - Celebrated swimmer Dawn Fraser was the youngest person to be named Aussie of The Year.

1968 -  The The "Big Show" tour entourage, including The Who, The Small Faces and Paul Jones arrived in Australia. Small Faces organist Ian McLagan immediately enraged the press during an airport press conference when he tells a reporter to "f*** off" after being questioned about his recent UK drug bust.

1976 - Today saw the debut episode of The Sullivans!!!!!! 
The Bring Back Dave and Grace Fanclub is forever hopeful of a return. 
Although we're not holding our breath.

1983 - Stockton Borehole Colliery Branch railway line (NSW) was opened.

1988 - Aboriginal TV station Imparja began transmitting in the Red Centre aka Alice Springs.

1990 - An arch of the London Bridge rock formation in the Port Campbell National Park, Vic, collapsed into the sea.

1991 - Queen Liz the 2nd signed on the dotted line to make The Fair Isle of Oz the first Commonwealth Realm to institute its own Victoria Cross in the honours system.

1994 - Bushfires swept through Australia's eastern states causing major property damage.

2004 - Regular train service from Adelaide to Darwin in 43 hours was set to begin. Plans for the Transcontinental line had begun in 1911.

2008 -  Australia's new government told an Indian envoy that it will not sell uranium to his country while it is not a member of the global nonproliferation treaty.

2008 - An Australian judge banned the company that conducts Japan's whale hunt from killing the animals in a large part of its regular hunting grounds off Antarctica. Japanese whalers said they are holding captive two activists who "illegally" boarded their vessel in the Southern Ocean, in a dramatic escalation in the battle between the two sides.

2009 - Australia's tropical Queensland state declared a flood disaster over an area the size of France and Germany after recent monsoon storms. The floods are eventually expected to move inland, helping fill lakes and relieving a long-running drought in parts of Australia's desert interior and tropical north.

2014 - Australian officials said lightning strikes ignited more than 250 fires across the southeast. Firefighters battled to put out the flames as the country sweltered under a heatwave.

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