Thursday, January 18, 2018

January 18 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - The first English settlers arrived in Australia's Botany Bay to establish a penal colony. They found the location unsuitable and Capt. Arthur Philip moved on to Sydney Cove. England sent the first sheep along with convicts to Australia.
Yep, somewhere between today and the 20th them wot wasn't invited rocked up and crashed the party.
NOT on the 'precious' 26th.

1794 - Members of the NSW Corps rioted on Norfolk Island following a play held for the Queen's Birthday.

1815 - A residential school for Aboriginal children was opened at Parramatta with six boys
and six girls.

1816 - The ship Fanny arrived at Port Jackson with 171 convicts and news of the Battle of Waterloo.

1818 - The Great Western Road between Parramatta and Emu Ford (Plains) opened.

1825 - Hume and Hovell returned from their successful exploration overland to Port Phillip.

1830 - James, James, Morrison, Morrison commonly known as, James Knight got hitched to 'is swee'heart called May Smith, going down in Oz History as the first married Europeans in the Colony of Westralia.
Aww, bless.
With or without the golden gown at the other end of the town.

1849 - Australia's first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton, was dropped off by the stork in Glebe, Sydney.

1863 -The Sydney to Parramatta railway extended to Penrith.

1878 - Get your backs into it boys! The Ghan Railway construction was begun.

1883 - William Burns was Hanged at Adelaide Gaol for the murder of Henry Loton at sea.

1901 - Jimmy Governor was Hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol for the murder of Helen Josephine Kerz at Breelong, on 20 July 1900. In the same incident he and Jackie Underwood also killed Mrs. Sarah Mawbey, Grace Mawbey, Percival Mawbey and Hilda Mawbey. Jimmy and his brother Joe also killed Alexander McKay near Ulan on 23 July, Elizabeth O'Brien and her baby son at Poggie, near Merriwa, on 24 July, and Keiran Fitzpatrick near Wollar, on 26 July.

1911 - A worldwide competition to design the national capital was announced.

1933 - The Aussie Cricket Board of Control was feeling slightly out of spin when they cabled the MCC to protest at the unsportsmanlike head-hunting bodyline bowling that "was likely to upset friendly relations existing between Australia and England".

1934 - Qantas Empire Airways was formed.
 QANTAS Limited and Britain's Imperial Airways (a forerunner of British Airways) formed a new company, Qantas Empire Airways Limited (QEA).

1947 - Former war artist William Dargie won his fourth Archibald Prize for a portrait painting.

1963 - A 5.4 earthquake occurred at Nourning Spring, approximately 20 km NE of Brookton and approximately 100 km ESE of Perth.

1972 - Germaine Greer blasted Australian newspapers and advertisers during an address to the National Press Club, criticising them for their use of "fantasy women" and "cheesecake" pictures,. She also called on journalists to wrest control from the "dynastic tyrants" who run the major newspaper companies.

1974 - The Brewarrina Branch Railway line (NSW) was closed.

1977 – A train derailment and bridge collapse killed 83 in the Granville railway disaster.

1988 - First Fleet re-enactment ships rocked up in Botany Bay.
Indignant Indigenous locals no doubt thought "Pfft, here we go again!"

2003 -  Heavy bush fires hit Canberra, Australia, killing 4 people. At least 388 homes were destroyed.

2008 -  Two activists who had jumped on board a Japanese whaling boat were returned to their ship by Australian officials.

2009 - Australia listed the world's largest sea turtle, the leatherback, as endangered due to the threats posed by overfishing and the unsustainable harvesting of its eggs and meat.

2011 - The city of Horsham, Victoria state, resembled a lake after the Wimmera River overflowed its banks and bisected the community before starting to recede. The weekslong flooding crisis has left 30 people dead.

2011 - All piss and wind was the former-Severe Tropical Cyclone Known As Zelia; at 4am on this day she fluffed her big stage entrance and was left as a nondescript low pressure system who then went on her way to dissapate in tears... somewhere beyond Norfolk Island.

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