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January 19 On This Day in Australian History

1790 - The Second Fleet decided to play follow the leader with The First Fleet and, dragging 1,006 convicts along for the ride, set off on a Sunday sail from England.

1800 -  John Washington Price, recently arrived on the ship Minerva, observes that ‘Pummil-woy (who frequents Sidney & Paramatta)’ is known to say that ‘no gun or pistol can kill him … He has now lodged in him, in shot, sluggs [sic] and bullets about eight or ten ounces of lead, it is supposed he has killed over
30 of our people, but it is doubtful on which side the provocation was given.’

1835 - The "last remaining" Tassie Aborigines were rounded up and put onto Flinders Island.
Apparently all those others in Tassie were figments of our imaginations.

1846 - Charles Sturt's 18 month expedition to open up inland Australia came to a crashing halt (coz the Simpson Desert and a severe drought just wouldn't play ball), so he took his bat and ball home to Adelaide.

1850 - Australian Philosophical Society (late the Royal Society of NSW) was formed in Sydney.

1863 - The Main Western Railway Line (NSW) was flung open for business from Kingswood to Penrith.

1869 - Ida Stanley, the first female school teacher in Alice Springs who was loved by both Europeans and Aborigines, was born.

1886 - Australian wharf workers went back to work after an 18-day strike over wages.

1877 - Hmph! They didn't ask my permission...Construction began on the great hall and vestibule in the Victorian Parliament, costing 37,500 pounds.

1887 - Dust off your travelling rug and pick up your gloves Aunt Mildred...Victoria and South Australia were finally joined by rail when they finished their tea break and completed a section of track from Dimboola to Seviceton.

1887 - The railway line from North Creswick to Rocky Lead (Vic) opened.

1897 - The Sunday Times was first published in Perth, WA

1900 - Sydney excitedly discovered its very first case of the plague; in the following 8 months 103 people were carried off this mortal coil from the disease.

1906 - William Kidston became the Premier of Queensland.

1907 – A tropical cyclone hit Cooktown, Queensland, killing six.

1925 - The Molong -Dubbo Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1926 - The 10th Federal Parliament opened.

1931 -Canberra Airport opened.

1931 - Australian National Airways (ANA) began a daily Hobart to Melbourne air service.

1939 - Author H.G Wells had seen a light on and thought he'd pop in to Australia. While gracing our shores, he gave a chat on ABC radio about Utopias.

1945 - In a War Cabinet Agendum the Acting Minister of Air sought approval for the purchase of chemical warfare weapons of United States design.

1950 - A cyclone severely damaged towns on the east coast of Australia between Brisbane and Sydney.

1956 - Two brand spanking new banks opened their doors - The Bank of NSW and the ANZ.

1957 - Pass the tissues and the hip flask...The Argus, a Melbourne-based but thoroughly loved Aussie newspaper put out its final edition today. This paper pioneered many things in journalism, one being the use of colour photos in the news spread, which took the London tabloids almost another 40 years to master.

GTV-9 telly studios in Richmond were officially opened by Gov Sir Dallas Brooks.
Who was grandfather to Jennifer Byrne.
Who is married to Andrew Denton.
Whose father, Kit Denton, wrote a novel about Breaker Morant.
Who once married Daisy Bates, who in turn collaborated with journalist Ernestine Hill who penned a novel based on  the life of explorer Matthew Flinders who ...did something with the coastline of Oz but more importantly had the eminent good taste and sense to hitch his wagon to that of a cat, Trim.

1966 - Pig Iron Bob aka Ming aka Robert Menzies, the longest serving Aussie PM, had a bad hair day and resigned. Que sera, sera Bobby...oops did I say that out loud ?

1966 - Speaking of Banana Benders...a banana farmer named George Pedley fell over a 'flying saucer nest' at Horseshoe Lagoon.

1970 - The resorts on the Great Barrier Reef islands were destroyed by a cyclone.

1975 – 2JJ, the predecessor of youth radio Triple J, commenced broadcasting in Sydney.

1975 - Gazing into my crystal ball I smell..... A house painter predicted that on this day Adelaide would be levelled by an earthquake and washed away in a tidal wave. Those many who fled the city returned to find everything intact and ripples gently lapping at the beach.....something fishy, paint fumes and horses doovers !

1975 - Although there was a bit of flooding up north , at Lucinda and Mackay QLD when Cyclone Gloria gave her last hurrah before vanishing in a puff of wind.

1976 - Tropical Cyclone David ran out of puff on this day having crossed onto land at Rockhampton but not before it made its presence felt ; It generated huge swells and these combined with large tides caused extensive damage to Heron Island as it passed to the north, winds unroofed 30 buildings in Yeppoon and several in Mt Morgan. Large seas combined with high tides caused considerable damage to breakwaters, retaining walls and other structures especially at Rosslyn Bay Harbour (Yeppoon) where the Breakwater was destroyed along with yachts and trawlers. Storm tides flooded houses and shops at Urangan, Noosa and Kirra. Storm surge at Beachmere on Moreton Bay cut all roads into the town. The Port of Brisbane was closed. At wave recording stations the significant wave (peak) height reached 5.8 m (8.9 m) at Double Island Pt and 3.8 m (8.7 m) at Yeppoon. Tides were up to one metre above predicted levels.

1982 - A double female  act, going by the title of Cyclone Daphne-Fifi got the wind taken from their sails by a big bruiser of a lad named Bruno.
Daphne-Fifi waned and weakened after being brushed aside by Bruno finally disappeared near the northwest coast.

1984 - The Tumut Railway Branch Line (NSW) was closed.

1994 - Cyclone Rewa caused damage in Queensland; a man was sucked down a drain to his death.

1995 - Pope John Paul II conducted a mass at Rankwick Racecourse for horse number 11 in the 5th race who didn't have a snow flake's hope of even making it around the course to celebrate Mary MacKillop's beatification.

2004 – Cricketer David Hookes died following an altercation outside the Beaconsfield Hotel in St Kilda.

2006 – Former leader of the Australian Labor Party Mark Latham was charged with common assault, malicious damage and stealing from a person after an altercation with a News Ltd reporter.

2014 - The Nauru government deported Peter Law, its Australian resident magistrate, and barred its Australian chief justice, Geoffrey Eames, from re-entering the country.

2017 - It was announced that Vegemite would be Aussie owned once more after Bega Cheese agreed to buy the delicious spread , amongst other well-known brands, for $460 million.

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