Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 2 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - The First Fleet rocked up without an invitation at Port Jackson, renamed Sydney Cove.

1794 - James Ruse granted land at Green Hills (Windsor), on the Hawkesbury River.

1798 - Wilson's Promontory and Phillip Island sighted by George Bass

1813 - Bennelong died and was buried among the orange trees in James Squire’s orchard at Ryde. According to army lieutenant and explorer William Lawson, Bennelong ‘died in the bush with his tribe at Kissing Point’.

1822 - A penal settlement was established at Macquarie Harbour on the remote west coast of Van Diemen's Land for prisoners convicted of a second offence.

1825 - Seven convicts seized a government boat in the early hours of this day. The men William Tunnicliffe, Joseph Pritchard, Thomas Smith, James OBery, John Duncan, James Johnston and Lewis Collins were assisted by a soldier Private William Yams of the 3rd regiment.Yams was on sentry duty at the wharf when he joined them and he brought with him his Flintlock, bayonet and ammunition. They had the audacity to take off in the Commandants gig (an oared boat). At first they had the intention of reaching the sloop Mars which was in the offing. They failed at this but got clear away.

1837 - The Supreme Court of South Australia was established five days after the founding of the colony.Eager little beavers, weren't they!

1837 - Edward Deas Thompson succeeded Alexander Macleay as Colonial Secretary of NSW.

1838 - John Conway Bourke left Melbourne to take the first mail overland to Sydney, meeting a Sydney mailman at Yass...with nary a dog in sight to bark at them.

1840 - The Port Phillip Bank commences business in the auction mart on the south-west corner of Collins and Williams Streets, Melbourne. John Gardiner is the managing director.

1869 - First issue of Evening Journal (produced by South Australian Register group).

1876 - The Municipality of Manly, NSW, was formed.

1878  - First telephone service in Australia took place when a store on Spencer Street, Melbourne, McLean Brothers and Rigg, spoke with an office in Elizabeth Street.Probably asking if they had anymore absinthe in stock for Great Uncle Rupert.

1888 - The Port Pirie - Broken Hill Railway Line (NSW)  opened from Cockburn - Sulphide Street.

1891 - Inspired by his mother's scolding of "Oh Larry, go fly a ruddy kite", Australian aviation pioneer Lawrence Hargrave flew in a kite for a period of 14 seconds, for a distance of eight metres.Look Ma, no hands !

1892 - 130 acres in the County of Churchill, Parish of Purga was proclaimed a reserve for the use of Aborigines connected to the Deebing Creek Mission that had been thrown together by the Aboriginal Protection Society of Ipswich.

1900 - The cargo steamship Australia arrived in San Francisco at the end of a voyage from Hawaii. Plague was known to have already hit Honolulu and rats aboard the ship carried the disease. Wong Chut King became the city’s first victim when he was found dead at the Globe Hotel at Jackson and DuPont (later Grant Ave.). A short term rope quarantine was created around the 6-by-2 block area of Chinatown.

1904 - Oh you opera music fans are incorrigible ! At the Exhibition Building in Melbourne opera singer Ada Crossley and Australian composer Percy Grainger were greeted by 20,000 fans. Mosh pits were banned, of course.

1907 - Trunk calls began -The dual-line cables necessary for telephone conversations first linked the Sydney and Melbourne exchanges. The Postmaster-General’s Department completed the main trunk lines to Adelaide in 1914, to Brisbane in 1923 and to Perth in 1930. Tasmania was connected by submarine coaxial cable in 1936.

1907 -  A notable early rescue at Bondi Beach was one of a young boy by the name of Charlie Smith who later went on to become the famous aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

1909 - Prime Minister for the 3rd time
Alfred Deakin became Prime Minister for the third time after negotiating the ‘fusion’ of members from the three non-Labor political groups in the House of Representatives.

1913 – Australian philately proper begins with the Kangaroo and Map series of stamps.

1919 - The Nauru mandate Britain, New Zealand and Australia signed an agreement for Australian administration of Nauru, located 4000 km northeast of Sydney. Australia had captured the island from Germany in 1914 and in 1920 the League of Nations designated it an Australian mandate.

1924 - Dr Richard Hosking was appointed to teach aerodynamics, meteorology, air pilotage and wireless telegraphy to courses at No 1 Flying Training School, Point Cook. 

1927 - Australian films
A Royal Commission into the film industry was appointed. It reported in April on the state of film-making in Australia. It also reported on the process of distributing films from the United States to the 1250 Australian cinemas.

1929 - A visiting British Economic Mission recommended a policy of deflation by reducing government developmental works. Yep, been using that policy around the house for years but it doesn't seem to work..

1929 - The Bunnerong Power Station, Sydney, was brought online.

1936 - Military service pensions were introduced.

1943 – Australia sent its first envoy to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

1955 - Today in South Oz was so damn craptacular it's known as Black Sunday; when horrific bushfires swept through the Adelaide Hills destroying approx. 40 homes, many other buildings, 600 square miles of country, the Upper Sturt Railway Station and the S.A Governor's Summer residence Marble Hill.
Two fire fighters lost their lives.

1959 - There were rumblings to revoke the Aboriginal Reserve Bagot Reserve, for suburban housing and shifting the Aboriginal families further into the bush with Mayor of Darwin, Mr J. Lyons, quoted in the NT Time on this day
‘The way Darwin is growing leaving Bagot where it is would be like putting it in Smith Street. What a furore that would cause. It is high time Bagot was moved’.

1960 - Australia recorded a record temperature of 50.7° C at Oodnadatta.

1960 - William Morrison, 1st Viscount Dunrossil replaced Sir William Slim as Governor-General.

1961 – Combined oral contraceptive pills are first sold in Australia

1964 - Channel 7 Sydney launched the satirical Mavis Bramston Show.

1969 - Australia signs the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

1985 - Australia's first women-only surf lifesaving carnival took place at Sydney's Queenscliff beach. Sisters are doin' it for themselves...and every beach-goer every Summer.

1988 - Final issue of Perth’s Western Mail, a Sunday paper. Losses over seven years were estimated at $50 million.

1996 - Sydney Daily Telegraph-Mirror reverted to title of Daily Telegraph.

2002 - Australia fires continued near Sydney and almost 160 houses were lost. 21 arson suspects had been arrested since the fires began Christmas eve. Arson bombs were found in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

2006 - , In eastern Australia 5 people were killed when a plane carrying a group of skydivers plunged into a dam near Brisbane.

2007 - An Australian Aborigine tribe was granted joint management rights over several state and national parks under a deal that recognizes its traditional ownership of the land.

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