Sunday, January 21, 2018

January 21 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - Governor Phillip accompanied by officers set off in three open boats to examine the coast in the hope of finding a more suitable site for settlement than Botany Bay. Finding in a cove of 'this noble and capacious harbour' a sufficiency of water and soil, he returned to Botany Bay after an absence of 3 days and gave
directions for immediate removal to Port Jackson.
Phillip was impressed by the "confidence and manly behaviour" of a group of aborigines in the northern reaches of the harbour. As such they called the place "Manly Cove".

1793 - French exploer Bruny d'Entrecasteaux anchored his two ships in Recherche Bay, Van Diemen's Land, and in so doing, became the first person to circumnavigate Australia.

1801 -  Port Jackson was graced with the presence of the US ship Follensbe but as she was weighted down with that demon drink Governor King refused to give it permission to touch his pure-as-the-driven-snow shore.

1805 - The Lady Barlow left Port Jackson with the first all-colonial cargo (sealskins, seal oil, and timber) to be shipped directly to the United Kingdon, in defiance of the East India Company's monopoly .
Oooo, you rebels, you!

1813 - John McCabe , John Townshend  and Peter Gory were Hanged at Hobart for robbery of Wm Parish .

1815 - Get out the goat cart Uncle Horatio, the road over the Blue Mountains was finished.

1846 - Wellington, NSW, was gazetted as a village.

1860 - The first trotting horse race meeting was held in Melbourne but despite overwhelming demand, no 2 legged nags were entered.

1863 - Poor silly old Robert O'Hara Burke and John Wills were given their final resting place in the Melbourne General Cemetery with all the pollies having a half-day holiday and joining in the funeral procession.

1863 - Parliament adjourned for the day and joined the long funeral procession to lay Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills in the Melbourne General Cemetery.

1868 - Prince Alfred, the Duke of Edinburgh, arrived in Sydney for a visit to NSW.

1870 - The first European settlers dropped into Darwin, pitched a tent and sang 'Home Sweet Home' .

1887 - Brisvegas was showing off again when it received a daily record of a mere 465mms (18.3 inches).
Of rain.
Inside one day.

1904 – Henry Northcote, 1st Baron Northcote was appointed the third Governor General of Australia.

1918 - The Holsworthy Railway Line (NSW) was opened.

1931 - Bust out the streamers and honk your horns...Isaac Isaacs became the first Australian-born Governor-General.

1938 - Will Dyson, world renown political cartoonist and Australia's first war artist, died. He never got over losing his beloved wife, writer and artist Ruby Lindsay (sister of Norman Lindsay).

1941 – World War II: Australian and British forces attacked Tobruk, Libya.

1942 - I-124 was a I-121-class submarine of the Imperial Japanese Navy that was sunk off Darwin, Northern Territory,during World War II. I-124 was conducting mine laying operations and attacking shipping along with three other submarines along the northern coast of Australia.

1947 - Wartime restrictions on Stock Market share prices were lifted.

1959 - Large sections of Northern NSW and Southern Qld were hit by major flooding.

1981 - Head for the hills ! Malcolm Fraser had a bit of time on his hands whilst PM so he jumped up into the drivers seat of a bulldozer and started excavation work on the new Parliament House in Canberra.

1984 - He was disabled but he could still jump puddles. ...Alan Marshall, journalist and wonderful author, died in Melbourne.

2001 - The B endigo and District Aboriginal Cooperative was established on this day. Founded by Joanne Badke and Raylene Harradine, BDAC was created after the loss of Bendigo’s Aboriginal primary health service. When Dja Dja Wurrung lost its health funding, more than 20 Aboriginal staff members were left without jobs and the community experienced significant health issues. Although funding was diverted to mainstream services, the community did not feel culturally safe accessing them and stopped receiving healthcare.

2008 - In northeastern Australia surging floodwaters forced scores of people to evacuate their homes. Farmers described the heavy rains as a mixed blessing after years of drought.

2014 - Australia’s federal government granted an exemption from environmental laws to approve a Western Australian shark mitigation plan, which is aimed at reducing the risks to water users after six fatal attacks in the past two years.

2016 - The Aboriginal Plant Use Trail at the Australian National Botanic Gardens was officially opened by Ngunnawal Elder Aunty Agnes Shea.

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