Thursday, January 25, 2018

January 25 On This Day in Australian History

1795 -  Cameragal (North Shore) elders officiate at the Erah-ba-diang initiation ceremony in Cadigal territory at Woccanmagully (Farm Cove), in which a dozen boys are ‘made men’. According to David Collins, ‘Pemulwuy, a wood native, and many strangers, came in.’ No attempt is made to detain Pemulwuy.

1808 - John Macarthur was up to his old tricks, I see!
John Macarthur came before court on a charge of sedition over the Parramatta case. He challenged Judge-Advocate Richard Bowyer Atkins' impartiality in the case and the court adjourned in confusion.

1848 - The final convict ship to regurgitate the shackled sort into Victoria, "Marion", propped herself up at the bar at Port Melbourne.

1863 - James Morrill , a British citizen, ended years of living among Australian Aborigines after a shipwreck in 1846.

1865 - Australia, and Melbourne in particular, was in a lot of hot water when the US Confederate ship CSS Shenandoah sailed jauntily into Hobson's Bay and was slipped at Williamstown for repairs.  The US Consul demanded that the ship be seized as a pirate but she was allowed to go on her merry way on February 18.

1868 - The City of Melbourne was destroyed by fire.
No, not the city itself, you goose, the steamer ship named for the actual city.
Anyways, it was loaded with wool and all sorts of goodies while it was in Williamstown , then it got a tad warm under the gunwale, and went belly up.

1877 - Francis Dutton, former Premier of South Oz, did the soft shoe shuffle from this mortal coil.

1881 - An intercolonial conference imposed unilateral restrictions on the number of Chinese immigrants following ongoing trouble on Australia's goldfields involving Chinese miners.

1884 - James Francis, former Premier of Victoria, did the same as Frank Dutton. I'm seeing a pattern here....

1885 - The Melbourne-Sydney Express passenger train derailed near Bethungra (Cootamundra) , killing seven and injuring over 20. The cause was a washaway of a culvert over Salt Clay Creek during a period of heavy rainfall.

1886 - Deciding to have a proper knees up Mother Brown, the Federal Council of Australia held a wild orgy party conference in Hobart amidst the apples.

1900 - After all the tongues wagged about how well the wild orgy party conference went in Hobart, the State Labor pollies met in Sydney to repeat the trick with the apple formally found the Federal Labor Party.

1900 - Wash your bloody hands, yer dirty buggers!
Bubonic plague hit Sydney. 103 died horribly.

1901 - Severe cyclone at Semaphore (SA) damaged several homes.

1904 - Graham Berry, former Premier of Victoria, popped his...oh alright, enough is enough! 
Three Premiers on one date?

1919 - It was announced that NSW was "an infected State" and strict controls were to be observed with the closure of schools, theatres, masks were to be worn, SOS cards were issued to be displayed in front windows if medical help was required.
A soldier from Melbourne is believed to have brought the infection to NSW.

1924 - A Japanese naval training squadron visited Sydney.
Because, if you'd known your history, you would have known they were our Allies in WW1.

1950 - HMAS Tarakan , a tank landing ship, was in dock at Garden Island for repairs when she exploded, resulting in 8 deaths.

1966 - A derailed electric train carriage brought down a powerline stanchion at Central Station (NSW).

1974 - The 1974 Brisbane flood began on this day in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It took place when the waterways in the city experienced significant flooding following a wet Spring and significant rainfall brought to the region by Cyclone Wanda. The Brisbane River, which runs through the heart of the city, broke its banks and flooded the surrounding areas.

In total, there were 14 fatalities, 300 people injured, 8000 homes destroyed and an estimated A$68 million in damages.

1975 - The fourth  and last Sunbury Festival was held over the Australia Day weekend. In almost all respects, it was a disaster.

1988 - The Molong to Dubbo Railway Line (NSW) was closed from Yeoval - Dubbo East Junction.

2002 - Australia’s final paid-circulation metropolitan afternoon newspaper edition, the Daily Telegraph,  published final afternoon edition.

2006 - In Australia emergency crews rushed to clean up 10,000 liters of fuel oil that fouled mangroves off Gladstone City near the Great Barrier Reef after two vessels collided.

2007 -  Australia’s PM John Howard announced multibillion-dollar water reforms aimed at easing Australia's record drought.

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