Saturday, January 27, 2018

January 27 On This Day in Australian History

1802 - Matthew Flinders was feeling a tad peckish when he plonked himself upon what he named, through a mouthful of mutton sanga, the Great Australian Bight.

1808 - Tedbury or Tjedboro, son of the famous Pemulwuy, arrived in Sydney, ‘armed with a bundle of spears’. He had been friendly with John Macarthur, who lives at Parramatta. Finding Macarthur safe at his town cottage, Tedbury exclaims, ‘Master they told me you were in gaol’.
‘Well Tjedboro, what has brought you here with your spears?’ asks Macarthur, who was gaoled for a few hours the previous day. He replies, with eyes flashing, ‘To spear the Governor.’

1815 - Attorney William Henry Moore, the first free solicitor in NSW, arrived in Sydney as a passenger on the transport Marquis de Wellington.

1820 - Finding that any old dollop of dirt just didn't do the deed for the dead The Powers That Be had the Sydney Burial Ground, later known as Sandhills Cemetary, consecrated.
It was known even later than that as Central Station.

1830 - George Augustus Robinson set out from Hobart for Port Davey to conciliate the Aborigines.

1845 - Explorer Charles Sturt's party reached Depot Glen (the site of Milparinka, SA). where they were forced to remain for six months owing to the lack of rain.

1847 - Jeremiah Connell was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Edward Martin at Buninyong.

1848 - The first marriage in South Australia between an Aborigine, Kudnarto, and a European, Tom Adams, was solemnised on this day.

1859 - The grand old gutter of Australia aka the Darling River became a highway on this day when the paddle steamer ship "Albury" debuted on the watery road, heralding the beginning of the popular (and rather rheumatic romantic) means of transport.

1875 - Foundation stone was laid for Sydney's The Great Synagogue in Elizabeth Street.

1876 - For the third time in nine years, the flour mill of Walter Duffield in Gawler burnt to the ground.

1881 - The NSW Government invited offers from English companies to build a bridge across Sydney Harbour.

1883 - Ah Kett was Hanged at Perth Gaol for the murder of Foo Ah Moy  at Cheritah Station, Roebourne.

1883 - John Collins was Hanged at Perth Gaol for the murder of John King at the Kalgan River near Albany.

1903 - The Cessnock Railway Branch line (NSW) was opened from Weston - Abermain.

1906 – A cyclone damaged Cairns and Innisfail in Queensland.

1908 - Australia's first Lifesaving Club carnival was held on Manly Beach, NSW.

1911 - The Land newspaper was first published.

1941 – Following the capture of Tobruk, two brigades of the 6th Australian Division under Major General Iven Mackay pursued the Italians westwards and encounters an Italian rear guard at Derna.

1947 - Nuclear scientist, Professor Mark Laurence Elwin (Mark) Oliphant, recommended that Australia should establish a nuclear industry with atomic energy power plants.

1964 - Eric Edgar Cooke was Hanged at Fremantle Prison for murder of John Lindsay Sturkey at Nedlands.

1965 - Mt Isa Police were given the power to arrest on site and without a warrant anyone aiding the strike in the mines.

1974 - 8,000 Brivegas-ites were evacuated from their home, sweet homes as flood waters washed through the streets. With all the practice they've had they should have it down to a fine art by now!

1989 - The Gaming Commission in Tassie estimated Aussie were throwing away $20.6 billion each year on two flies crawling up a wall.

2002 - The St Albans to Sydenham (Vic) electrification was brought into service.

2008 -  In Australia an Aborigine elder, Mr. Ward (b.1961), died of heatstroke during a four-hour, non-stop trip to face a drink-driving charge in a prison van with broken air-conditioning. In 2010 state director of public prosecutions Joe McGrath told Ward's widow that charges would not be laid against the two guards employed by security firm GSL, now known as G4S, who were in charge of the van. In 2010 Ward’s family was awarded 3.2 million Australian dollars ($2.9 million) in compensation.

2011 - Australia imposed a temporary new tax to help fund a multi-billion-dollar rebuilding program after floods devastated infrastructure and ruined thousands of homes and businesses across the eastern seaboard over the past month.

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