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January 28 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - Having hosted the party 2 days before, Captain Phillips, now doffing his Governor's hat, founded the penal colony at Botany Bay. The neighbours weren't impressed...

1788 - French ships L'Astrolabe and La Bussole under Commanders De la Perouse and De d' Angle anchored in Botany Bay. Assisted into Botany Bay by Lieut. Henry Ball of HMS Supply.

1825 -
Thomas Hudson – Hanged at Hobart for murder.
William Allen- Hanged at Hobart for murder.
Francis Oates- Hanged at Hobart for murder.

1826 - Henry Ausher, in government service charged with having soldiers necessaries in his possession....Brennan a soldier states - I missed a pair of trowers and a shirt this morning when I came off Guard. I was told that one of my comrades had sold them. After some enquiry I found the trousers in the possession of Ausher. Ausher admits having purchased the trousers, states he was not aware it was contrary to orders. Henry Ausher sentenced to solitary confinement for one fortnight.

1826 - James Edwards, in government service, charged with insolence to Sergeant Kelly (57th regt) in the performance of his duty. Sergeant Kelly states - I accompanied Brennan in search of some necessaries belonging to hi which had been made away with. A pair of Trousers were found in the possession of Henry Ausher. Edwards was present and said I had only gone there to extort money, that it was a common practice. Edwards admits having made use of improper language and expresses himself sorry for having done so. James Edwards sentenced to solitary confinement for one week.

1846 - A meeting was held at the Newcastle Court House to discuss capability of Newcastle Port.

1852 - The Crow-eaters in South Oz passed the Bullion Act along with the brandy snifters and cigars which allowed for the pretty little gold ingots to be used as legal tender for a whole year.

1863 - Derrimut, partially blind, with weak lungs and a paralyzed arm, eloped from the Melbourne Hospital after being subjected to a rough bath. Derrimut at this time was bitterly complaining about the sale and subdivision of the Mordialloc Aboriginal Reserve and the ploughing up of Boonwurrung bones buried on the site.

1885 - John Duffy was Hanged at the Perth Gaol for the murder of his wife Mary Sultana McGann.

1893 - The Federal Bank of Australia, located in Melbourne, was no longer located anywhere after this date as it went belly-up, taking most banks with it in a game of dominos.

1906 - Cairns and Innisfail, Qld, were severely damaged by a cyclone.

1914 - A mere 18.46 miles of train track opened up the line between Chillingollah and Manangatang (Vic).
Stations in between are Chinkapook (originally birthed as Christmas Tank) and Cocamba.

1923 - The Steam tramway servicing the Baulkham Hills/Castle Hill district (NSW) was blessed with fairy dust and turned into a railway on this day.

1923 - The Rogans Hill Railway Branch line (NSW) was opened from Westmead Junction - Castle Hill (1st).

1927 - On this day commenced a 4 day celebration of Home To Ballarat, involving much gaiety, partying, fireworks, rowing, toasts, reunions, races and copious pots of tea consumed amidst fun and laughter.

1931 - A great and wonderous new political party was launched at a meeting in Sydney, the All For Australia League. Not a lot out there in cyber space about this party....unless you want to see the cover of the music sheet for the Official Anthem of the party they had prettily printed up? Or a dissertation on the party?
How about some nice scones with jam and cream and a fresh pot of tea, instead?

1933 - The Cairns Post published an article by James Bennett formerly of the 15th Battalion,
"I have stood shoulder to shoulder with half castes in Hell’s pit, [Hell’s Spit] on Quinn’s Post, and seen them die like the grandest of white men and other little stunts I can mention. "

1940 - The Australian Aborigines League persuaded churches to declare the Sunday before Australia Day to be known as Aboriginal Sunday, the first of these falling on this day. The recognition of this continued until 1955 when it was moved to the first Sunday in July.

1942 - British Prime Minister Winston Churchill announced that Australia's protection was to be formally handed over the the US.

1943 - The town of Port Gregory, WA, was shelled by Japanese aircraft.

1944 - Work preparatory for  the storage of chemical weapons stocks in the Clarence Tunnel began.

1948 - Australia's Minister for Immigration, Arthur Calwell, announced that all 'coloured' people who found refuge in Australia during the war must leave.

1952 - The British film studio Ealing closed its Australian studios.

1957 - 'Disneyland' began screening on Australian television.

1957 - Australia's second television station, GTV-9 Melbourne, began transmission.

1958 - British PM Harold Macmillan , having a spare spot in his dairy, popped into Sydney for a fortnight.

1963 - Actress Marcia Hathaway was taken by a shark in Middle Harbour, Sydney.
The floodlights that illuminate the sandstone facade of St Stephen's church in Macquarie Street were donated in memory of Marcia Hathaway. A plaque inside carries the following inscription: "The floodlights of this church were donated by members of the performing arts to the glory of God and in memory of Marcia N. Hathaway, actress and devout Christian, victim of shark attack in Middle Harbour 28/1/63."

1965 - Today saw The Rolling Stones rock up in Melbourne where they played at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda...they were supported by Ray Columbus and The Invaders, and The Flies.

1966 - Western Mining Corp. discovered rich nickel ore deposits at Kambalda in Western Australia's Kimberly region.

1968 - The "Big Show" tour entourage, including The Who, The Small Faces and Paul Jones  were escorted from their plane by police and airport security after a flight attendant alleged abusive behaviour during a flight from Adelaide to Melbourne. Arriving in Melbourne, the groups were escorted to the VIP lounge by police, kept under guard for several hours and then escorted onto a plane to Sydney.

1970 - The very first Oz gay rights group was born when the Australasian Lesbian Movement was launched on the opening of a branch of The Daughters of Bilitis.

1972 - Sun newspaper reported on three Black Power Aboriginals setting up a Tent Embassy on the grounds of Parliament House.
*shock horror*
(That was sarcasm in case anyone missed it).

1972 -  General Motors-Holden sacked 1240 workers from its plants in NSW, Victoria and S.A.

1973 - Comedian Paul Hogan hosted the second Sunbury Rock Festival outside Melbourne. Featured acts included the return of Oz rock pioneer Johnny O'Keefe, plus Friends, The 69-ers, Coloured Balls, Madder Lake, Band Of Light, The Aztecs and Blackfeather. Jenny Brown, writing for The Digger, was critical of the second festival: "Musically, Sunbury was a mediocre success. Unlike last year's there were few surprises, and only a handful of acts seemed to have something special up their sleeves ... the Coke was warm and the pies were cold."

1973 - The first ever Australasian Country Music Awards were held at the Tamworth Town Hall.
Joy McKean received the first Golden Guitar for “Lights on the Hill”, the song that was made popular by her husband Slim Dusty.

1983 - Australia's 19th Prime Minister, Francis Michael Forde, dropped off the perch in Brisbane age 93. He was Prime Minister for only eight days.

1998 - Dr Wendy Beck announced that large earth mounds, approx. 3,000 in number and found along valleys near the Murray River and tributaries, were cultivated gardens created by Aboriginal Peoples from as long ago as 1000 BC.

2006 - Warren Mundine, previously an advisor on Aboriginal issues to the conservative government of PM John Howard, took over the role of Australian Labor Party president. The first Aborigine to be elected president of an Australian political party, Mundine said that he wanted to enter parliament after his term finishes.

2007 - Harry Melbourne, whose name who should be engraved on the heart of all chocolate lovers everywhere, passed away to the confectioners shop in the sky.
He was responsible for birthing our beloved Freddo Frog in 1930.

2013 - Australia reported 4 deaths as torrential rain over the weekend flooded the Queensland towns of Gladstone, Gympie and Ipswich.

 2015 - The High Court of Australia ruled that the Sri Lankan asylum seekers were legally detained at sea.

2017 -  The City of Fremantle  presented the inaugural One Day in Fremantle, a free, family-friendly event and  the city’s “culturally-inclusive” alternative to traditional Australia Day celebrations.

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