Monday, January 29, 2018

January 29 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - Captain Hunter and Lieutenant Bradley landed on Quarantine Beach during an initial survey of Sydney Harbour following the arrival of the First Fleet in Port Jackson three days earlier.

1818 - The first regular mail service between Hobart and Launceston began, following the construction of a road joining the two towns.

1830 - Legislation to restrict the press was passed by the New South Wales Legislative Council. It was disallowed by the Colonial Office, January 1831.

1830 - Michael Rafter was Hanged at Windsor for a litany of burglaries in the Portland Head area.

1830 - John Smith was Hanged at Windsor for rape of his seven year old daughter.

1842 - A detachment of the 80th Regiment embarked on the steamer 'Thistle' from Newcastle for Sydney. Captain Frazer endeavoured to suppress their free indulgence of alcohol without avail.

1854 - Bless their little cotton socks...The first Aussie grown cotton was exported to England.

1869 - A hurricane completely destroyed a farming property at Wagga Wagga, NSW.

1877 - A Royal Commission was established in Victoria to "inquire into the present condition of the Aborigines of this colony and to advise as to the best means of caring for and dealing with them in the future"
Nope, haven't followed that little bit of paternalistic crap up, I've just had brekkie and don't feel the urge to purge.

1879 - The Springhurst to Wahgunyah Railway line (Vic) was opened.

1882 - Melbournians were agog with the news that the Russians are coming! were arriving for a friendly afternoon tea visit after they'd cast their baby blue eyes over Sydney and Hobart, with more and more sensational claims in the media about their intentions.
Oh look...we're still here in one piece.
How about that?

1886 - The Mitchell River was surveyed again with a view to establishing a town to service the recently formed pastoral stations. However, neither of these surveys reportedly amounted to anything.

1895 - The State of savagely money hungry, grasping, greedy Victoria introduced income tax.
Hope your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down.

1899 - The Premiers of the 6 Aussie colonies got together to (play the Britney Spears drinking game)  change the Constitution Bill so everyone was a happy camper.

1915 - Alfred Ryan, a shearer, came from the Peak Hill area of New South Wales. He volunteered on this date and sailed with the 4th reinforcement of the 3rd Battalion later transferring to the 2nd Battalion.

1918 - Albert Budd was Hanged at Melbourne Gaol for the murder of his foster-sister Annie Samson at Port Melbourne.

1925 - Royal Commission on the Victorian Police Force, commissioned in the wake of the Police Strike of 1923,  presented its final report to Parliament.
The Government had established a dual system whereby police who joined prior to 1903 were fully covered by State Superannuation and ancillary benefits, while those who joined after 1902 received only the minimal benefits of a life assurance policy for which they paid themselves.
The Monash Royal Commission commented:-
"... there was a constant and growing agitation among many members of the Force for the restoration of pensions ... the course which events actually took, shows conclusively that, if pensions had been restored, there would have been no refusal of duty by any, considerable section of the Force ... it is a matter of surprise and regret that throughout a long series of years successive Governments delayed action which would restore to the Police Force as a whole that wise and prudent security of tenure and provision for old age, upon the basis of which the Force was originally organized ...

1934 - A nasty spot of mob violence broke out at Kalgoorlie and Boulder, in Westralia, against the Yugoslav and Italian communities after an Italian barman accidentally killed a Skip ( bet you haven't seen that mentioned for awhile) with the end result being 2 more deaths and many buildings burnt and looted.
This was all triggered when a certain future US President, Herbert Hoover, favoured Italian workers over all others.

1957 - Voodoo would probably be a safer hobby....Jorn Utzon was named as the (ahem) winner to design the Sydney Opera House and to put up with petty government squabbling until his hair fell out.
1964 - The RAAF, like new fathers, took proud possession of their first Mirage fighter bombers.

1968 - Communist forces in South Vietnam launched what became known as the Tet Offensive, with concentrated attacks against every major city and regional centre. Although Tet cost the Communists 45-50,000 troops, it sewed serious doubt in the minds of the Australian and American people and led to major changes in government policy towards the conflict in South Vietnam.

1970 - The Fair Isle of Oz threw itself into the whole rock concert experience with enthusiasm when the Pilgrimage For Pop collected 11,000 stray music lovers to Ourinbah in NSW for the 27th-29th January event.
I think my heart just skipped a beat looking at the line-up - it was organised by the Nutwood Rug Band and featured Chain, The Aztecs, amongst others, and only 45 arrests were made over the 3 day event.
Lordy, they was well behaved then!

1971 - Today saw the last train trundle down the tracks of the Spotswood to Newport Power House Railway line (Vic).

1972 - The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald both reported on the Minister in charge of Aboriginal Affairs, Mr Howson, attacking the protest outside Parliament House by the use of the words Aboriginal Embassy which implied a separate sovereign state.

1983 - Go on, start humming it, you know you want to....Men At Work hit the No 1 spot on both the singles and album charts in both UK and USA at the same time with "Down Under" and "Business As Usual".

1992 - The occupation of Old Parliament House, Canberra, by protesting Aborigines ended with the arrest of four people.

2007 - Australia’s Queensland state planned to introduce recycled sewage to its drinking water as a record drought threatens water supplies around the nation

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