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January 30 On This Day in Australian History

1803 - Charles Grimes hopped off his boat at Frankston, tripped over Kananook Creek and met up with a group of 30 of local Bunurong Aboriginal People.

1818 - A moo-ving inspiration for poetry...The Poet Laureate of NSW , Michael Massey Robinson, was granted 2 cows from the govt as thanks for his services. A cow pat by any other name would smell as...sweet?

1828 -
George Driver - Hanged at Hobart for the murder of John Onely at Macquarie Harbour.
Samuel Higgins - Hanged at Hobart for the murder of John Onely at Macquarie Harbour.

1847 - Colony of Gladstone (Qld) was proclaimed.

1854 - Cobb & Co expanded their coaching empire to the goldfields of Victoria when the first coach waved ta-ta, taking its leave of Melbourne for Bendigo.

1856 - The Wild White Man, William Buckley, who had lived with the Bunurong People for almost 32 years after escaping from the short-lived Sullivan Bay settlement near Sorrento, popped his clogs in Tassie.

1870 - Floods and damage in Bowen, Clermont and Peak Downs. 15 lives and thousands of sheep lost.

1872 - Inter-colonial Fours, Hobart, for £100 cash and championship of Australia, for bona fide amateurs. 1st Sydney Rowing Club: - C. De B. Deloitte, R. A. Clark, G. H. Fitzhardinge (Judge), M. A. H. Fitzhardinge (father of Roger Fitzhardinge), 2nd Sydney River crew, 3rd Derwent, 4th Tasmania, 5th Geelong (Strachan's crew)

1875 - Henry Parkes and his government (NSW) fell over early release of bushranger Frank Gardiner. Parkes won the ensuing election.

1882 - At a meeting of the Public Works Committee of the Adelaide City Council on this day a plan for a new grandstand at the Old Course in the East Parklands was accepted.

1883 - The Kalkadoon Aboriginal People, having suffered from a long period of harassment, imprisonment and deaths from the Native Police, killed Marcus de la Poer Beresford,  nephew of the Marquess of Waterford, who had become a cadet in Qld's Native Police Force only the previous year.

1884 -  Unnamed cyclone passed resulting in Bowen township all unroofed. Heavy flooding to Mackay.

1893 - The Victoria Railway offices were completed in Spencer Street on what was originally known as She Oak Hill, the first race course in the Port Phillip Colony. By 1833 John Batman had parked his carcass there in a cottage and when he dropped off the perch in 1839 Guv Charlie La Trobe  and Police Magistrate Billy Lonsdale dealt with the colony from their office at the site.
In 1888 the 2 storey railway headquarters building was proposed to reflect the booming land riches, with the 3rd floor added in 1912 and part of the 4th floor in 1922 (remainder added in 1958).
After a lull of disuse of 10 years it reopened as The Grand Hotel and Apartments.

1895 - Queensland surveyor Carsten Borchgrevink became the first person to set foot on the Antarctic continent.

1901 - A young male was fatally attacked by a shark whilst bathing at Brisbane, QLD.

1901 - Victorian pensioners followed those of NSW in receiving one shilling a day pension.

1913 - The teens of Tassie were all aflutter with butterflies when their first state high schools on the island state opened their doors in Hobart and Launceston.

1913 - Six people were killed in a rail crash at Murphy Creek, Qld.

1923 - Electric train services commenced from Box Hill to Ringwood (Vic).

1924 - The first rip roaring orgy meeting was held in the so-new-the-paint-was-still-wet Parliament House.
The ministers were lodged at Yarralumla House, later the residence of the Governor-General.

1932 - New South Wales Government demanded that the Commonwealth Government bail it out in order to meet overseas interest payments.

1941 - The Consulate General of India was established in Sydney in 1941 as the Trade Commission of India, with Mr. R.R. Saxena of the Imperial Customs Service as the First Trade Commissioner appointed to this Post from this day.

1942 - The Govt shook a big stick and the Aussie workforce was re-branded as Manpower (no,sadly not the male stripping troupe).

1942 - The Australian defenders of Ambon Island surrendered to the Japanese.

1942 - Thirteen people died when a Qantas Empire Airways flying boat traveling between Darwin and Timor was shot down by the Japanese.

1945 - The Spastic Centre of New South Wales was founded on this date, by a concerned group of 25 parents of children with cerebral palsy, under the leadership of Audrie and Neil McLeod. It was the first organisation of its type in the world for people with cerebral palsy.

1951 - Cyclone moved around Fraser Island. Extensive damage to boats and buildings with one life lost at Caloundra.

1954 - Anotheree that disgracefully came to an end was the Dimboola to Rainbow diesel passenger train service.

1954 - A male swimmer suffered only minor abrasions to his arm after an encounter with a shark at Avoca Beach, NSW.

1965 - The Rolling Stones were interviewed for radio 3KZ by Neville Wragg and Stan Rofe.

1965 - Cyclone Judy made landfall near Innisfail causing floods south to Townsville.

1966 - Prince Charles blew into Melbourne to yell out at roll call at Timbertop school.

1967 -  Cyclone Dinah passed by Heron Island which resulted in severe damage then caused more destruction from Rockhampton to Grafton, NSW. Water was knee deep in Hastings Street, Noosa from storm surge.

1968 - Kooragang Island Branch Railway line (NSW) opened from Hanbury East Junction - Walsh Point.

1968 - Australia's new 12-mile territorial fishing limit came into force.

1972 - Missing : 1 dummy......Pakistan stamped its foot and left the Commonwealth in protest against Britain, Australia and NZ recognising Bangladesh.

1976 - For the first time ever, Australians were permitted by law to own gold and to buy and sell unlimited amounts of it.

1987 -  The Binnaway - Werris Creek Railway Line (NSW) closed from Jct (Gap) - Jct (Werris Creek South).

2002 - A male swimmer suffered minor cuts after being nipped by a shark in the Collie River, WA.

2002 - A male surfer suffered minor bruises and cuts after a brief meeting with a Tiger Shark just north or Fingal Spit, NSW.

2006 - : The Australian National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, reports that NSW rural intravenous drug users (IDU) typically wait twice as long between HIV tests as city based IDU and are much more likely to rely on other users for providing their injecting equipment.

2006 -  Australian Gas Light Company (AGL) announced that it would build the country's largest wind farm as part of efforts to meet its legal obligation to invest in renewable energy. The 95 megawatt facility would cost 236 million dollars (177 million US dollars) and use 45 wind turbines over an area of 14 square kilometers (5.6 square miles) near the town of Hallett in South Australia.

2007 - : Following an advisory committee’s urging, the Australian Health minister, Tony Abbott, agrees to seek budget approval to spend $10-million on a four-year national sexual health campaign. This follows an increase of HIV infections by 41% over the period 2000-2005.

2009 - Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city, struggled to cope with a once-in-a-century heatwave as temperatures hit 43° C degrees. The heat wave has claimed dozens of lives and sparked wildfires that have razed up to 20 homes.

2014 - The Government implemented the Code of Behaviour.  The Code of Behaviour is set to apply to all adult asylum seekers arriving by boat who are considered for the grant of a bridging visa and “describes the behaviour expected of people who are living in the Australian community”.

2017 - New Zealand beat Australia by six runs in first one-day international at Eden Park, NZ.

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