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January 7 On This Day in Australian History

1788 - Tassie sighted the First Fleet...but Tassie didn't find anything about them to write home about.

1799 - Bass and Flinders completed their circumnavigation waltz of Van Diemen’s Land with a dosey-do and a bow to your partner.

1810 - The speech given by Gov Macquarie upon being sworn in was published on this day in the Sydney Gazette included a special mention of Indigenous persons;" I need not, I hope, express my wish that the Natives of this Country, when they come in the Way
in a peaceable Manner, may not be molested in their Persons or Property by anyone; but that,
on the contrary, they may always be treated with Kindness and Attention, so as to conciliate them
as much as possible to our Government and Manners."

1814 - Australia's first boxing match took place in Sydney. John Parton defeated Charles Sefton over 56 rounds without Anthony Mundine in sight.

1830 - Explorer Charles Sturt had some spare time on his hands so he went for a jaunt by whaleboat down the Murrumbidgee River and entered "a broad and noble river" which he named the Murray River (14th January). By February he had eyeballed Lake Alexandria and began the return journey along the Murray River against the current. Each Aboriginal community along the river had its own name: to those of the lower river it was Murrundi, for those upstream near Echuca in Victoria it was Millewa, and near its source it was Indi.
Lake Alexandrina was variously called Parnka, Kayinga or Mungkulli.

1832 - George Augustus Robinson arrived in Hobart with Aborigines from Oyster Bay and Big River tribes - the so-called " last of the Aborigines" from settled districts - to be resettled in the Bass Strait islands.
The Hobart Courier reported on this day;
"It is with no small pleasure we announce the gratifying news that the whole of the Oyster bay and Big river tribes, the most sanguinary in the island, have surrendered themselves to Mr. Robinson, by whose conciliatory intervention the desirable event has been mainly brought about. They consist of 16 men, 9 women and 3 children, and may be expected in town to day to join the Aboriginal Establishment at Great island,by the Charlotte now in the harbour."

1835 - The Noongar People of West Australia were evicted from their campsite at Lake Monger as they were considered a threat to William Leeder and his farm which had been established when he took up land grants in 1832.

1838 - The first attempt to create a Native Police Corps in Victoria came unstuck on this day a bare 10 weeks after it was begun; the Superintendent , Christaan de Villiers, had spat the dummy and resigned due to the missionary George Langhorne sticking his nose in and making malicious complaints.
When Langhorne was made Police Superintendent the police refused to work for him and left.

1843 - Having a fair bit of news to chat about today saw the first issue of Maitland Mercury; which is still being published as Australia's third oldest regional newspaper.

1867 - More riots against the Chinese on the goldfields at Crocodile Creek near Rockhampton; this was all started over one European digger pegging out an illegal claim in the Chinese gardens at 2pm and continued for two hours with much damage to property as tents, stores, hotels, houses and other buildings owned by Chinese people were burnt to the ground or thoroughly trashed.
The ring leaders were rounded up, charged, tried and found guilty.

1871 - Thomas Gale ascended in his balloon "Young Australian" from Victoria Park in Sydney, to a height of 2.5 miles. Some say it was a Gale powered by hot air that day...

1884 - Adelaide's Academy of Music was burnt to the ground. It was later rebuilt, but gutted again in 1886. Caused, no doubt, by the hot tunes they were belting out on those violins ?

1886 - The Darlimurla to Mirboo North Railway line (VIC) was opened.

1891 - The railway line from Port Augusta, SA, reached Oodnadatta.

1896 - George Adams held Tattersall's first lottery in Tassie to dispose of the Bank of Van Diemens Land Bank's assets as it had been liquidated.

1897 - A cyclone killed 28 people at Port Darwin, NT

1912 - Antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson reached and named Commonwealth Bay on the Antarctic continent.

1918 - The Cobar Railway Branch line (NSW) was opened for business.

1919 - The Electricity Commissioners Act in Victoria was passed which created the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.Ohh yes, I remember the SEC...who didn't have to blame possums for any power outages.

1920 - Edmund Barton (aka Toby Tosspot) , the first Prime Minister of Australia, popped his clogs aged 70. Raise a glass or 3 to Eddie...goodness knows he raised plenty while he was breathing.

1930 - The Victorian Royal Commission on the prices of flour and bread presented its final report to Parliament...proving that then, as now, bread was a basic staple of which people knew which side theirs was buttered.

1931 - Aussie flyer Guy Menzies was the first to swoop his way solo across the Tasman Sea to Aotearoa, taking a mere 11 hours and 45 mins to glide from Sydney to a crash landing in a swamp at Harihari on the West Coast of the South Island.

1932 - The first airmail to arrive in Australia touched down at Darwin under the command of Charles Kingsford Smith, who had winged in from the UK...without a customs check too !

1933 - Another Aussie aviator Bundaberg-born Bert Hinkler died in a plane crash in Italy whilst on a speed endurance flight from England to Oz.

1934 - Today Charles Kingsford Smith was driving in any fashion other than a typical Sunday driver when he broke the Sydney-Melbourne round trip road record in 17 hours in his sports car.
1940 - Australia’s first diplomats Australia’s first diplomatic post was set up with the despatch of RG Casey to Washington.

1941 - The ABC Radio's Children's Session, that included the popular Argonaut's Club, gained new life and many fans when it became a national program.
1953 - Australia renewed its diplomatic relations with Japan for the first time after the war and targeted the establishment of trade links.

1965 – The first hydrofoil ferry began puttering about the harbour in Sydney.

1970 - A fire at Port Adelaide, SA, caused $1 million damage to the survey ship Polaris.

1983 - Hans Tholstrup farewelled Perth in the Sunshine Chariot, a solar-powered car, to begin the first solar-powered crossing of Australia.Goodness, you mean there's energy in that there big ball of fire in the sky ?!

1986 - The very very never to be seen again last suburban railway parcels coaches ran (Vic).

1991 - The Tocumwal Railway Branch line (NSW) was kicked to the kerb.

1998 - The Australian American Football League (AAFL) was formed.
Lasting a whole 4 months the AAFL was dissolved leaving Gridiron Australia as the only National body involved in the management of Gridiron matters in Australia.

2003 - There was champers galore when they raised a glass or 3 to celebrate the Maitland Mercury newspaper turning a stately 160 years old.

2006 - Australia a 21-year-old woman died after a shark attack near North Stradbroke Island. A camper on a nearby beach said the woman had been scuba diving in waist-deep water at the time of the attack.

2008 - Australians battled both fires and some of the worst flooding in decades that stranded residents in several communities after days of intense summer heat and storms.

2011 - Extreme weather in Australia Cyclones Yasi and Carlos, a flash flood through the centre of Toowoomba, Qld, and devastating floods in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia contributed to a 1.2% economic slump for the quarter, the biggest fall in 20 years.

2011 - In response to the High Court decision of 11 November 2010, the Government announced changes to the refugee determination system for asylum seekers arriving in excised territories. Under the new system, asylum seekers refused protection had access to judicial review in situations where an error in legal reasoning occurred or where procedural fairness been denied. They continued to lack access to the mainland status determination process and the Refugee Review Tribunal.

2013 - Officials searched for bodies among the charred ruins of more than 100 homes and other buildings destroyed by wildfires in the island state of Tasmania. Around 100 residents remained unaccounted for, three days after the fires broke out.

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